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December 17, 2011

“It’s just a ride”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, clear, Christmas island of Nantucket! On this December 17th, 2011 morning, here’s hoping you and yours are warm and safe wherever this ‘message in a bottle’ may be reaching you, reaching out over the wide open space on this cold, sunny New England morning, no snow still, but seacapecod.net left postcard of ‘this time of year’ two years hence, enacting a kind of snow dance if you will permit this tree hugger that one luxury, as the republican puppets jobs like John Boehner and Mitch McConnell (subcontractors for big oil/banking/insurance/big pharma…) keep it comin’. Knuckleheads who will not pass extending the payroll tax cut for millions of Americans unless also adding the crack like sweetener of those big time, highly addictive energy dollars, ‘can you say intervention people of America?, sure, I knew that you could!” (credit writer, movie producer, actor Harold Ramis “That’s not funny, it’s sick”/National Lampoon), allowing yet another big polluting criminal entity to rape and pillage OUR country for their PROFIT! Such as the XL Keystone pipeline fiasco, that, if approved by President Obama, WILL, as quoted per a collective sentiment from the established world class empirical scientific AUTHORITY on the subject matter, “spell lights out for our environment”. The collective 99.9 percent of climatologists in the world today, world class scientists whose reputations are as impeccable as their work is empirical, claim that this world is heating up as a DIRECT result of mankind’s continued use and abuse of carbon dioxide laden fuel sources such as fossil fuels, resulting in a green house effect, melting the ice caps and thus, creating a vicious cycle.  The carbon dioxide emitted from the burning of fossil fuels such as oil, tar sands, the like, is being spewed into the atmosphere at such a rate now, the earth’s atmosphere cannot absorb all of those tens of billions of tons of carbon, thus, it remains trapped in the atmosphere, causing surface temperatures to rise, melting the polar ice caps, glaciers and other permanent ice features, causing the seas to rise while placing more water in the atmosphere itself and because more and more ice, ice that used to act as a deflector of the sun’s harmful radiation, is gone, the earth’s temperatures go up even faster,  that, combined with this heating of the planet’s surface temperatures, creates stronger and stronger storms, storms that reek havoc across the globe, causing massive loss of life and billions in physical damage.  Couple all of that with the severe droughts and wild fires, that come with climate change, and the rising of the earth’s seas, massive migrations will occur soon, creating markets to fall, societies to crumble and the republicans getting their wish, ‘you are all on your own’… Pretty bleak huh?  Keith Olbermann celebrated one of this country’s ‘national treasures’, a real one, in the late, great comedian/philosopher Bill Hicks, whom Mr. Olbermann honored on what would have been Bill’s fiftieth birthday.  He played some clips on “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, only on Current TV, airing every week night at 8 p.m., EDT, and again at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., 7 a.m., noon and three the next day, giving you no excuse not to watch the best journalism on television today, bringin’ the scary, cause it sure as heck fire scares the living $hit out of me, was that professional?, but, as his previous employer’s ad promo says, on MSNBC, (thanks to Keith) and all the folks and shows on the new, hip and venerable CURRENT TV, yes, ‘we lose our fear and move forward’, not backwards as ALL of the current crop of ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ would have you go, seriously, proving that they are, and have been for the past thirty years, only on the side of big banks and the polluting monsters’ out there, such as Halliburton, Exxon-Mobile, bp, Koch Industries, and now this whole ugly tar sands pipeline debacle from Alberta, Canada, going by the name, Keystone XL pipeline.  What a crock of $hit. It is a crock of $hit because it IS a crock of $hit. For they will have you buy into the notion, like Rick, “I’m gonna get you sucka“, Perry, republican candidate for President of the United States of America, that the pipeline will create tens, and tens, almost a million jobs!’, proving once again that the republican field has the intellectual agility of a small soap dish.  Wherein the truth is it will create perhaps at the most 5000 temporary jobs, with many other independent figures coming in much less than that, all for the glory of the profit of the polluter, truly unbelievable, while the country’s ecosystem goes up in smoke, a thick, nasty black smoke that kills all and leaves nothing but tears and heartache in it’s poisonous wake of 596 deadly chemicals (all unregulated and unknown, seeping into an aquifer near you and yours soon, trust me…) used in the ‘fracking’ process of attaining natural gas.  That is the party you will be electing in November of 2012 if you vote with the guy with an ‘r’ next to his name, or her name as the case may be.  This is, as Bill Hicks stated so TRULY not that many moons ago,“just a ride..but they don’t want to hear that.  It is a CHOICE, between LOVE and fear, but they don’t want you to hear that, they kill people like that.” I paraphrased just a tad there, but the philosophical structure is indeed sound.  That’s the news folks!  Watch FOX and fill up on hate, delusion, paranoia, fear, rage, anger, denial, more fear and perhaps some soft porn, while on the flip side, you can start thinking for yourself, educate yourself to the TRUTH, and arm yourself with KNOWLEDGE, not bullets, and know that you walk with the one whose birth is celebrated in a few days, the one who did walk the talk regarding LOVE, who rejected man’s notion of fear, manipulation and the exploitation of his brother’s and sisters for greed, money, power and the lust for it, a man who many believe was both spirit and man, who laid down his life so that a people, one people, the human race, could learn what those words, love thy brother as you love thyself’ truly mean…, when they sea with real eyes, that their brother, and indeed their enemy is their savior!  Too much?  Have a nice day folks and rest of the week end, keeping in mind that it is this and only THIS moment that we ALL really have anyway in the grand scheme of ‘things’…always keeping in ‘mind’ that“It’s just a ride.” and what a ride it IS!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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