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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 16, 2010

June Sunrise

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  Wonderful to be with you on a spectacular morning here on Cape, with the sun rising in awesome fashion over Nantucket Sound, a golden glow reflecting off East Bay.  Temperatures are expected to be in the upper 60’s without a hint of cloud, fog or rain drop…not too shabby.  President Obama gave a mild speech in the Oval Office of the White House last night, and the reality of his speech left out the meat and potatoes, not to mention any dessert.  The anger is growing in the Republic, especially among environmentalists like myself.  I am particularly upset about two specific issues that have not been addressed as of this date.  First, the cover up itself.  Bp has literally taken hold of this problem of the oil “spill”, by hiring goons to keep photographers out of the areas where so many sea creatures have lost their lives, along with barring good people whose real mission is only to save as many birds, sea turtles, dolphins and other wild life as they can (except Walruses of course).  This is not only an outrage, but it goes a long way into understanding just how far corporate “America” has taken us…holding the residents of the Gulf hostage, a baby “Stockholm Syndrome” if you will.  Add to that unbelievable gall the fact that bp has threatened the workers (by firing them), who have been hired to clean up the oil, now everywhere, on the beaches, marshes and bays across the south land.  These workers have been told that they are not allowed to wear the proper safety equipment, i.e., proper gas masks, and as a result, there have been hundreds of cases of workers getting very sick.  T.I.L.T. is the dis-order that is a now considered to be the leading symptom of these workers getting sick, due to the high toxicity of the “Dispersant” (banned from the U.K. over ten years ago) that has mixed with the oil and acts as powerful  double toxin, getting into the blood stream, creating all sorts of problems for its victims. The reason for not allowing the workers to wear the protective masks is simple–IMAGE.  Bp from the beginning has down played this tragedy on the Gulf, based solely on its desire to keep the LIABILITY to a minimum, therefore being in the position to pay as little as they can in claims that should be in the 20 billion dollar range (at least).  Bp is an organization that is based on a LIE. They offer the world nothing of value, for their single purpose is to make money.  Making money, as a goal, is benign enough, but when you destroy an entire eco-system and economy of one of the greatest nations on planet earth, then deny the most simple humane acts of helping innocent victims of this “oil spill”, i.e. the little animals, and then, double down and deny the people that you wounded with your act, as they work to clean up your mess, the most basic of safety equipment to do their job–based on the fact that you don’t want the world to see gas masks due to the highly toxic dispersant you laid down–you have defined yourself as one of the greatest corporate monsters of all time.  It would be an understatement to say that I was disappointed with Obama’s 17 minute “speech” last night.  It sounded like a movie script, lacking in emotion from the beginning, although he did add a little punch at the end.  I know that President Obama is going against a tide of discontent in this country, and the other side is using every opportunity to bring him down.  The lack of insight, let alone foresight, on the behalf of the republican far right is obvious to anyone with half a brain.  However, this President must realize by now that these corporations do not view him with any power, for the ground work done by the MMS and the fact that even as the oil continues to gush out of a broken well, the “party of no” wants to lift the moratorium on deep water drilling–for, as Doug Suttles of bp stated a few days ago, “the only way research and development (to deal with a massive oil spill) will catch up to the technology for said deep water drilling is for MORE oil spills to occur.”  This backwards and INSANE logic brings it all to the light, and defines what we are up against here.  Stupidity. We have put the cart in front of the horse for so long now in this country, that many Americans feel that what was once right is now wrong, and what was wrong is now right.  Misinformation is partly to blame for this, but more to the point, a lack of leadership and courage to stand up and fight these “titans” of industry is the real culprit.  Obama mentioned the fact that we need to strive towards a clean energy future.  Nice sentiment, but that is so vague and lacking in any concrete legislative solution, it offers us nothing but an empty pipe dream. As we see a rise in fatalistic politics, where men like Dick, “where the hell did I put my heart,” Cheney stand by their words of war, such as Dick’s answer to a simple question regarding Iraq before it was a war…  and action: Colin Powell: “What is our exit strategy in Iraq, Dick?”  Cheney: “There is no exit strategy,” we will see more of this insanity in the days and months to come.  Trying to convince men like Dick that global warming is real, is akin to teaching a duck algebra.  The only difference being, the duck would learn algebra, while Dick would busy himself with trying to blow his head off.  GOD’S SPEED to the GULF, and all of the wonderful people, sea creatures and marsh lands therein… May you have a beautiful day everybody!  Peace~M

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