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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 28, 2021

“I SEA ‘nussing?”

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cool, calm, soon to be raining ‘cats and dogs’ island of Nantucket! Great to be back with you, broadcasting LIVE from magical, magnificent, majestic Bass River on The Twenty-Eighth Day of March, 2021, a quiet Sunday morning here on this one of a kind, unique, gem of a peninsula that extends well out into the Atlantic Ocean, created not by man or machine, but by a climate ever changing and that peaceful, serene, calming, normal Gaia rhythm of 7 gigahertz frequency , or natural ‘time’, indeed, retreating glaciers over 11,500 years ago in what many refer to as “The Last Great Ice Age”…

To wit we will be headed towards once again, as our Lord and Savior, “Kill” Gates (not satisfied with culling 90 percent of the world’s population via his and corporatocracy’s, per Satan himself, ingenious, and welled propagandized, sold snake oil final solution to a made up pandemic planned for decades, pushed via fear, intimidation and outright bald faced LIES, creating a horror film like Frankenstein mRNA experimental biological procedure they call a ‘vaccine’…, so pick you poison, famine or ‘the jab’…), dims our sun with his gasses, and has bought up all the land in America for farming, begging the question;

to farm what?

Soylent Green Baby!

With no sun as you and yours continue to block it out with deadly chemtrails geoengineering the earth so it will become inhabitable for life as we know it, especially white males, the root cause of all our global ills, indeed, to farm what is the 64,000 dollar question.

“Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars” is not a science fiction novel, it is a real U.S. military document one can ‘Google’ for oneself…

If you got the “GUT(S)FELD”!

(only 8 days from today, week nights at 11 p.m eastern, only on FOX!)

Disclaimer: this was not a paid shameless plug for perhaps one of the only journalists left with some semblance of humanity, grit, humor, wit and charm…

Brought to by Jab Holdings, a very real company, a German conglomerate based out of Luxembourg, that owns Krispy Kreme, same devil donut shop from hell that gives out free heart stopping treats with proof of a ‘certificate of vaccination ID‘;


‘ver are your COVID PAPERS?!!

“Hogan!  Hogan! Hogan!”

(credit: “Colonel Klink” from the 1965-1971 U.S. ‘TV” sitcom “Hogan’s Heroes”, taking a lighter take on the horrors of World War II, with Klink’s side kick, Sergeant Schulz, like the rest of the American sheeple, closing his eyes, putting his hands over his ears and stating, as he/she guzzles down a vat of wine, mumbling to himself, alone, drunk and dumbed way down, in a dark room, stating,

over and over again…,

“I SEA ‘nussing, I SEA ‘nussing, I SEA ‘nussing!”

Have a groovy “CON”VID-19(84) kind of day won’t you?


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