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September 15, 2010

Humpback Tail

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  So good, as always, to be with you on this beautiful Wednesday morning here on Cape Cod.  The air outside is cool and the sun is out in full force, as I just witnessed a Peregrine Falcon in my back yard being hassled by some crows, sounds like campaign season to me…  Election results from last night’s tally in the primary races around the east coast states and Wisconsin provided some interesting clues as to what to expect in the upcoming November elections.  The first and most interesting race took place in the great state of Delaware yesterday, with a young “tea party” candidate Ms. O’Donnell, taking out another “establishment” candidate Mike Castle, who, as a republican congressman, a respected one at that, lost by 7 percentage points, and thus, put yet another corporate Californian funded “tea party” candidate in the running to win a Senate seat in a heavily conservative stronghold like the state of Delaware.  These “candidates”, like our friend in Nevada, our very worrisome and perhaps insane friend in the great state of Nevada, Sharron “Angle”, the Brawny paper towel salesman, Joe Miller in Alaska and now Ms. O’Donnell in Delaware, force this election to reflect the new tide of monies that will be pouring into the campaign season via the Citizens United decision whereby corporations can donate as much money as they wish, and be treated as if they were a live human being, to a campaign with no questions asked.  Be it head on with no shame, or hiding it in all sorts of smoke and mirror parlors where no one who isn’t a political junkie would ever find it, let alone question it’s validity, morality, or Constitutional merit.  When this country was first formed, over 235 years ago, we, as a nation, owe a big debt to a French General by the name of Gilbert de Lafayette.  George Washington considered Lafayette to be the son he never had, and thus, the famous French leader had a very intimate connection in the drafting of the Constitution of the United States, where the principals that he developed in France, i.e. basic civil rights as the bedrock on which a society should be built and maintained while stretching its roots to grow, providing the wings to fly, were applied to the United States Constitution and were heralded and expanded upon by Thomas Jefferson, who was an ambassador to France at the time.  The famous quote by Lafayette, regarding the victory of the French and American forces in the Revolutionary War, is relevant, especially in this day and age, as it speaks to our confusion and lack of clarity as to where we should be headed as a nation, a quote that has somehow been lost in  translation… “Humanity has won its battle.  Liberty now has a country.” Liberty is an interesting word, for it means so many different things to so many different people.  To some, it means that we should have no government, no FEMA, no Department of Education, no Environmental Protection Agency, no Social Security, no Medicare, no regulatory agencies of any kind–a basic framework, very spartan, of government that is unseen and unobtrusive.  Are these the ones complaining the loudest about Liberty and the loss of it because of the current administration’s actions over the past two years?  The large corporations who funnel millions, soon to be billions, into the halls of congress, selling their “ideas” (for their particular special interests) to congressman and Senators, whom their companies helped get them elected, ARE the very ones who TAKE Liberty from the mouths of our citizens–it is the best definition of “Stockholm Syndrome” you can muster up.  The “tea partiers” are the fuel for these corporations, and the pawns who feel sorry for the company (bp, for example), and by voting for their “hidden candidate”, thinking they are “just like them”, they, therefore, put people like Ms. O’Donnell into a position where she could become a U.S. Senator–where companies, like Koch industries, can USE them to their political business advantage, getting the “Senator” to vote this way or that, in some future Senatorial Legislative fight, getting the contract or whatever their bottom line was looking for to begin with–for this is what it is all about, getting back to BUSINESS as it was done under the BUSH regime. Do you think, for even one moment, that these men in suits care for the average “American” on Main street?  If they did, they would embrace every move Obama has made and say that he did not do enough on health care, financial reform, cleaning up the MMS, bolstering tax breaks for the middle class and eliminating the tax breaks, signed into law as a temporary measure ten years ago, unfunded to the tune of 700 billion dollars, for the wealthiest two percent in this nation–a measure that the rising tide of the p.o.h.n./tea party movement vehemently opposes.  Yes, the “tree of Liberty must be waterered…”, but not in the way of the corporate mindset, that has taken the dull and the ignorant hostage in the form of brainwashing 101, courtesy of FOX NEWS and the powers that be that direct the “message”, a message that is uniform and resolute, and will, if they win, take this country in a direction that it does not want to go, a direction that goes back to the “free market solves all problems” philosophy of the early 1980’s, whereby the republican establishment began to dismantle the regulatory agencies one by one, allowing the complete takeover of this country by international corporate interests.  The Koch brothers, David and Charles, of Koch Industries, “bringing 596 chemicals to a river, stream or estuary near you soon, via “hydraulic fracturing” of shale rock, to gain the “natural gas” on your front lawn”, have become very successful silent partners on this tea party express train of madness, taking everybody who follows it down a rabbit hole, akin to the experience of “Alice” in Alice in Wonderland, complete with the “Mad Hatter”, Mitch, “the mouse”, McConnell, and the Cheshire cat, John, “of Orange”, Boehner, who, like the cat, smiles widely, while making no sense, and DOES NOT have your best interests in mind… This manufactured “party” has done wonders for the dim and the unknown, such as Sarah Palin, who has no business in politics of any kind, for it does not matter who the puppets are in the puppet show, all that matters is that they do what they are told.  An establishment candidate like Mike Castle would not take orders from the likes of Sarah Palin, nor should he.  This ruse has been deliberately created by various corporate entities, such as the oil and gas industry, and these powerful organizations have the will and control over the candidates that they seemingly create out of thin air, turning this whole election season into the wild west and represents the deep, deep power struggle for what is left of the United States of America.  The rules no longer apply.  Gone are the days of common decency and decorum.  We have launched into a very de-civilized national conversation, devoid of cooler heads, who are really ONLY interested in what is good for “WE THE PEOPLE”, not the special interests, which these “tea party” candidates speak for, while ironically, claiming that they speak for the people that voted them into office.  They, the tea party/corporate mandate have hoodwinked “the American People”, who don’t even know they have been fooled.  There are so many reasons to not vote for one of these “candidates” in the fall, but consider the most important of them all–a vote for a “tea party” candidate, a manufactured, carefully selected “PAWN”, whose only goal is to get into either the House or Senate and vote along the corporate policy line, is a vote for the corporations that shipped your job overseas, started two unfunded wars, created tax breaks for the rich, on borrowed money from China, all while squawking about fiscal conservative “values”, wishes to eliminate social security, medicare and any program that is designed to help the poor in this nation, and creating a society that is ruled by the wealthy, i.e. plutonomy, and thus, destroying the very fabric of what this nation is all about–“Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness”, written and directed by Thomas Jefferson, and the ideals of General Lafayette.  A vote for the tea party is a vote against Liberty, for the idea of one man, one vote, is no longer relevant, as corporations take control of the ballot box, with mind numbing ads designed to fool and instill fear into the general electorate, believing anything, as predicted, the ads say, over and over and over again…Thank you Charles and David Koch, you are real patriots and have taken the word “irony” to a new level, for what the real tea party did in Boston over 200 years ago is what WE should be doing to you and your filthy corporation (s) that are polluting this beautiful country of ours, to the tune of 596  chemicals daily.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Have a nice day everybody.  Peace~M

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