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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 22, 2009


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This little Maine Coon Cat Kitty is perhaps wondering what all the fuss is all about, the strange giant with this device called a “camera” with a very bright light that keeps flashing, is apparently taking my picture, so I guess I will just give no resistance, give up my judgement and offer up no attachment to “anything”,  I just sit in bliss, taking it all in.  Is this not what we are all striving for in this world of space and time?  Bliss?  One could ask, “how can anyone achieve such a notion?, especially in a world so full of misery, scarcity and injustice, not to mention confusion, chaos and the illogical and dangerous conclusions of men in “power”?”  That answer has already been given in the form of a picture that tells a thousand words that do not need to be reiterated by my pen.  Thoughts and Thought systems that are not of truth will see the light of day and be dis spelled  for what they are–illusions.  Nothing real can be threatened, such as the feeling you may get when you look at this little kitten.  Some one’s “opinion” of what you think or feel when you perceive this image is an illusion that is not real.  Therefore, NOTHING UNREAL EXISTS.  Therein lies the peace of God.  Have a great week end.  Peace M

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