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September 29, 2011

Hyannis Port Gold

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the super island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this Thursday morning, the twenty-ninth day of September, 2011, a wet one on Cape, as the temperatures have fallen a little over the past twenty-four hours, with heavy downpours experienced overnight.  “Occupy Wall Street” entered it’s 12th day yesterday, with similar protests set up now all over the country, from the Big Apple to San Francisco, Los Angeles to Denver, Detroit to Memphis, and 15 or so other locals, peaceful protests stating the obvious to anyone living in this ‘blessed land’, assuming they have not been living under a rock–that statement is, namely, “the gig is up, WE know the score and WE ‘ain’t gonna take it anymore…” On the “Last Word, with Lawrence O’Donnell”, last night, airing every week night on MSNBC at 8 and 11 p.m., EDT, Lawrence had, as his guest, the great film maker Michael Moore, famous for his truth telling documentaries that detail the ills of our current society, such as “Capitalism, a Love Story”, who came to the show LIVE from Broadway and Liberty, in the heart of the financial district in downtown Manhattan.  The conversation revolved around the giant cavern that now exists and has persistently become much wider in the past thirty years–the gap between the haves and the have nots, a ‘Grand Canyon effect’ if you will.  The interview became more interesting and continued on into the darkness of night, as Wall Street looked like the Ghost town that it IS during that ‘time’ of day, and you got the palpable feeling that, like a dark and stormy night, there would eventually be a DAWN.  A NEW DAWN that wakens US ALL as to the inequalities that exist, and are becoming more obvious, in this land built on the premise of WE THE PEOPLE, ushering in new laws and attitudes that adhere to and defend the MAJORITY of the people that do most of the living and dying in this great nation of OURS, a nation that has always prided itself on, ironically, humility, honesty and hard work, hard work that should be rewarded not by just the greedy few, who play the system for all it’s worth, all while calling themselves ‘patriots’, but by ALL, playing the game of ‘capitalism’ in a system that is not rigged to reward those who are already established crooks, but by all, playing by a set of rules that make sense to anyone who may still have a soul left, or a conscience that is not stuck on Grover Norquist’s favorite oldies, a ‘45 that skips and skips and skips, playing the tune of ‘read my lips, no new taxes’ over and over again, until the country falls into a third world status.  Yes, in a nation that, I truly believe, was once ‘blessed by a grace’ far greater than the very mortal and flawed entities of profit over people, such as Koch Industries, Goldman Sachs, Exxon-Mobile, Massey Energy, and United Healthcare combined, times infinity, plus one, her time will come again, and her peoples will rise up and take back what was rightfully theirs to begin with.  In Lawrence’s famous,“tonight’s rewrite”, a great segment, he investigates the police brutality that took place over this past weekend, where innocent, harmless, peaceful women, at least four, were criminally assaulted, pepper sprayed in the face, by thugs, one in particular, who pose as police officers, giving cops of all stripes a bad name, and bringing to LIGHT the name, rank and serial number of the perp, as they like to call others… Karma is a bitch, huh? Here are a few excerpts from Lawrence’s ‘re-write’ on last night’s most excellent broadcast, and in it, to get a better perspective, I would implore you to Google ‘police brutality in New York City/’Occupy Wall Street’ so you too can see what really happened on that sad day, as Lawrence drives home the point with slow motion video of the officer at the center of this crime, as he sprays at will, revealing his devious INTENTIONS of harming these women protesters, as they fall to their knees screaming out in agony as the chemicals burn their eyes…  This violent and unprovoked act on behalf of the New York City Police Department has drawn now–thanks to Lawrence and the New York Times, as well as Current TV’s Keith Olbermann, The Rachel Maddow Show and others–national and international attention to a growing epidemic of police violently abusing the citizens of this country, citizens it is sworn to protect and serve, a point I know all too well, as you will read about, and see in a movie soon, my story on Nantucket, where, in 2003,  I almost lost my life in a brutal assault to my person on that fabled island, a similar story of assault and cover up that most police departments, the corrupt one’s anyhow, get away with on a daily basis, for they know most people will not stand up and fight back, choosing to live in fear instead, for most do not have the resources that I do.  Thankfully for me, I had witnesses, as did these peaceful protesters, and, moreover, had the video tape to prove it beyond a shadow of a doubt.  The New York Times kept this story alive and the name of the ‘officer’ publicly indicted is none other than Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna. According to the police department’s patrol guide, officers may use pepper spray…”When a member reasonably believes it is necessary to effect an arrest of a resisting suspect.”  Lawrence comments, “You see in this video, Inspector Bologna makes no attempt to arrest anyone, nor does he order anyone arrested whom he just sprayed, he just indiscriminately sprays people as he walks down the sidewalk…(what an a$$hole!)…in this frame, he is spraying people that are walking AWAY from him, they are not resisting him in ANYWAY.  THEY ARE NOT RESISTING ARREST! No video has surfaced anywhere from any angle, any provocation, or justification for the use of this pepper spray.  This story has managed to stay alive, in the local media, exclusively because of this incriminating video.  The New York Times has been asking all the right questions, and today, the police department, has finally stopped saying ‘pepper spray was used sparingly and appropriately’, their words, ’sparingly’ and ‘appropriately’…”  Lawrence continues, “In fact, police commissioner Raymond Kelly today announced that the internal affairs bureau will investigate Bologna’s use of pepper spray and commissioner Kelly, whose department had defended the use of pepper spray, admitted, quote, ‘I don’t know what precipitated that specific incident…’”  Just to, again, drive the point home about corruption, cover ups and corroboration(s), per the New York Times, Inspector Clouseau, I’m sorry, Inspector Roy T. Richter, the head of…the union that represents the upper echelons of city officers, said that he was not surprised police brass was reviewing the role of officers at the demonstrations, given the ‘notoriety’ the Wall Street protests have afforded the media.”  (mass media coverage, really, you bumbling idiot?)  Check your facts moron.  Lawrence then adds…”he is absolutely right, the police get away with this kind of abuse everyday in this country, without being investigated, because there is usually no video camera around (or witnesses) to capture such routine abuse.  Enough video was recorded of this incident to show that most police officers were not violent and did not over react.  Some of the video shows officers conducting themselves with the utmost honorable position of those who took the oath of ‘To Protect and Serve’…and enough video of Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna was recorded that the department, by day four of this controversy, could no longer completely protect him.  Of course, as his internal affairs investigation proceeds, the culture of the department will do everything it possibly can to protect Inspector Bologna, and it remains very unlikely that the police department investigation will result in the disciplining of Bologna or any other NYC police officers.  The spirit of these investigations is always a mix of investigation and instinctive institutional cover up. Police departments don’t want to know the truth about these incidences, and they don’t want YOU to know about them either, again, they don’t want you to know the TRUTH about these incidences, and they will do everything they can to hide these TRUTHS…The only reason why their justification of the use of pepper spray could not hold together is the fact that the video tapes PROVED that it is FALSE!   The bravest people on that street were not the police officers, they were the people that pulled out their video cameras to record the TRUTH, and some of them were beaten and arrested for simply accessing their LEGAL RIGHT to press the record button on their video cameras…”  God Bless you Lawrence O’Donnell, God Bless you.  Have a nice day everybody and remember, ‘It’s easy to grin, when your ship comes in, and you’ve got the stock market beat, but the man worthwhile, is the man who can smile, when his shorts are too tight in the seat…’ (credit the late, great Ted Knight and the classic film, circa 1979, Caddyshack).    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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