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February 27, 2010

“I put it to you Greg”

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In the immortalized movie of, circa 1979, “Animal House”, with the greatness of John Belushi (SNL–eternity) came a great quote, “I put it to you Greg...”  On this day after we all found out who the “party of NO really is…, after an earthquake that rocked Santiago, Chile, 8.8 on the Richter scale, we here at home were rocked by another earthquake that is far more subtle and devious, and I would like to set it up with some quotes by some from good friends of mine– Nicole Kidman, Mathew Broderick, and Christopher Walken…in a little known film that pretty much tells the truth of what the heck is going on in this little, childish country of ours… I wish to offer a play of sorts, scary as it may be… The title is “Stepford Wives”... I hope you enjoy all of the parallels that I have found within the brainwashing of the American public and the folly therein.  Christopher Walken  starts, “Some guys ask how we do it…in layman’s terms…it’s really pretty simple, come on along…”   And I quote, “First, we take a gloomy dissatisfied woman, then in a very private experience between husband and wife, he gently places her in our “female improvement system” (FOX NEWS), it’s fully automated and then “ABRACADABRA”, the transformation begins.  First, we locate her brain, we insert a few nano chips, then we program.  Also we add some special ingredients (visions of sugar and spice and nice fill the movie screen), to avoid any accidents, the husband (the republican white minority party), is kept at a distance…safety first (via “W”), finally enhance her to fit the ideal stepford wife specifications…and WALA…everything is copacetic… welcome to the future!  Stepford Wives–She’s gonna love it (You betcha!)”  Fast forward to a Stepford 2012 and the upcoming election of Sarah Palin to the office of the President of the United States of America, (brought to you by Diet Coke, Exxon Mobile, Verizon Wireless and Doritos, because you just can’t get enough of cheesy crap from Stephen (with an F), Colbert), and after a sell out welcome from the man with an ego the size of his “work out pal” Rush Limbaugh, Sarah begins her verbal assault on America, the world, and goodness of the Universe in general– “Good evening everyone, what a delight to see all of our wonderful wives (the frightened American public) and their happy, happy husbands (Wall Street, the Insurance cartel, big oil, big coal, and any other unenlightened corporation)…tonight is truly the highlight of our year, because tonight we honor our very newest citizens to Stepford (the recent Fox news victims) and in my opinion, they are the “cream of the crop”, “in couple”, (a Madison Avenue wet dream), and proudly proclaim–Stepford Way of Love…The American Way of Love”………and then a miracle happens, Sarah Palin begins to quote the late great John Denver, who sang a long beautiful song that we would all hope for all of our brothers and sisters, mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, nieces and nephews, and even, cats and dogs… “to ever be gentle, to always be strong, to walk in the wonder, to live in the song… I see them dancing, somewhere in the moonlight, somewhere in Alaska, somewhere in the sun, I hear them singing, a song for all lovers, a song for the two hearts, beating only as one…imagine the morning, no longer alone, the arms of another, a place to belong, no longer the struggle, no longer the night, and ever becoming, in the quickening light, to see the darkness, to listen within, to answer in kindness, to ever begin, to ever be gentle, to always to be strong, to walk in the wonder, to live in the song, in a place of enchantment, where the wild things are known, will the future remember when the lovers are gone?  Thank you John.  Peace~ M

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