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March 14, 2014

Koch Addicts!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soon to be dark, dreamy, star lit and bitterly cold island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you all on this Friday night, well, six thirty three p.m. hour on the 14th day of March, 2014…just a few days before ye may tip a pint or two ‘laddy, or ‘las as the case may be (they’re always after me lucky charms!…).  It has been quite a few crazy days since we last spoke–by the way, thank you all out there in seacapecod.net land, all around the world, for your wonderful comments (I’m working on having many translated soon!)–for a Malaysian Air Boeing 777 has vanished into thin air (day 7 thus far), Russia seems to be poised to invade the Ukraine (Putin laughing while he takes the Crimean peninsula), the Keystone XL pipeline debate has hit a fever pitch (vote NO Mr. President on that dirtiest PROFIT only pipeline brought to you by TransCanada, bringing Canadians blood cancer for a few years now…wait ’till they see what happens to the Ogallala aquifer–THE vital LIFE=WATER source for U.S agriculture, local farmers and ranchers in Nebraska and beyond–when just an inch crack could destroy that most precious piece of America’s natural water supply forever, and for what?  So some rich a$$hole CEO named Russ Girling and the rest of his investors can make bank while America takes all the risk…the oil just passes through the heart of this great land and out to sea, for sale to the highest bidder, my laddy~) and finally the Congress (I’m looking at you Kentucky Republican Senator Mitch “Jon Stewart’s new go to guy for getting in a good mood after ingesting too much FOX “NEWS”, the fine ‘journalists’ over there drinkin’ the Ronald Reagan Kool Aid, that trickle down voodoo economic horse$hit, yes, speaking badly of the poor in this nation, belittling them as they claw their way to perhaps one nutritious meal per week…SHAME Murdoch and Ailes! Your network is a cancer on television!”, McConnell), is continuing to make it easier for billionaire plutocrats like David and Charles Koch (please Google KOCH INDUSTRIES and witness with your own eyes and heart just how far their oil and gas industrialized complex reach really extends–not to mention their political and environmental intentions for this nation…here’s a hint, it does not involve a democracy–rather a plutocracy, or “rule by the wealthy” while ally propaganda networks like the aforementioned FOX spin lie after lie, convincing viewers, millions of them, to vote and act against their own best interests while they poison you and your family with 596 deadly chemicals in the fracking process of attaining ‘natural gas’…or is that ExxonMobil?  It’s both and many just like them!), to effectively cook the planet with that drilling, fracking and POLLUTING and they want more with the Keystone XL pipeline, locking this nation into a dirty carbon future, one generations from now will shake their heads at…  A modus operandi that is perfectly clear for anyone with eyes to see–PROFIT over PEOPLE–TRUST ME!   As more roadblocks to this message are bulldozed down (Google IRS code 501 (c)(4) and you will understand Senate majority leader Harry Reid’s position on these jokers), putting more money in the mix to buy politicians (thanks Citizens United decision by SCOTUS in 2010!), fitting them with strings attached to their arms and legs, dangling them in and out of the floors of both the House and Senate, voting yes or no on the legislation they put together without them, not them but with the help of the Machiavellian organization created forty years ago when this whole bull$hit inequality gap began, a group called ALEC‘the American Legislative Exchange Council’.  Mainly a force made up of politicians, mostly ex, lobbyists and special interest big wigs who write bills and hold a gun to the head of now owned politicians, mostly tea party types, dumb/deaf/blind of FACTS… easily corrupted, not to mention possessing an ideology that is quite dangerous to OUR democracy, forcing them to push the corporate agenda forward, oh, and p.s. FU to the poor, the downtrodden and the sick…as a great Congressman from Florida once described what defined the ‘republican health care plan alternative to Obamacare’–and I quote the great Mr. Alan Grayson, “If you get sick, die quickly!”.

The republicans do not have a vision for this nation, save to keep the top one percent happy and pampered, attending to their every need and desire while they take a big dump on most of their constituents, not to mention the country at large.  The now gerrymandered districts are a joke and will most likely assure they take the House and possibly the Senate this Fall, leaving the country in more of a deadlock than it already is.  The addiction to KOCH money is as clear as the Nantucket night sky, which is ironically the richest zip code in America today…02584, hell, it might as well be a police state with all of those officers over there…and why are they there?  To protect the wealthy from the rags that might not fit the mold, hey wait a moment, didn’t I write a book about that?  “Taking Fog to Nantucket” is a great summer thriller, a true story about this reporter and it may just shed some light on what the rich are really capable of.  Absolute power corrupts absolutely and the Koch brothers are no exception.  No one has stood up, until now, thanks again Senator Reid of Searchlight, Nevada!, to these multibillionaire wanna be kings.  They feel as though they are above the law, even the laws that they are now manipulating in Washington D.C. and if we as a nation don’t wake up soon to what is going on in the states, i.e. voter ID laws, voting time restrictions, environmental criminality, women’s reproductive rights’ infringement, union busting, food stamp cuts, the list goes on infinitum, WE might just lose this precious democracy and even more precious earth WE all share.  Think about it America and go out and VOTE this Fall.  Your future may just depend upon it.  Stay away from Koch people and keep a stiff upper lip and remember the Latin phrase ‘illegitimi non carborundum, “don’t let the bastards get you down”… Have a great week end and we will SEA you on Saint Patrick’s Day or perhaps even before!  Cheers!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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