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February 25, 2011

Last Lion of the Senate

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Friday morning, a very, very wet one here on Cape, Osterville to be precise, expecting over two inches of rain today, with our friends a little north of the sand bar, such as parts of Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine receiving at least foot of heavy, wet snow.  Fifty years ago, the President of the United States was, of course, President Jack Kennedy who lived only a few miles from my home here in Osterville, living in Hyannisport with his beautiful wife Jackie, his children and the rest of his siblings who always called Cape Cod their HOME base…  One of those siblings was his youngest brother Teddy, who was considered, by many, friends and foes alike, as the LAST LION of the Senate.  His lifelong devotion to the working man and woman in this great nation, founded upon the highest ideals known to man, was unparalleled over the years, as he met every challenge by big business who saw the ‘little guy’ as the problem, not part of the solution.  “When does the greed stop?”, was one of his signature moments on the floor of the Senate a few moons back, but it was not so much his words that counted, but his action and dedication to the common man’s plight, giving it a voice, through tireless and thank less action, that made all of the difference.  Today, we have “men” like David and Charles Koch, of KOCH INDUSTRIES, who are destroying our nation not only environmentally, but spiritually as well, as they attempt to take out the voice of the public unions, the last thorn in the side of corrupt multi-national capitalism gone mad, ever chanting their corporate mission statement, “PROFIT OVER PEOPLE”, all transpiring right now on the steps of the Madison, Wisconsin state house.  After Governor Walker gave his hand away, exposing his real INTENTIONS, in the infamous and fantastic fake phone call to Mr. Rooney, I mean, the fake phone call from the creator of Buffalobeast.com, posing as billionaire David Koch, who had a 15 minute conversation with the dishonest Governor regarding the protests in Madison, where, and I quote, Mr. Walker said this in response to who he thought was really David Koch and his question regarding the implementation of “trouble makers” at said rallies, “Well, we thought about it…” . You thought about it?  I wonder what a LION named Teddy Kennedy would have thought of that garbage.  The reason these states and local governments are broke is because they were stupid enough to invest all of their money in the rigged financial games of Wall Street.  We live in a world now, where corporations and governments are actually one in the same, living in a secret world (“Just ask the World Bank, they’ll tell ya, they just bought property on the good side!”-credit Rodney Dangerfield and his epic work in the film Caddyshack, circa 1978) where real policy is made in private, for the public, and thus, the public suffers therein.  Salon.com writer Glenn Greenwald appeared on the “Colbert Report” last night–a show that you never really quite know where the rather milk toast host of said show, Stephen Colbert, is coming from, as he cannot quite get a grip on the insanity of this nation’s real problems in relation to his never dying support for the republican party, as the show is becoming less funny than it is sad–where Glenn spoke to the fact that big law firms in D.C. have teamed up with big corporations to smear journalists who shine a light on their filthy business practices all around the world, creating poverty for billions while pocketing billions for themselves.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, regardless of what you may think of him personally, has done what seemed impossible to most real journalists out there, exposing who is really running the ’show’, what they are up to, and how they are getting away with it.  Like Keith Olbermann, who made MSNBC what it is today, Assange is facing the headwinds of raw corporate power, who are trying like hell to shut him down, and more importantly his operation that exposes these monstrous corporations for who and what they really are–villains of the highest order.  Assange is appealing to a higher court in England, before they most likely will extradite him to Sweden to face charges that look a little fishy, for if Assange was just an average citizen, do you think they would have gone to all of this trouble for a questionable sex case?  No, this is another attempt to quash the voice of TRUTH, just as Governor Walker’s action against public unions, under the guise of ‘balancing the budget’, is an attempt to wipe the people’s voice from political debate, paving the way for a corporate takeover, a final straw, that will ensure the reality of a PLUTOCRACY, or rule by the wealthy, where the common man will be lucky to make the same wages as his poor brothers in China, India, or any other industrialized nation that is held hostage by large corporate monopolies that now control policy, create legislation, and, for all intents and purpose, run the country, whatever country that may be.  Globalization is a reality, but so is informed citizenry, thanks to social media like Face Book and Twitter, not to mention all of the independent bloggers, columnists and reporters, albeit some rather unorthodox, like Ian Murphy of buffalobeast.com.  We are not helpless to fight back against REPUBLICORP and we should realize that our forefathers went through a similar experience only 236 years ago, when battling tyranny in the form of a King 3000 miles away.  Perhaps they lived in an even scarier time, as they had no connections, instant that is, with the ‘people’, while they faced the stark reality of a very tough life in the late eighteenth century.  I would have been a loyal follower of Teddy Kennedy’s ‘tweets’ if the ‘twitter’ would have been available at his prime.  For we all would have known what is right and what is wrong, as Teddy had no ulterior motives, no hidden agenda’s, no ‘earmarks’ to maintain other than those earmarks that would help the poor, the disenfranchised, and the sick right here in the ‘bay state’ of Massachusetts, not to mention the country and world at large.  I think we can all agree this country, as well as the world, is so far out of whack we may ask ourselves, can this thing be turned around?  Is there any hope left?  Has the darker elements of human nature taken that strong a hold on our overall better angels that represent who we really all are deep down inside?  This is not a bleeding heart liberal question, this is a question for anyone who is interested in the RIGHT thing, ‘all for one, one for all’, those people who are really concerned about our children’s and grandchildren’s well being in the future, for these republican puppets who spout that crap on a daily basis, i.e., our children’s futures, should be taken in back of the wood shed and taught a lesson on honest public discourse, because if they truly believed the lies that come out of their mouths, you know, expressing their deep concern for OUR children’s futures, then they should take a good look at what KOCH INDUSTRIES, along with Halliburton, are doing right NOW to our environment, not to mention the overall effect global warming will have on the planet at large.  For fifty years from now, this world will look far different than what it looks like today.  The polar ice caps will be gone, as well as all of the world’s glaciers, the seas will have risen by 5-10 feet, a conservative number, the crops will fail to grow due to the extreme heat, and the world’s oil supply, the culprit for that disaster to begin with, will have long run out (see peak oil), leaving us with a polluted planet where the talk of the people that survive will be something like, “Why the hell didn’t they do something about this disaster when they had the chance?” I can guarantee one thing it will not be, something like, “I am so glad that Governor Walker destroyed the democratic party by destroying public unions, because it paved, along with the Citizens United case of 2009, the way for the multi national corporations to create what we have today, a country and world where 98 percent of it’s people live on less than a dollar a day, where disease is rampant, where clean drinking water is more valuable than oil once was, where war is a constant and peace a Utopian fantasy. Mankind was not meant to live like this and it is high time someone stand up and ask these republican puppets exactly where they come from or what they actually mean when speaking to us of “our children and our grandchildren futures”.  They are liars and in bed with the enemy (sociopathic greed), and the late, great last LION of the Senate, Teddy Kennedy would have said as much if he were alive today.  Have a great week end everybody and GOD’S SPEED to those Wisconsin 14! They deserve our respect and thanks for a very brave stand on corporate corruption, two words that are infinitely interchangeable.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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