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April 27, 2011

Hyannis Port’s Nantucket Sound

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty-seventh day of April, 2011, a foggy, misty morning here in Osterville, as you peer out onto Dowses Beach, via “Faith Hill”, looking east towards Hyannis Port, the home to the Thirty-Fifth President of the United States of America, the late, great Jack Kennedy, his beautiful wife Jackie, their children, his great brother’s Teddy and Bobby, his mom and dad, Rose and Joe Senior, his sister Eunice, as well as his other great sisters, and the rest of that extraordinary family, who, as I have mentioned countless times on seacapecod.net, have GIVEN so much to this country, a debt that can never really be repaid, save by OUR efforts to keep those VALUES alive and well–creating a more perfect UNION that is devoid of greed and unfair play by one party in particular, as they attempt to pull the proverbial wool over the eyes of the American people.  On July 8th, of this year, the deadline for raising the 14.2 trillion dollar debt ceiling, much of which, if not all, has been created by the last administration, by a man who now has been proven to have lost that election to a Mr. Al Gore in the year of our Lord 2000–will be upon us, and, if not raised, will, cause catastrophic economic implications all over the planet, “can someone say Stockholm Syndrome 2.0?, sure, I knew that you could…” (credit the late, great Fred Rogers, PBS and NPR).  According to most experts, credible economists not in the back pocket of the lobbyists or FOX NEWS, the real fight will come in June, as the likes of ‘our’ Speaker of the House, Mr. John Boehner caved once again to the will of the puppets of Republicorp, employees of ‘the brother’s KOCH’, which is deriving most of their power via the ballot box and the FACT that republican strategists like Rove and Luntz are making it impossible for new voters to register to vote, as the ‘McCain/Feingold campaign finance reform’ is now dead in the water.  Corporate monsters like ‘the brother’s KOCH’ are the architects behind this new attempt to not only make states demand a birth certificate and passport to register, but will not allow those who have moved, or have changed their marital status to vote, even though they are already registered to do so–something stinks in Denmark indeed. The system has been held hostage once again by big corporate interests (the coming Plutocracy) that is now widely seen as the biggest “Stockholm Syndrome” of all, something I have spoken about extensively on this little news station on a little sand bar far out in the Atlantic Ocean, with the republican spin doctors brainwashing the “American people” into feeling sorry for their captors, the very captors who want to throw grandma and grandpa to the wolves, who work, parenthetically, for the top one tenth of the top one percent, who want to see this nation crumble and be ‘rebuilt’ in the likeness of Ronald Reagan or God Forbid, the likes of a Donald “Duck” Trump.  The republicans goal is to stop voter registration, or the process therein, via new laws passed by republican held states where the governors of said states, scumbags like Walker, Scott, Snyder and Kasich, will make intimidation their catch phrase and modus operandi–making it next to impossible for minority voters, young voters and the poor, disenfranchised voters, who have no voice whatsoever, to be squeezed out of the political process, the DEMOCRATIC process of electing leaders fairly and equitably.  It is like a Bush era, circa 2000, scenario all over again, where records have now PROVEN that Al Gore did, indeed, WIN the election in that year, as it was turned over to 9 people on the Supreme Court, highly partisan, where they, of course, voted in a man who increased the national debt by trillions of dollars, not to mention wasting the lives of our young men and women in uniform in a pointless, strike that, two pointless and unpaid for wars, while giving HUGE tax breaks for the wealthy and their corporate friends like bp, Exxon/Mobile, and Goldman Sachs.  Stay tuned for that big LIE.  These people, for the most part, have lost their moral compass and could not spell the word FAIRNESS and define TRUE American way–as they attempt to strong arm the weak and those without a voice, yet once again, in voting in fair and HONEST elections– and this, my dear friends, is coming home to roost.  What is this Syria?  Saudi Arabia?  Nazi Germany?  On a note of good news, the Governor of my favorite state, next to Massachusetts, Vermont, Mr. Peter Shumlin, presided over a 29-9 vote in the state senate of Vermont recently to turn that state’s health care system into a single payer system as they have in almost every other progressive country in the world, bringing down health care costs while improving care for EVERYONE, not just those who pay to subsidize the insurance industries’ “bottom line”, the business they are really in to begin with.  