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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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February 16, 2009


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Another beautiful walk on Wianno’s very private golf course, I keep waiting for Ted Knight, as he played his character in “Caddyshack”, to stop his Bentley on the 15th fairway, calling  me McFiddish and hassling me about the “gopher problem tunnelin’ in from the constructions sight over yonder.”  Although, I do not look like a greenskeeper anymore.  I had a lot to talk about, one of them was the talk shows, the few that do not have that “corporatate bias” that the corporations  call “media bias” or the TRUTH, if is involves the integrity’s  like Bill Moyers and some of the folks of the News Hour with Jim Lehrer, not to mention Keith Olberman, who had the courage and strength to stand up and say what needed to be said regarding torture and eavesdropping by the few elite corrupt individuals who WERE running the White House.  It is sad when the richest people in this country would rather sit by idly and let a few corrupt oil men take this country down the sewer, for a short term profit?  I hope it was worth it, in this life and the next.  I know that my grandchildren are not going to see a Polar Bear in the wild, and that makes me sad.  If it doesn’t make you sad, then mabye this blog is not for you, nor is anything of goodness and purity, because the real fight, the real WAR we should be waging is not in the middle east, it is with our national policy on energy and the infrastructure that supports it. Until that is HONESTLY tackled, nothing will change and the oil tycoons will take every last profit from me and you and your kids: for they are not family men, they are not patriots, they are not “men of God”, and they are not environmentalists–they are something else alltogether.  I wonder what Bobby Kennedy, who used to play touch football on that field that you are looking at right now, I wonder what he would have really done about this fiasco of the environment?  Would he have made a better case to the world that CO2 admissions must be stopped and are the cause beyond a shadow of a doubt of the polar ice caps melting at such an alarming rate?  Would he have stated that clean coal is a joke in this fiscal environment and that we must spend our time and effort for long term profits and long term growth in solar and wind, hydrogen cells and highspeed rail?  Why in the midst of our worst crisis in this country do we cling to our backwards policies of the 1980’s and deregulation and GREED?  No, I am sure as rain that he would have really made the push for a complete green revolution, like in Voxjo, Sweden, where they will be fossil fuel free by the year 2020.  The American people do love Obama, as I do, and my prayer is this–the environment does not take a back seat to the lobbyists of oil, coal and anything else that will further damage mother earth, or the good citizens of the United States of America.  I was told that is sunset hill, in Hyannisport, and the ghosts of the past must be pleading the same thing–Stop Global Warming NOW!!!                                          Peace M

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