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December 15, 2009

It’s a wonderful life

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This is “Bailey”, a black lab who lives with the owner of Fancy’s Market here in Osterville. As you might recall, “George Bailey”, via the late, great Jimmy Stewart, was an honest business man in the town of “Bedford Falls”.  He ran a small savings and loan business in that town, building homes for the people of the community, or rather loaning them the money to build a home of their own– giving self respect back to the hard earning patrons of his town…his nemesis, “Mr. Potter” was an angry old man, with no love in his heart, or, as George Bailey’s father in the movie said, “he is a sick old man, sick in his soul, if he even has one…”  George Bailey represents the good that still exists in this country… where good, honest, hard working folks are trying to make heads or tails of a system that has taken advantage of the original framework of this United States of America, namely the Constitution, and wondering why the banking system, health care “system”, and the ambivalence to the pollution of our air, water and soil that goes on unabated, has failed us so miserably.  You may remember the ending, where Mr. Potter steals the money from “The Savings and Loan”, and yet, when faced with demoralization and scandal, George Bailey’s friends come to his rescue and GOOD triumphs in the end.  In the immortal words of James Stewart, “these people that you look down upon Mr. Potter, regardless of what you think of them, they are the ones who do most of the living and dying in this town, is it too much to ask that they have a decent roof over their heads?  My father didn’t think so.”  As we sail on into the Christmas season, let us all consider the fact that WE THE PEOPLE are the macrocosm of that immortal movie.  We deserve better than the sham we have been offered.  Have a nice Tuesday.  Peace~ M

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