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November 23, 2011

Hyannis Port Thanks!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the windy, warm, rainy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Wednesday morning, the twenty-third day of November, 2011, the day before our country celebrates Thanksgiving, a rainy, warm, windy day at that here on Cape, as that weather system from the Midwest moves on through the area, drenching this little sand bar created by the Last Great Ice Age over 11,500 years ago with pounding rains and heavy winds…gobble, gobble. Yes, on this day before we give thanks to the Lord above for this thing called ‘Life’, and all of the abundance WE all share in that LIFE, even the coyote, who I just saw a few moments ago crossing Ocean View Avenue here in Cotuit, deserves to be a part of the experience, proving that wilderness still exists, even though man seems to have his heart set against it… Yes, on this day before all of that, a little ray of sunshine by way of something this country’s ‘leaders’ have misplaced, misused, manipulated, shredded, ignored and made illegal, a little something called ‘the TRUTH’, as WE all attempt to answer the question on every one’s minds these days, ‘…why have the now over 4000 arrests since the “Occupy Wall Street” began 68 days ago today, why has this been so UNDER-reported?  Why?” Because the government, a government presumably ‘of, by and FOR the people’ (now clearly not now, thanks in large part to George W. Bush’s giant Homeland Security apparatus, you know, with all of that illegal wiretapping and all), composed, comprised and compromised, in part, by the Justice Department, along with the FBI, yes, the government has coordinated with police forces around the country, training, militarizing, and directing them to squash this movement by all non-lethal (for now) means possible, as the corporate owned media is told to keep it’s collective mouths shut.  Literally not only taking away the First Amendment rights afforded to US ALL, by way of beating and battering innocent, peaceful, intelligent, compassionate protesters, who are merely asking for a FAIR shake, but, moreover, and even more egregious than that, if that is possible, stampeding on the rights of real, professional journalists, from around the world, sorry about that French reporter, who are merely there, by definition of what a journalist IS, to get the FACTS and report them as such, you know, the old fashioned way, ‘getting the story by earning it!’… These Gestapo like tactics are being employed all over the country, from Oakland to Denver, from Los Angeles to New York, Binghamton to Boston, yes, these tactics are being employed from our own government, from ‘on high’ as it were, thus attempting the impossible in a free democracy, the attempt to take away the God given rights of journalists, photographers, and possibly all artists really, from using those God given gifts for GOOD, using them in any way they deem appropriate for that matter, you know being a free country and all–“this isn’t Russia Danny?  Is it?  No, no, this isn’t Russia…” (credit the great Chevy Chase and the classic film ‘Caddyshack’)–and being a free country, this all seems to fly in the face of those actions, under reported actions by the mass Homeland Security police forces our country now has in place at present… ACTUNG BABY! Isn’t using your God given gifts in any way you choose the very definition of our nation, or did I miss something in my history classes at the University of Vermont? On “Countdown, with Keith Olbermann”, airing every weeknight, only on CURRENT TV, at 8 p.m., EDT, LIVE, and again at 11 p.m., 2 a.m., 7, noon and three the next day) last night, David Schuster, doing a fine job of filling in for Keith, had, as his guest, the great Jonathon Turley, Constitutional Law professor at George Washington University, who spoke to the history of these Gestapo like tactics, employed now en masse, across this nation, by the likes of the NYPD, U.C. Davis campus police, the Oakland police, among others, highlighted by seacapecod.net in particular for their abuse of their LIMITED power to ‘protect and serve’…, while they pepper spray yet another 84 year old woman!   Yes, Jonathon paints a bleak picture of this past decade, as it spills out into this one, speaking to the mass arrests of protesters a little over a decade ago, where they too were badly beaten, brutalized and squashed, in Washington D.C., like a bug, silencing that voice that dares speak out against a system that is rigged at best, and criminal at worst.  Arrested, pepper sprayed, beaten with a baton, face slam dunked into the cement, you name it, all the price paid for the Constitutional RIGHT to speak out against tyranny, be it foreign or domestic, speaking out against that corrupt system that serves it’s own, a system that is seemingly impossible to breach, as it’s own internal security is a riddle, wrapped in a enigma, unable to assess it’s own ’self’, it’s own character, it’s own moral compass, for any REAL guidance, for that compass, like our pal Mitt, ‘corporations are people too’, Romney, shifts with the wind, never really being anchored in the fundamentals this country was founded upon, a FACT the reporters of the world will eventually get to the bottom OF, even if it takes some more in the way of police brutality…God forbid!   Even as a casual observer, one must ask the fundamental question, ‘what is their end game?’. Seems like the answer to that question is fairly obvious, especially if one simply connects all of the dots, going all the way back, just for starters, to the beginning of the Reagan administration, but, as we all know, it goes back at least twenty years before that–this ideology, this stain on the true essence of what America really is, what it stands for and where it is headed.  