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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 23, 2011

‘Is anybody out there?’

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, starry island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you early morning, ‘way too early’, if you will, six a.m., on this Sunday, the twenty-third of October, 2011, a star filled morning, with a crescent shaped moon offering light to Nantucket Sound below–quite the LIGHT show I can assure you. Just another reason to come and visit Cape Cod and the islands of MV and Nantucket, as Christmas is right around the corner and the ‘Christmas Strolls’, from Nantucket to Cotuit are real life present day versions of a Norman Rockwell painting, so come on down, we will, as always, ‘leave the LIGHT on for YA!’… On this Sunday morning, perhaps some good news came out of D.C as of yesterday, with President Obama relaying to ‘the American people’ that 38,000 troops will be returning from that misguided war that took over 4400 American lives, over 650,000 Iraqi lives, almost 800 billion dollars, thus far, in treasure, and nine years of constant coverage of an event that took down a dictator, but did little more than that, save keeping America’s attention on a distraction called the Iraq War, as Wall Street went wild with PROFIT, until the house of cards fell with Lehman Brothers and the rest of the ‘investment banks’ in ‘08, leaving that mess for the ‘American People’ to figure out for themselves…  For today, Iraq’s government is just as corrupt as it was ten years ago, perhaps not as brutal, but corrupt nonetheless, making our ‘accomplishments’ in that part of the world nominal at best, criminal at worst.  However, that does not diminish that amazing effort on behalf of our men and women in uniform, for they, unlike most people now a days, did what they were told and jumped in the mire and fought bravely, honorably and with a great amount of distinction, and even though the war in Iraq will go down as one of the most dubious, it does NOT take away from the fact that we ALL owe a great deal of debt to these brave soldiers who put their lives at risk to defend a country they LOVE from all enemies, both foreign and domestic, not to mention the lives of their families, who are often forgotten, as less that one percent of our population serves in the military… thus, most of the nation has forgotten about these brave souls, as many vets return to their homeland unable to find work, or even a shoulder to cry on, feeling unappreciated, uncared for, and most of all, unloved.  If you happen across a vet today, or any day, give him or her a hug, because you never know how far that hug may take that person. PTSD, or ‘post traumatic stress disorder’ is a very real, invisible and, if not treated, deadly dis-ease.  Soldiers who are coming home, many of them, have this disorder, that is easily treatable, if diagnosed without stigma, as that seems to be the real problem now for most of the returning vets.  Many of the vets this reporter has interviewed, as he too suffers from this disorder, are eager to talk about their experiences but are shy about getting real professional help with their constant ‘irrational’ fears, anxieties and hyper-vigilance. With the vast majority of them stating they would get help, but it would ‘be reported’ to military authorities, therefore, stigmatizing them, or so they FEAR, the core ingredient of PTSD, creating a living hell in their already troubled mind that ‘others’ will see and treat them differently if they admit they need HELP (a catch 22), help in dealing with emotions that take them over with blind, raw FEAR, a fear that does not seem to have an outlet, or a remedy.  When I wrote the book, soon to be released and turned into a movie, ‘Taking Fog to Nantucket’, my goal was to heal myself from this affliction called Post Traumatic Stress disorder, a work in progress, however, as it turned out, via the research with vets and notable experts on the subject, such as Eric Kandel from Columbia University in New York City, the answer to helping others is in SHARING information, gathered KNOWLEDGE, expanding it and letting it go, bringing the whole thing full circle, and closing a chapter in what was, I think we can all agree, ‘the decade from hell’… Enjoy the day and the Sunday talk shows folks and remember that wooden nickles, offered up by FOX NEWS, are not meant for human consumption and will cause all sorts of side effects, many not yet known by the FDA…  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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