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August 21, 2020

Kung Flu!! God Bless you!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, comfortable, calm, calculating island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Friday morning, broadcasting as always from our ‘global headquarters’ here on famous Ocean Street in Historic Hyannis, The Twenty-First Day of August, 2020… Taking in another day of paradise on a little sand bar created 11,500 years ago by ‘The Last Great Ice Age’;


In this strange and unprecedented year of medical marshal law madness, Joe Biden, democrat offering for the highest office in the land, accepted said democrat nomination for the U.S. presidency this past evening on a virtual OCULUS realty stage, and as that democrat convention came to an end last night, with ‘Sleepy Joe’ speaking of LIGHT versus darkness, hope v. FEAR and compassion/love instead of hate, most of the main stream corporate media, pundits, priests, poets, politicians and prophets all stood up and cheered, perhaps with a tear in their collective transgendered EYE!

All Hail Satan!

It seems our pal, Donald J. Trump, has something against natural sharks and enjoys watching the barbaric and criminal ‘Shark Week’ on his “TV”. With ‘dat in mind, one queries his real thoughts on Steve Bannon, just another of the many shady characters that darkened the White House over the course of the past four years;

akin to a badly scripted movie about the mob in this fine year of 2020.

According to this reporters’ own father, who knows him well, Steve Bannon is a monster of the highest order. Fitting he was on a 140′ foot plus, 28 million dollar yacht, floating about Long Island Sound for the past few months, keeping ’safe’ from “CON” VID-19 and all while drinking like a fish and doing lots of coke, yes, this fat land shark was plucked from the SEA via a helicopter, landing upon the deck of the vessel, owned by a dubious Chinese Billionaire, yesterday, posting a 5 million dollar bail as he awaits trial for hood winking millions of dollars via a bogus fund raiser to fool people, regular people with little money, into handing their hard earned dollars to build ‘The Wall’ between the U.S. and Mexico.

With Mexico paying for it?

It was never really built,

but Bannon pocketed the cash.

Trump will no doubt go dark this next week, attacking Biden on many different fronts, culminating with a fireworks show at the Washington Monument, adding in private just this morning, speaking to some staff members and press in the Oval Office;

and I quote,

“…is ‘dis ‘ting on? Yeah, ‘dat sleepy bastard is not going to get the best of me!  I will win come November, can’t you SEA? Don’t the American people know ‘dis government is run by lizards?  Archon World anyone?  Hello!! Witches, satanic masses, upside down crosses, pedophilia, slush funds, LGBT insanity, trolls, trainees, child sacrifice, UN sanctioned and directed communist Agenda (21/30), da defunding of police, da insertion, world wide, of unelected officials, bureaucrats, technocrats, taking over local and state governments under ‘da banner of ’sustainability and ‘resiliency’, code for austerity, scarcity and control.  Not to mention ‘da coming ‘real ID2020, a micro chip in your hand ‘dat will effectively take away your sovereign self! Yeah, you got da looting, rioting, and the breakdown of society as we know it today…

Dis, I say ‘dis,

dis is what yous’ will get with ‘dat sleepy, creepy Joe Biden character, a man who looks like a stiff wind could blow him right over…  I mean a man whose a$$ I could kick in a New York nano chipped second.  So yeah, bring it on!  We will go to the ends of the Earth to get dirt of ‘dis guy,

eh ohhhhhh!

We’re gonna filet him like a Blue Fin Tuna!  We are going to ‘Make America Great Again’ by somehow stopping this ‘global’ Zionist banking coup that plans on continuing to ‘Lockstep’ (credit: David Rockefeller, circa 2010 whitepaper), in lui of ‘the virus that never was’, destroying the global economy in order to bring about the final solution to the ‘problem and reaction’ in the form of a dirty, deadly, devilish needle, eradicating a  man made “Kung Flu” with less than a 1% mortality rate.

A rate that will go substantially up when those forced vaccinations take place, dovetailed with more lockdowns, quarantines, contract TRACKING, and deep, dark, despairing FEAR. Eugenics is their ultimate aim, depopulation, via vaccines, viruses, and violence, with some Soylent Green thrown in for good measure.  Don’t believe me? Just ask ‘dat pedo Bill Gates and his pal “Fast Eddy” Fauci, they’ll tell ‘yous!  Or look to ‘dose “Georgia Guidestones” ‘dese so called ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ keep talkin’ about, eh?  It says in eight different languages, on giant slabs of astrologically aligned granite, all ‘dese “new normal” Moses like commandments from on high, some very scary ‘tings I tell ‘yous… The first reading, “Maintain human population at 500 million or less, in perpetual balance and harmony with nature.”  Sounds good, until you realize we got over 7.7 billion people, real people, living on ‘dis so called ‘planet’ that has been completely hijacked by the BEAST system.  Can you believe ‘dat da speed of the ‘globe’s’ orbit around ‘da sun is 66,600 m.p.h.?  Dat da curvature in one square mile is 666 feet?  Dat Earth’s so called ’tilt’ is 66.6 degrees?  Earth’s axis of rotation and it’s plane of ‘orbit around ‘da sun’ is 66.6 degrees as well?  Coincidence?  I don’t ‘tink so!  Let’s face it folks, ‘da Anti-Christ is alive and well, coming to a UN sectioned, sanctioned and imprisoned town near you soon.   Da real powers ‘dat be have used ‘dis ‘CON’ vid cover to usher in ‘da 5G ‘dat, combined with all ‘dem Space X satellites being placed way up in ‘da sky, will kill more people than I care to admit.  These powerful ‘global’ dark forces will take away the remaining freedoms you once held so dear, and believe you me ‘day will!  Sleepy Joe will not tell yous dat, no sir!  No, Sleepy Joe won’t even know what day it is.  It’s Judgement day you senile old fool!  Go back to Delaware you bozo!  You ‘ain’t ready for prime time!

God Bless you ALL!

Eh ohhhhh!  Don’t forget to tip your waitresses!!! Trump out!”


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