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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 5, 2012

Hyannis Port Sunrise

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, cloudy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the fifth day of January, 2012, a cold overcast one on this early winter a.m., as you look out onto Hyannis Port, former home to one of our greatest President’s, Jack Kennedy, his beautiful wife Jackie, and his brother’s Teddy and Bobby, not to mention his mom, dad, grandparent’s and his sisters!  Perhaps the most noted being Eunice, who championed Special Olympics events all over the world, as she bravely brought forth awareness to the growing number of children in this country who have either physical or emotional challenges.  She pioneered world wide awareness of how difficult these ailments can be for these kids, spurring forth new research into Autism for example, with much more help needed.  Not to mention bringing forth attention to the parent’s who are raising them, and all the struggles they too go through, for they are human beings as well.  Our health care system is deteriorating throughout many states in this country, especially for poor and working class women, i.e. the closing of Planned Parenthood centers in many states because 3 percent of their activity somehow, in someway involve abortions, not federally or state funded mind you.  Planned Parenthood being mostly preventative medical help for women, therefore, knowing all of that, I can assure you (women voters of America) voting for any man or woman with an “r” next to his or her name in the 2012 ballot box is a vote against women’s health in general, not to mention the environment your kids and grand kids will be playing in… and that,”my friends” (credit fake, cliched nicety to Mitt, “corporations are people too”, Romney), is a FACT you can take to the bank.  Just make that bank not one of the big five, as that would be counter productive to the movement, “Get the money out of Washington”, speaking to Citizens United, as well as “Get the money out” of big banking institutions like Bank of America or JP Morgan Chase or Wells Fargo, for there is where the ‘devil’ truly resides, in the money, and if you want to find him, the ‘devil’ that is, you have to look at all of the detail within said ‘money’, where it comes from, who is it being funneled to, what is the ‘end game’, etcetera.  For ye, so naive and trusting… do you really believe plutocrats, who control vast amounts of capital, resources, commodities, influential people and political control world wide, would leave anything up to chance?  That’s why all of the ‘money’ (Irish money does) is on Mitt, “corporations are people too my friend”, Romney, enjoying now ‘HUGE tracks of land”(credit Michael Palin and Monty Python and the Holy Grail), I mean monies pouring in from all over God’s green earth, that’s right, thanks to that Supreme Court ruling in 2010, politicians can accept UNLIMITED amounts of cash, credit cards or travelers checks from anonymous ’sources’ (Romney doesn’t know where that ten million dollar check is coming from, come on!), be they from Bahrain, China, Russia, who knows, does it matter?  Hell no!  We are the republicans damn it! We OWN this town mother f@cker! After we fraudulently win the White House in 2012 and take back the Senate, we are going to do some real house cleaning, as in taking it up a notch with this whole ‘Freedom of Speech’ thing.  Any dirty, filthy, intellectual type, you know, one of them Ivy league educated, tree huggin’, owl savin’, global warmin’ belivin’ commie scumbag, who writes bad things about our ‘dear leaders’ to be, such as maybe, fingers crossed, Mitt, “a vote for me is a vote against your own best interests, but what the hay, vote for me anyway, I’m white, am I not?”, Romney (former Governor of the great state of Massachusetts, who does not miss him in the slightest), we gonna put you in one of ‘dem prisons on that rock in Cuba, or the secret one under DIA, after we gut the environment to the point of no return.  First thing we alsa gonna do is fire the newly elected ‘Consumer Watch Dog’, Richard Cordray, whom President Barack Obama, finally took power and used that power to make a special ‘recess appointment’, upsetting poor old Speaker of the House John Boehner, who wept openly about it, (’recess appointments’, to which Ronald Reagan acted on 240 times while in office, George ‘W’ doing it 171 times, and this being Obama’s 32…), elevating Cordray to become this nation’s chief consumer financial protection bureau top cop when it comes to policing the big, filthy, dirty, scumbag banking/financial systems, who never, ever, break any laws of any kind, do they??  Something this nation needs in a big way, hopefully someday applying the Dodd-Frank bill with some real saber-toothed tiger like teeth, before the whole system blows up one more time, leaving the puppets in D.C. to beg ‘the American People’ (credit Mitch, ‘the turtle’, McConnell, R-KY) to bail out their country club buddies one more time, by way of those same ‘American People’s’ taxes, who are once again called on, as they are starving to death and underwater, literally and figuratively, to bail out the big corrupt casinos known as investments banks down on the dark streets of Wall, where they make and invest in nothing of value anymore, rather, scheme to make profit over other people’s PAIN.  Yes, those “American People” who have become a trendy talking point, not real people at all, ironically, as those real people have been replaced, as we have already discussed, by the ‘other’ real people–the faceless, anonymous, ever hungry sharks that have no brain, only a desire to feed, yes, that group of 308 million souls whom this same group of men, over the past four or five decades, keeps running over, with the majority of those who still believe in ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ begging for more, by the likes of a snake oil sales man like Romney, or a guy who speaks to those ‘working American values’, yet would be the first one, like Scott Brown of Massachusetts, to get in bed with a Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, or one of his many other strange bed fellows in the other global plutocratic industries, such as Koch, that are polluting this country’s water and air at will, leaving a cesspool behind for, wait for it, ‘our kids and our grand kids’ (republican talking point number 4007),  continuing to expand this ever growing Grand Canyon gap between the haves and have nots, as this country splits in two, with one America thriving (1%) and other (99%) dying on the vine. The Mr. Potters’ of the world will be erecting more “Potterville’s”, akin to the Hooverville’s of the 1930’s, before the onset of Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’, a bold move that took down the plutocrats of that day, bringing forth great programs that are still alive and well, such as Social Security and the onset organized unions in a big way, demanding fair wages and safe working conditions, you know, common HUMAN decency–a sentiment that I thought we were well beyond by now~ a little prayer that history will repeat itself, in a good way this time, in the years and decades to come… Let US be perfectly clear, whoever is nominated to be the republican challenger to President Barack Obama will face a daunting task of undoing him.  The only way he can win is if the republican strategists over at Crossroads/GPS, Karl Rove and his compatriots, can somehow broker a back room deal with Ron Paul and keep him from running as a third party candidate, as well as continuing with the ’suppress the vote’ campaign, a thirty plus state initiative, sparked by plutocrats, targeting minorities, the poor, students and the disabled, accomplished by requiring potential voters, voters who have been voting the same way for decades now, requiring them to produce slick new photo ID’s, with the strategists knowing, statistically, that it will shave up to 5 points off the general election, perhaps just enough to have yet another Gore moment, as in Gore v. Bush in the Supreme Court of 2000 all over again, ‘Groundhog Day!’, with a conservative wolf in charge, John Roberts, who would, gee, I wonder what he would do…?  The devil is most definitely in the details, knowing that ‘the devil’ does not really exist, only in the minds and hearts of men, men who do not have ‘the greater GOOD’ in mind…  Sleep tight!  Have a nice day folks, dodgin’ wooden nickles offered up by Sean’s FOX “News”, they may look shiny and appealing, but look at the fine print, it reads like a Steven King novel.  Look out New Hampshire, here we come!  Oh, and a note from seacapecod.net, our apologies for the use and abuse of the word wolf when describing the highest ‘appointed’ Judge in the land, as well as the crack about Romney and using it in the same sentence as that very descriptive word shark, my deepest apologies go out to every real wolf and shark out there, you are both magnificent creatures of the wild and may your days of being poached soon be at an end.  Neither one of the comparisons were real with the two human examples provided as they pale to your incredible grace, power and beauty–‘the shark’ and ‘the wolf’, exemplifying power in nature at apex.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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