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April 21, 2020

“I take no responsibility.”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the golden sun lit, mild, light winded, whispering, wild island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this 21st day of April, 2020, Tuesday, ‘the calm before the storm’, for even with the bright beautiful early Spring skies here on Ocean Street in Hyannis, a storm is on the horizon, akin to Governors of ‘red states’ opening much of it’s society even amidst the virus that has taken control of the nation’s narrative…

Of course, Donald, “I take no responsibility”, Trump is more interested in taking pot shots at cable news show hosts like Joe Scarborough of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe”, the polar opposite of say a “Fox & Friends”, acting as Mussolini’s, I mean Trump’s useless, idiotic mouthpieces, lo, the “Commander-in-Chief” is far more obsessed with ‘Tweeting’ insults to a man simply attempting to convey relevant facts and information than he is in responsibly dealing with a global pandemic that will usher in perhaps the next great depression.

Here is a private tweet the president recently sent out into cyber space, it’s target, you guessed it, our friend Joe, whose good natured sense of humor rose once again above this junior high school crap that has turned the Executive into a laughing stock amongst those with half a clue.


“‘Dis tweet will be more ‘dan da 140 characters usually allotted ‘dis genius addition to the fascinating world of ‘da internet.  It’s beautiful to be ‘da King!  Beautiful!  ‘Dat I can tell ‘yous!  I like TV, ‘dat is no joke, in fact, ‘dat is what I do most of my waking hours.  I like to watch… But, I must admit, I turn on ‘dis Morning Joe and I am intrigued with ‘dis guy, eh ooh!  The moxie of ‘dis guy to go up against one of the greatest gangsta’s who ever ran for ‘dis high office is quite impressive.  I do best when I have a villain, and I am getting bored with ‘da virus, ’cause it seems like it’s losing it’s steam.  Real problems demand real solutions, and ’dat takes real work.  I hate work, unless it’s shooting Joe a nasty look via ‘dis great tweet ting, and even ’doe you might call me a crook, please don’t give me ‘da hook, just ’cause I make self contradictions all day long, after all, ‘dat’s my nook.  I am some kind of a special genius and ‘dat is said about me far and wide.  I get so mad sometimes, ’cause ’dat Joe ‘tinks he knows so much, but I am just trying to hang on for ‘da next ten minutes.  It’s hard to be me joe, and believe you me, even ‘do I ‘tink I hate you, I have to admit, you make some good points about my overall lack of vision, purpose, protocol, priorities, and power.  Yes, ‘dat’s right, power.  On ‘da one hand I got all ‘dis power as president right?  On ‘da odder, I don’t.  For it has been explained to me recently ‘dat da world is not how it seems, ‘da real powers presently pull my strings everyday and sometimes ‘dat hurts.  It hurts my feelings, my ego and my trick knee.  Nobody really likes me Joe, except you, ’cause I know deep down inside, you are pulling for me to take my giant, orange head out of ’da proverbial sand, turn off ’da TV, put down my new toy called twitter and get to work combatting ‘dis dreadful COVID-19 ‘ting.  I’m a wreck Joe, please don’t ask me to stop watching, ’cause it’s what I live for lately!  Tanks for being such a great pal and good luck with the ratings!  You deserve it!  Best to Mika and ‘da crew!  Trump out!”


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