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January 22, 2021

Joker’s Wild

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the brightly sun risen, blue skied, puffy clouded, cold, calibrated, cat eyed island of Nantucket! Good to be with you on a frigid Friday morning here on quiet Ocean Street, in historic Hyannis, feeling a whole lot like dear ‘Father’  Fast Eddy” Anthony Fauci, world famous arch criminal, immunologist/eugenicist, W.H.O. is ‘feeling liberated’ under this new fraudulent, criminal Harris/Biden ‘administration’, SEIG HEIL!  A clan of creatures being “led” by an aging, ear piece instructed puppet ‘presiding’ over an international corrupt corporation that has bankrupted US all, and will soon be exposed for the satanic CULT that it is.

Indeed, on this Twenty-Second Day of January, 2021, all hope is not lost, it never will be.

“Many are the plans in the mind of man, but it is the purpose of the Lord that will STAND.”

Proverbs 19:21


Noticed a few oddities on January 20, 2021 ‘inauguration’ of these two thieves, standing proud, claiming a mantle that is not, and never will legitimately be theirs, summed up best in President Donald J. Trump’s final ‘letter’ left in the ‘resolute’ desk in the Oval Office of the White House, reading in full,

“Joe, you know I won.”

1. Kamala, “Allah ACKbar”, Harris, “Veep”, had her man purse on top of the Holy Bible “Chief Justice” Roberts was holding, as she was sworn in first, an anomaly?

For don’t you SEA, those who worship Lucifer will not touch a Bible, please look it up, won’t thee?

2. Sleepy, creepy, pedo, slow Joe, Beijing Biden, “president elect”, was not sworn in at High Noon as is custom, plus, the ‘Bible’ had crosses that were CLEARLY upside down, just like our world is today.

3.  The abused, used and disposable military turned it’s back on the presidential convoy as it rolled on past, no 21 gun salute, no “Hail to the Chief” song, only three lone cannons in some nearby, ironic cemetery with ex-presidents sitting in attendance looking as if they were at a funeral.

Is it a coincidence “The Matrix” film of 1999 grew people in ‘bubbles’ as crops used for energy, while controlling their mind?  Mass media brainwashing, magic tricks, gaslighting, booze, drugs, hypnotic trance like satanic spells cast widely to cover up what this monstrous cult of death is intending?

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy that relies primarily on covert means of expanding it’s sphere of influence…”



Now, in 2021;

it’s forboden to mutter certain words, phrases, ideas, concepts, truisms. Act in certain ways, think it certain ways,

feel in certain ways…


god dammit!

via AGI,

the simple, uninformed, poor, pathetic peasant bee hive mind,

…and for bloody well sure, we will ride high!”

(credit: Boris, “BOJO the Clown”, Johnson, “Prime Minister” of UK)

Do not let them out of Plato’s “CAVE” in the book “The Republic”, no let them eat cake and sleep in parking garages after they ‘protected’ us swamp creatures of DC from everyday American citizens who will be shocked when they find out what we are really up to and have planned for them in the coming years…

The deeper they go down the many rabbit holes, most false, the more unrealistic our evil, diabolical Agenda 21/30 becomes to them…

“Consider how many people in America and around the world have been praying in the past few weeks and months.  So many more people have been praying and i believe many more people will keep praying more often.  I hope that you will keep praying and never give up on God.  If we stay strong in our FAITH, the difficulties we have faced and the persecution we will face going forward will only make our faith grow stronger.  We do not control the outcome.  We only control whether we have done our imperfect best to achieve a good result.  If we did not, then we commit to trying harder. We never give up! Stay strong in your FAITH, continue to speak TRUTH, continue to be FEARLESS.

The best;

is yet to come.

God Bless each of you.”

(Lin Wood)

(post script: presidential bets in Vegas will not be paid out until March 5th, 2021.)

The Joker’s WILD!


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