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March 1, 2021

Kaiser Soze!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rainy, damp, cold, gloomy, gorgeous island of Nantucket! Great to be broadcasting LIVE on this First Day of March, 2021, Monday, with heavy rain, wind, sleet and perhaps a dusting of snow by the time this system rolls on through a little sand bar that ‘time’ forgot…

‘”There’s no time!”

(credit, part time actor, full time late night comic Liam Neeson, Ireland’s favorite son, from the 1981 ‘blockbuster’ film, “Clash of the Titans”, also starring ‘The Kraken?’).

Father ”Fast Eddy” Tony Fauci and his boss, friend, bath ;house frequency attendee, “Kill” Gates, could not agree more, as they “RUSH” to push these deadly mRNA ‘vaccines’ that are killing people left and right!  Great  men of ’science’ and ‘philanthropy’ who are both ‘baffled’ at all these conspiracy theories about their nefarious plan to depopulate the planet by 90 percent by the year 2025, while making Trillions in what will be known in history books as the greatest Holocaust the world has ever suffered through.

The Devil comes not with stench of sulfur, nor with visible horns, red scaly skin, long sharp teeth to go along with a pointy tail holding a Triton one muses, no I’m afraid he does not appear ugly, menacing, dangerous or delusional, no sir!  He is radiant, God like, and comes in peace, SAFETY, ‘love’, ‘inclusion’ and ’social justice’. He comes to ‘unite’ all under his benevolent rule, by iron fisted deadly decree!

Don’t ya see laddy?

don’t ‘cha SEA!

He comes with wonderous powers that hypnotize, mesmerize, cast spells upon the UNCONSIOUS, leaving those poor souls without those real EYES to SEA. Drunk and blinded with a little faux power given to those W.H.O. ‘govern’, “control”, the masses, i.e., U.S. Speaker of the House, Nazi, “90 proof”, Pelosi, New York Governor Andrew, “W.H.O. cares where they died, they died!”, Cuomo, exposing the ugliness of man’s sinful nature of the seven deadly sins, e.g., dominance, destruction and deadly force.

World wide many a sheep in awe; hiding from a phony pandemic that never was, only in their small pea size brains that are normally fried, fogged in, and fucked up with alcohol, drugs, or bad GMO “food” stuffs, lining up to take that lethal injection that will  save your life and those around you’! Classic Orwellian Double Speak. All evil, subtle messages to the subconscious hidden in those prized. expensive, high tech bright, shiny objects you LOVE and covet so, making the Devils’ minions’, i.e., the NSA/CIA/FBI’s, job that much easier to spy on your every move…

He is charming, he is uber wealthy, he is more beautiful than any woman on the planet, he is elegant, magical and mysterious, in fact, he, and all that comes with ‘him’, is now sought after world wide, akin to the rock star he most certainly is, after all, he created said worship of that nostalgic notion, and all the ‘celebrity’ personalities you continue to listen to to this day.

Yes, the Devil will come as your friend, your confidant during ‘these (man made) difficult times’, transforming you and yours all into a patented, owned and operated, genetically modified organism, a bloody fucking GMO, where your thoughts, feelings, movements, indeed, your very lives will not be your own. To quote Herr Klaus Schwab, Founder, Chairman of the World Economic Forum, “…you will own nothing, including your own sovereign self, and be bloody well right happy about it!” You and ours will be mindless autotoms, complete slaves to the new “Abbey Normal” New Normal New World Order”!


You and yours are ‘the virus’. You are a cancer. You are nothing more than diseased animals that must be culled. You and yours are nothing more than filthy parasites, virus filled victims that should be ‘vaccinated’ and chipped like the cattle that you are.

He will come as your savior from a ‘virus’ that was concocted at a Bilderberg meeting some years back in lovely, luxurious Davos, Switzerland, where he has now introduced US all to newest and best-ist buddy, our plutocratic puppet pal, and first class Satanist Extraordinaire, give it up for “Davos Man About Town”, Herr Klaus Schwab, W.H.O., per his 2 books, “COVID-19 & The Great Reset”, and “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”, sum up what the game plan is for most of the 7.8 billion people now living on Earth.  They came up with ‘CON’ VID-19(84), or (certificate of vaccination), or C.O.V.I.D., drank 12 year old single malt Scotch all night, did a few lines of coke, smoking Cubans and then began plotting America’s downfall, along with most of the world’s countries, via a deadly pathogen envelope, calling it a ‘vaccine’.

A backdoor immunity synthetic, nanobot ADE, an mRNA DNA destroying, lethal injection that, again, per the “Georgia Guidestones”, will finally achieve what the Illuminate have been planning for Centuries,



“Maintain Humanity under 500,000,000 million in perpetual balance with nature.”

Any questions?

“…the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing Man he didn’t exist, and like that,

he was gone…”

(credit:Kaiser Soze!” of “The Usual Suspects”, circa 1995)

Be smart, research, and have a super week ahead folks,

hug a seagull!


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