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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 8, 2020

Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

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(click above ‘deck’ to listen)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, blue skied, calm, cool, capstone island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Eighth Day of October, 2020, another day in paradise, sipping coffee, feeding my birds and of course, speaking with the ducks above deck, mostly about what the bloody hell is going to happen to this once rugged individualistic Republic we all once knew and loved…


In a world defined by death, indeed a ‘planet’ consumed by this new normal, New World Order culture of ‘death by a thousand cuts’; a collection of ’same minded people?’, one must pause and ask, what happened? Bee hive collectivism combined with hedonism, wherein all ‘collectively’ believe they are all free, individually and as that mindless collective. Yes, in this emerging AI driven, technocracy, run by technocrats and unelected bureaucrats, owned/controlled by an infinitesimally small number of Elite overlords, the human being is being singled out as a ‘virus’, soon to be eliminated by virtue of it’s own shortcomings.

Look at what we have become as a species over just 10 months since this year began.  In this blip of ‘time’, the powers that be presently have destroyed local, state, national and international economies, by way of creating the perfect, invisible ‘enemy’, “CON” VID-19(84).; A brilliant, well planned, genius smokescreen to cover military grade A weaponry being distributed world wide in the form of high frequency’s new kid on the block, give it up for 5G!

Whose electromagnetic footprint will be stamped upon every man, woman and child, not to mention any living creature, plant or animal, on this sacred plane of existence.  The 5G microwave high octane frequencies will drastically, negatively affect the oxygen molecule, making absorption of said life giving oxygen into the blood stream tenuous at best, creating ‘COVID’ like Kung Flu symptoms, hence, the dreaded ’second wave’ of ‘the covids’. Ohhh Jesus, Mary and Joseph, God Bless us all Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci and help US through this dark and lonely tunnel we all be facin’ help us dear Father, help US!

p.s., great head shots by the way Father, per the shill $hit $how, ABC’s “World” “News” Tonight, starring everybody’s favorite anchor mule, David, “I sleep in a  black suit and knit tie I never change”, Muir. Those still shots scream ‘authority/trust/malevolence!

The good Father “Fast Eddy” Fauci statin’ just yesterday,

“…ah, yeah, we are gonna SEA a lot of death,  because you schmucks did not follow my, I mean our Federal guidelines, oh, that and the fact the PCR tests are a JOKE, dovetailed in this scam we created to chip all of you, vaxx you and yours and reeducate you to the new normal, where there is no FUN of any kind!  You will wear masks, you will be chipped, you will be vaxxed, you will comply and obey or else!”


Or else what dear Father, what?

What will you do to US?

Not that dear Father Fauci,

not that!

Have no FEAR of weasels like “Fast Eddy” Fauci and Co.

That includes his business partner in crime, “Kill” Bill and his/her husband/wife “Cull“inda, “The Malevolent One”, Gates…

It’s kinda got a ring to it,

doesn’t it?

Have a nice day!


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