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December 25, 2018

Lake Elizabeth’s prayer…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, clear, starry skied, cheer filled island of Nantucket!  Merry Christmas! Broadcasting LIVE from the woods of historic Hyannis, on this Twenty-Fifth Day of December, 2018.  A very early five a.m. start to what began a second after midnight…

As the late, great John Wayne once said, long ago, when speaking to the fact when that day actually begins…He also said, as the Westward bound settlers were still sleeping on their ’sleeping bags’ under a billion stars filling the void of a lonely prairie,

“…let’s get a move on!  We’re burning daylight!”

Most of the innocent, helpless children of this world may not be receiving the newest version of the same I-phone, or talking owl, or even one of those evil “Alexa” CIA listening devices…  However, most, even the poorest of the poor, will receive this prayer via a humble ‘blog’ posted in their honor;

Sea Cape Cod, and crew, is wishing them a better future ahead…

America is the ‘land of the free’ as the saying goes…

But how free are we?


When consumed by consumption, buying ‘things’ we don’t need or even want if one took the ‘time’ to read the fine print, we kiss this next statement goodbye.  We all forget about it, toss it aside as if it were the wrapping paper we throw out ‘at the end of the day’…

Christmas is meant to reflect and act upon what really matters;

…giving LOVE!

Love for one’s fellow man, love for the beauty of this miraculous natural world, love for one’s loved one’s, love for the community they, and we all live in…

That part is easy…

What is hard is the love one must find for one’s ‘enemies’…

For the ‘enemy’ you recognize in some other soul exactly like your own, is the enemy inside of you.

Thus, forgive thine ‘enemies’ and find the similarities therein, thereby finding salvation that will guide you to the REAL present under the tree.


Merry Christmas to ALL and to ALL a good day, moreover, a peaceful, loving, restful night!


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