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June 8, 2020

Law & Order?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, mild, magical, mysterious, magnificent island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you and yours on this Eighth Day of June, 2020, yet another quiet Monday morning, with the sun streaming down on famous Ocean Street, here in lovey Historic Hyannis,

‘where ships set sail, never moored still in the Harbor…’


On an early pre summer day, reporters around the world have been focusing on mass protests in lieu of the killing of George Floyd two weeks ago today.  Indeed, the only person not clued into these movements is the U.S. president, whose only weapon is a social media platform called ‘Twitter’, where he can use his 140 characters in a vain attempt to offer his character of which he has none.

Just because you are a character, a cartoon character, does not imply you have ONE!

Mostly peaceful protests from San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge to Boston Commons’, and everywhere in between, have given rise to a significant drop in Donald J. Trump’s chances of being reelected, per the many polls out today.

However, keep this in mind, it’s a selection, not an election, therefore, until monumental (real) SEA changes occur in our deep State, that is to say our government’s shadowy, conspiratorial core, it’s difficult to imagine anything of substance turning the tide of systemic, savage racism, economic inequality, and the overall desperate reality for millions of Americans who have been dealt a loaded deck,

for many moons now…

If the election were held today, ‘Sleepy Joe’, Biden would most likely win.  But this race has a long way to go, and God knows what this caged animal will do next.  Retired military brass condemned the actions taken by Trump at Lafayette Square a few days ago, where tear gas, flash bangs, rubber bullets and pepper spray were rained down upon peaceful protesters, with our friends from ‘down under’ taking a nice bloody shot in the face from a ‘friendly’ D.C. cop in full riot gear;

… sending a message and an image to the world as to what American power has devolved into;

…a nation of laws for the few, but not the many.

Where does protesting go from here?

Trump speaks of “Law and Order’ when he should be speaking to the many aforementioned reasons of why this civil unrest is happening early in the 21st Century;. 1918 and 1968 adding up to 2020. Will there be more manufactured violence, giving way to more ‘troops on the ground’ right here in the good ‘ole US of A?

Laws written and passed by powerful men of privilege, enacted to serve the interests of the Elite.

Time will tell, but for now it would seem many comprehend and indeed champion this crazy notion of ‘Equal Justice Under Law’, the corner stone of this failing Republic’s highest court, many calling for the defunding of police from the Red Wood Forests to the Gulf Stream waters.

A badge and a gun does not make one the judge, jury and executioner in any situation.  With the advent of mass camera surveillance, perhaps actions taken by police will finally be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law they were sworn to uphold.

Have a positive, powerful, pioneering, prosperous and peaceful week ahead folks!


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