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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 19, 2021


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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings dear serfs, slaves, peasants, peons, puppets and pawns, ’tis “I” once again, Lord William Montague III, hijacking that God awful Mike Mosier on this Friday, The Nineteenth Day of November, 2021, and his dreadful so called ‘message in a bottle’ once again, chiming in as it were, or IS, from my mansion on the gorgeous, gracious, grandeur island of Nantucket, where we continue to plot Man’s demise, much to his surprise…


It seems our plans for the extinction of said human race and the implementation of singularity with AGI is now complete, for there is no escape for those W.H.O. are UN-willing to take our free, killer mRNA pathogen delivery envelopes/operating systems to hide.  Make no mistake about it, WE are coming for you and your children, again, please, make no mistake about it…

You can protest all you wish, but how far are you going to get when facing the DEVIL himself?

One could ponder, how did we do this with such speed, warp speed? How did we get every nation on the face of Earth to comply with our, some would call, evil plans?

Simple, your lack of FAITH in God, your acquiescence, you sloth, your cowardice, and all that you once upon a ‘time’ cherished, abandoning what was good in this world. And after 90 percent of YOU are gone, a world WE will have all to ourselves, made in the image of the Beast, not of some man W.H.O. claimed to be ‘The Son of God…’

We offered him that many, many moons ago, but he refused and paid the ultimate price, his life…

So enjoy your precious metaverse, your ‘entertainment’, eat that GMO laced turkey dinner, wear those shame based, MK Ultra mind controlling muzzles, get your booster shots from hell and continue to OBEY our orders;

or else…

I will be jetting off to SEA my dear friends’ Herr Klaus Schwab, Bill Gates and George Soros, and Co., soon, flying into Davos, Switzerland for another exciting meet and greet at our World Economic Forum where the Final Solution, I mean plans, will be finalized…

And come into fruition!

So, until then, don’t talk to your neighbors, don’t love one another, certainly don’t fall in love and don’t smell the flowers, for the Archons are in charge now!

Resistance is futile…

Love and Kisses!

Ta Ta!

Lord William Montague III
(country gentleman)

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