GO CATAMOUNTS! The good Governor of Vermont may just show that the waivers, that are spelled out in “the affordable health care law”, passed into LAW by President Obama last year, can be used, as they require that states offer health care that works with the new legislative language, as they opt out of the ‘national system’ just as long as they meet the requirements set by a very good piece of legislation, bringing down health care costs over the long haul.  The waivers WILL be met, and I truly believe that Vermont, one of the smallest states in the nation, will lead a revolt that will be heard like the shots in Lexington and Concord, Massachusetts, all over the world, as people are beginning to wake up to the fact that big insurance is a scam and the republican party is in bed with these “free marketers” who are really wolves in sheep’s clothing (my apologies to real wolves everywhere in the world).  Insurance companies, whom I was an executive, for over 17 years, quite high up the food chain, in several different cities across this nation, such as New York, Boston, Denver, Detroit and San Francisco, are only in the business of “health care” for PROFIT–just like the oil companies, the coal companies, the “natural gas” companies (”frack you KOCH!”), and the nuclear companies, not to mention others, whose only goal, as in their connection with Wall Street investors, is for that PROFIT to continue, and it will continue as it comes at the expense of the TRUE AMERICAN PEOPLE. Teddy Kennedy once said, “Health care is a RIGHT, not a privilege”… and he was RIGHT as rain.  Vermont, thank GOD, is not beholden to lobbyists, or big insurance carriers, thus, this WILL happen, (God willing) and will prove that this country still has some fight left, as it faces a challenge not so unlike what our forefathers faced 236 years ago when they fought a Revolution against a tyrannical King 3000 miles away in a country that is about to have yet another Royal Wedding, (good luck to both Kate and William, you are both gentle people who have the LOVE that must be shining down from the beautiful Diana, who was taken from us before her time, may God always be with her).  In town halls recently, all over the country, as republicans take (as their new “work ethic” practice takes hold-one week off, two weeks on) yet another vacation to visit with their ‘constituents’, you know, the real “American People” they speak so often of and presumably for–are now seeing the anger and, dare I say, hostility that has erupted over the Paul Ryan (congressman, budget committee chairman, from Wisconsin) plan, erupting in places like Wisconsin, Florida, Michigan, Ohio, and the like, where everyday Americans are finally calling out these “insurance salesmen” for who and what they really are–snake oil salesmen… calling them out on their LIES with regard to the recently revealed Paul Ryan’s “Pathway to Prosperity”, or rather, TRUTH be told, “Pathway to poverty”, as he, and his fellow republicans plan to throw grandma and grandpa under the proverbial bus, only to be eaten alive by the insurance companies, who just pose that way, for they are really being eaten by wolves, (my apologies to real wolves everywhere in the wilderness, all over the world). Thrown under that bus with intolerance, ignorance, inhumanity and ingenuous innuendo that borders on the sociopath.  Intolerance for anyone who is not part of their exclusive country club run by lobbyists who work for the “men behind the curtain”, “men”, like “the brother’s KOCH”, who are far scarier than anything “the brother’s Grim” could have dreamed up in their sometimes frightening fairy tales.  Moreover, “the brother’s Grim”, in their brilliant writings, told these scary tales not to frighten or intimidate, rather, to provide a moral, a moral most can agree on, as they end their stories, one by one–something the republicans, when it comes to morality, you know, what’s right and what’s wrong, and, moreover, again, what it’s like to be a TRUE CHRISTIAN, is now gone with the wind.  As we recall during this Easter week, what a man who walked this earth over 2000 years said in peace–“LOVE one another, as I have loved you.” May God be not only with the good people of Japan today and always, but also with the good folks in Louisiana, who have gotten the shaft from bp and the coast guard, a topic I will discuss in tomorrow’s blog.  Have a wonderful day folks and remember to not take any of those wooden nickles, especially one’s with Donald “Duck” Trump’s arrogant face on them.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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