That is the rub, that line in the proverbial ’sands of time’, wherein, on the one hand, you have a group of powerful plutocrats who have decided that they are, in the words of Grover Norquist, ‘going to shrink government down to the size where I could drown it in a bath tub…’, nice, but, of course, the government he speaks of includes all of the social program victories over the past eighty or so years, achieved by the other side of that same coin, what those republicans hate the most, welfare or kindness of any kind, or what we have today, thanks to victories from the past, ‘the welfare state’… Victories for the people such as Social Security, set up by President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in the 1930’s, set up to ‘keep seniors out of the cold’, then going on to Medicare, signed into LAW by then President Lyndon B. Johnson, in 1965, a medical program, affordable, for those seniors, Americans who have reached retirement age and, as such, are now cared for by a very effective government program that, again, ‘keeps those seniors healthy and out of the cold…’, while in that same decade Civil Rights were finally passed for African Americans and other minorities, with Women’s Rights following suit by way of Roe v. Wade, bringing this country out of the dark ages of bigotry, rampant hate, fear mongering, run away greed and the like.  Those are the ‘victories’, really, just basic common human decency, the republicans, the work horses of this plutocratic vision, want to ‘repeal’, bringing this country back into the 19th century, you know, the enlightened era where the ‘welfare’ state did not exist, where we just allowed people to ‘die on the vine’, calling it ‘the opportunity state’ instead…  Opportunity for whom my dear brothers and sisters? Opportunity, as a tiny, tiny example of a much larger problem, yes, opportunity for that young college graduate?, who, because of the dismantling of education in this country, making it a ‘for profit model’, is 100 thousand dollars in debt and cannot BUY a job?, for she does not have the right connections?, the right resume?, well, you get the picture, and not, Newt, because she has not bathed lately or because she lacks a ‘work ethic’ (Google Newt Gingrich ‘old congressional tapes from the 1990’s, very scary indeed!), no, it is BECAUSE she was born on the wrong side of the proverbial tracks!!, and sees no way out, just as her brethren on the U.C. Davis campus ’see it’, as that group of brave students earned the ‘face’ of this “Occupy” movement thus far, showing, just as Jesus did long ago against another corrupt oligarchy, the Roman Empire began to crumble, that peaceful protests, as it were, are far more powerful and moreover, remembered than neanderthal violence ever could be…  The ‘American People’–as evidenced by this great movement called “Occupy Wall Street”, whose seeds of origin came from the cold, snowy months of this ever growing older year, on the streets of Madison, Wisconsin, where tens of thousands of hearty Midwesterners braved the cold January winds of that fine state, to stand up for their RIGHT to collectively bargain, rights that were also won during the past eighty years or so, rights such as the rights to collectively bargain for a decent wage, the right to demand safe and decent working conditions, the right to organize in order to ‘get the vote out’ (as in recalling ‘Governor’ Scott Walker, God’s speed Wisconsinites!), rising up against the GOP machine, funded by David and Charles KOCH (polluters extraordinaire) among others, that wishes to do away with the welfare state and replace it with this ‘opportunity state’ wherein the likes of that ‘brother’s Koch’ can destroy our drinking water forever, as they pad their filthy wallets with money they do not deserve–yes, the American people are beginning to WAKE UP to reality, and although it looks ugly, are also waking up to the FACT that they can, collectively, do something about it.  However, someone has to report on it for those people to have the opportunity to wake up to it, hence a letter that was written yesterday by the press at large, comprised of the New York Times, the New York Post, the Daily News, Dow Jones Incorporated, Thompson-Reuters, NBC Universal, among others, wherein it insisted, in that letter that was delivered to the desk of NYPD commissioner Ray Kelly, on a meeting with that police chief, who must respond to the FACT “…that police actions of this past week against the press have been more hostile than in recent memory…”, citing these complaints a) the press has been identified, segregated and kept from viewing and photographing.  b) restricted to ‘press pen’, and away from the action (can some say Stallack 13?, sure, I knew that you could, achtung baby!), and finally c)  numerous incidents where police officers struck or intentionally impeded photographers…  Sounds like Nazi Germany to me!  Yes, ‘velcome to pre-world war II Germany young journalism grad student!  Here is a list of things you cannot say, report on, photograph or communicate in any way, that is, if you want to see your family again…  All done, I might add, and I quote our dear leader Mayor Mike Bloomberg, “to keep reporters away from Zuccotti park and the like FOR THEIR OWN SAFETY…” Thanks Mike, and Happy Thanksgiving!  Have a nice long week end folks, Happy Thanksgiving, although we will, here at seacapecod.net, be back in the a.m., same bat time, same bat channel, again, not to be confused with the bat $hit station of FOX NEWS, where they believe that not only is a pizza is a vegetable, but that pepper spray is actually a good source of calcium, vitamins, minerals as well as an excellent anti-oxident! Praise be the Lord! PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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