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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 28, 2011

Jack Pumpkinhead & Fam

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this glorious Friday morning, the twenty-eighth day of October, 2011, around ten a.m., cold, bright, blue and beautiful indeed, as the chilling rains of yesterday moved on into the Canadian Maritime, far to the north and west of this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago…  The leaves are beginning to turn, bringing the season of spooky into full focus, with Thanksgiving right around the corner, followed by the Christmas season, or ‘holiday season’, as I would not want to offend anyone, with the concepts of Rudolph, Jesus or Frosty, not to mention the Grinch. Yet, no one in Washington D.C. is feeling all that festive at the present moment, as the same old tired horse$hit just keeps on being shoveled into the five minute attention span of the typical American psyche by the likes of FOX NEWS, the premier purveyor of that fine delicacy that one eventually becomes numb to, in fact the whole tongue becomes disabled enough where one cannot distinguish that fine horse manure from say, a Fillet Mignon.  However, the vast majority of ‘the American People’, who, for some in the beltway are merely a talking point, are finally beginning to WAKE UP to the global feudal system that has hijacked our democracy, democracy with a small letter ‘d’, devoid of personality, but chalk full of principal, draining it of all resources, by way of proxy, and then leaving it in the dust as it counts ‘it’s’ money in the corrupt banking systems ‘it’ OWNS, a system that is so powerful, it controls the levers, many of them, and many of the ‘choices’ at the dinner table of the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S BUSINESS, namely, the congress and Senate, where most of the decisions that are plaguing this nation were made in the past thirty years or so, making it virtually impossible to change the ’status quo’ by tinkering around the edges of the floundering economy, and it certainly won’t be fixed by cutting more VITAL programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, as we ramp up the engines of the ‘never ending war machine’ that is the United States’ military industrial complex, a system of eternal kickbacks to contractors, subcontractors, Senators, you get the idea, that keeps all of the ‘jobs’ the republicans will argue it ‘creates’ overseas, where they do this country no good whatsoever.  When you argue to keep soldiers on bases in Japan, Germany, South Korea, etcetera, the list goes on ad infinitum, costing the U.S. tax payer billions, while you simultaneously come up with the brilliant idea of hurting OUR citizens, especially the poor ones, even more, by cutting more from the very last safety net, Medicaid, not to mention Medicare by 500 billion, harming seniors even more than the stock market already did, you are making an argument for war, not against it, for how in God’s green earth does keeping soldiers in Japan help anybody, how does it help some starving child in West Virginia, who is not only starving, literally eating food that is not feeding her growing body the nutrients it needs, but lacks ANY health insurance, and attends a school that is falling down, with class sizes far too large to support any real educational benefits or advantages her PEERS in rich districts enjoy without thought, effort or gratitude?  Tell her your answer Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell (R-KY), for you seem to have such a good beat on things, you know, with the ‘American People’, and all, tell her your story, for I know plenty just like her in your state too, as they ‘worship’ the same ‘God’ you claim to, yet, seem to walk his ‘talk a whole lot better than you and your buddies, such as Rick, Herman, Willard, Michelle, Rick, ’she turned me into a’ Newt, well, I think you get the point old boy…   Speaking of human hypocrites of immense ‘proportion’, how about that quote from one of your mouth pieces, your pal and henchman, Rush Limbaugh, the other day, so graciously calling the protesters in the “Occupy Wall Street” movement ‘human scum’, ’scum’ that is being treated as such by various police forces around the country, in focus now, the Oakland police, who put an Iraqi Vet protester down with either rubber bullets or the canister of an exploding tear gas bomb that was thrown in to the crowd by the ‘brave’ barbaric police thugs who surrounded the peaceful protesters in the middle of the night, terrorizing them, in a city that one would have a hard time convincing some one who did not know any better that this was still the United States of America.  Still America as we look out onto these protests around the globe that is now clearly a movement of the organic variety, meaning, it will not be ’stopped’ by a few greedy plutocrats, no, this is far too powerful a ‘movement’ for that, especially when WE have social media, such as Facebook and Twitter, when WE have social conscience, when WE have the power of GOD behind US, the true God of compassion, wisdom, grace, humility, love, forgiveness and peace, yes, when WE have that God behind us, nothing, I mean nothing can stop US. Have a wonderful week end folks and God Bless US everyone, yes, Virginia, even ‘them’… PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace!~M

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