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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 16, 2023

Jewish CONROL?

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(Please click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and soggy salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the rain soaked, fairly calm, foggy, frolicking, fun filled island of Nantucket! Save you don’t end up in one of their fine holding cells, ‘correctional’ facilities, oh my! Indeed, it is the early, rainy seven a.m. hour of The Sixteenth Day of April 2023, the year to be free!

Lo, on this gloomy (for some), Sunday morning, please be sure to avoid the horrible ‘Sunday (cartoon/clown/circus spawned), News’ propaganda Jewish controlled and financed hor$e$hit spewing from your God Damned ‘Black Mirror’ devices you hold so dear!

Addicted I dare say?

“How dare you!”

(Credit: NWO/Green Agenda democide Swedish/German spokesperson, non-binary? Greta, “I’ll kick your white boy racist a$$”, Thundberg)

The horrible media–save “Gutfeld!” “The Five” and “Special Report” with Bret Bair, all on FOX NEWS, indeed, I’m only human offering up a shameless plug for some showing at least a small, yet timid sense of truth, coupled with a whole lot of humor and humanity–yes, the overall whore media, never shedding a tear for the countless, needless murders happening all around this once proud, safe, sound and just America.

“Brought to you by Pfizer!”

While excess deaths, suicides, and homelessness abound, brainwashed loved one’s keel over from the (CON)-VID 19(84)  deadly bioweapons masquerading as ’safe and effective’ (in killing you and yours!); “vaccines”, in giant air quotations only.

This killer mRNA ‘gene therapy’ designed’ to cull the human/animal/plant populations by over 95 percent is well under way and not reported by anyone save some brave souls in the truth community, my hat goes off to all of those brave, awesome Rock Stars!  You know who you all are!

Kudos and God Bless!

Yes, this killer mRNA “vaccine” is bringing about the fruition of the UN/WEF/WHO 17 ‘Sustainable Development Goals’ set by said United Nations, its inception in 1992, that has and (always was by the bloody Rockefeller crime family), was been hijacked by the CABAL at large and all along by the powers that really be, the UN-elected bureaucrats doing the bidding of the DEVIL himself, W.H.O.(world health organization), (oxymoron to be sure…). will be revealed before you can say Holy Ghost to ‘our’ beloved clone of the satanic ‘Today Show’ Mr. Al Roker!

How’s the weather in your neck of the woods you round boy?

You useful idiot, a lowly goy!


The name of the game is CONTROL of every person on this beautiful, sacred, mystical plane created by a omniscient, omnipresent, omni powerful benevolent force of pure harmony, goodness and love, empathy, grace, compassion, courage, truth and tenderness.

Walk that talk of Jesus and repent before it’s too late!

The upside down, double think/double speak Orwellian, Geroge Orwell’s “1984″, or Aldous Huxley’s “Brave New World” is upon US ALL!

Yet, we have more power than they think;

and you may know, so use it or lose it!

God’s Almighty Power of GOOD is the polar opposite of the BROAD casting (spells) of one of the Devil’s greatest assets, the multinational, corporate media conglomerates, all five of them worldwide, corrupt to the core and sabotaging God’s gifts to Man and Beast alike.

Mark these words:


Have a super Sunday folks!

Keeping in mind that history professors go to grad school to gain ‘PhD’–like that clown “First Lady?”. pedophile (encourager/participant?) enabling Jill Biden–so they can be employed to tell LIES about our REAL past!

“Good thing we sent our ungrateful, gamer, drugged up addict son,’ “Junior”, to Harvard so he could turn himself into a girl and hate our guts!”

“Maybe blow away some kids at a Christian school while he’s out at his Satanic Mass?”

“Not to mention spending over 400,000 on tuition, let alone all the cocaine!  He’s doing just fine at his ‘recovery job’ at Arby’s!”

Follow the money!

“The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing Man he didn’t exist,

and POOF!

…he was gone.”

(Please credit: “The Usual Suspects”, circa 1995)

There is and never has been honor amongst thieves!

As the rats of “Father” Fauci’s satanic, sick, twisted, perverted, inhuman family tree flees their sinking ship of epic lies, murder and deceit, he, his pronouns and disgusting body will drown in the cold, dark, callous, endless SEA!”


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