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September 29, 2021

incorporated and insolvent

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Greetings and starry salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the again, predawn, prehistoric, pristine, cool, cloudy, capricious island of @Nantucket! Good to be with you once again, broadcasting LIVE from the ancient 250-500 year old trees of all kinds, adorning seacapecod.net’s new ‘anti=globalist’ headquarters in a little ‘cottage in the woods’, wherein no one can find me, unless they are really looking, and of course, they are. W.H.O. cares! Indeed, it is a busy Tuesday early ‘morn, The Twenty-Ninth Day of September, 2021, experiencing a few moments ago quite a violent thunderstorm wherein this ‘humble’ “reporter” witnessed lightening and thunder simultaneously, indicating that the ’storm’ is upon US all.  Take heed of these words, for at these ‘End of Days’, it may just save your very soul from the tricks the devil has wrought upon Earth, especially God’s children, Man and beast alike.


Take for example the new abomination newly SELECTED (by the NWO), New York heathen, Kathy Hockul, W.H.O. now claims the mantle of God’s intentions and indeed Mind itself. A horrible woman if you want to call her that, a whore, a blasphemer extraordinaire, another pawn of the Devil, W.H.O. claims that it’s ‘God’ W.H.O. wants you to take this killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelope, chalk full of Graphene Oxide, Jelly Fish, dead baby cells, and lots of tiny self assembling robots designed to hallow you out like a pumpkin, to kill you and yours within a few short years…, all the while, when 5G is switched on it’s full capacity, the vast majority of people you once knew and loved will turn into real life brain eating Zombies…

Did you think “World War Z” with Brad Pitt was just a movie? Or ‘Invasion of the Body Snatchers’?, or ‘Soylent Green’, or…the list goes on ad infinitum, the Hellywood, predictive programming to soften the sub conscious of the stupid masses…


Indeed, this witch from hell has gone so far as say, “Jesus wants you to take it.” She replaced her cross she wears around her ugly neck with a ‘vaccination upside down cross with Satan’s seductive, sexy smile, however, so at least she has some fashion sense.., yes?


Do you recall the mass cult of one Jim Jones, circa 1978? Jones, a CIA operative, setting up a CULT called “Jonestown”, in Guyana, South America, where he convinced 900 plus to ‘drink the Kool Aid’, that killed them one fine day south of the border of what once was the United (sovereign) States of America (now, since at least 1913, Incorporated & insolvent). A real tragedy at ‘the time’, everyone ‘thought’, with no one realizing it was a blue print to come, i.e. “CON”VID 19(84), a global Kool Aid, for the mass culling of well over 90 percent of Humanity by 2025…

“Ore” what that acronym actually defines, “C.O.V.I.D. 19″ (AI), in gematria, c.ertificate o.f v.accination ID AI! For if your head is finally out of the sand, and you have real EYES to SEA, and have taken the cotton of your ears, and stuffed them in your mouth, one must come to the conclusion that this nation is doomed, it has been taken over by this sick, twisted, warped, satanic cult, and it will only be a matter of ‘time’ before they wipe out “The Last of the Mohicans”, i.e. yours truly, and put every man, woman and child into a BEAST system where you are not only tracked and traced 24/7/365, put in FEMA death camps, separated from your family, but moreover, acquiring your very soul, that now belongs to billionaires puppets like Bill Gates who own the patents, i.e. 060606.  In conclusion, you and yours are now patented and owned by the great deceiver; Beetlejuice.


Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but they are coming for your children fast and furious, and when that witch ‘governor’ of New York, replacing disgraced and disgusting Andrew, ‘W.H.O. cares where they died, toots, they died”, Cuomo, states, and I quote the bitch from hell, “Jesus wants you to take this “God saving” cure.”

Indeed he wants the culling lethal injection in your blood and into that true Temple of God, the place where they are building that elusive ‘Third Temple”, in you and yours.  One that is maiming, killing and destroying billions as we speak, spewing this message from her horrible, ugly mouth, in one of the many sell out “Christian” mega churches nationwide.. So when and if, you connect all of the dots;

you will know the end is nigh.

So hug your loved ones’, fight back as best you can and don’t drink that Kool Aid. And when, and possibly only if, they come for you and yours, then remember this LOUD and CLEAR, an EYE for and EYE…


Have a super Tuesday folks!  Keep the FAITH in the real light of the living God, shining within and without, for that is where the ‘Temple of God’ truly is.  In Nature, and within you, not in some building, person, place or thing. Your soul is yours and not for sale!  For again, that is what Lucifer wants right NOW.

It is in your heart, not your head that matters in the end. Unfortunately, some so brainwashed, dumbed down and compromised they are already gone.  Truly most are blind and willfully ignorant, arrogantly clinging to willful cognitive dissonance, bending over with glee to this new insane CULT of COVID with endless insane mandates that have nothing to do with God’s ultimate plan for Man.


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