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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 1, 2021


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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and truthful, triumphant, trumpet blasting salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and that wonderful, ‘far away’, romantic, rip roaring, raucous, island of Nantucket! It is an honor, privilege, and deep pleasure and pride filled for this great country to be broadcasting LIVE from ‘our’ ‘global’ headquarters, here in lovely Bass River, ‘ding, ding’ ding’ ding’!!!!!’, indeed, a Wednesday, The First Day of September, 2021, indeed, the calm ‘before the storm’, lo, the remnants of Hurricane¬† “Ida”, I believe I spelled that right, yes, expecting some wind and heavy rains in the next 24 hours or so, depending on what ’side’ of the dip$hit scale you or on these DAZE!


I promised myself, this ‘humble‘ ‘reporter’, to speak from the HEART, regarding this global take down of humanity, as it breaks said heart in two…

Let’s be honest, shall WE?

WE all KNOW, 9/11 was an inside job, via the Zionist banking scum that have ruled over man since the days of Noah.

Thus, along that logical line, one must conclude it is happening all over again, via this TRUE ‘Final Solution’, via zee Fourth Reich, zee “jab”, designed, again, to CULL 90 percent of Man by 2025.

That being said, a real FACT, I must get back to my own heart, my soul, my real purpose in this short experience we call ‘life’ on a plane ruled by the DEVIL himself.

20 years ago, I was in love, when I woke from my slumber, via my wonderful girlfriend at the ‘time’, “Karin M”, indeed, witnessing, like you the CGI ‘planes’ taking out our ‘freedom’ when it was all the Mossad to begin with.

A true traitorous ACT that will be EXPOSED to what is was, is and will be prosecuted AS!

As the years roiled by, writing a virtual love letter, a ‘message in a bottle’, or “Post Cards from the Edge”, to my long lost love of yesteryear, I began to SEA the cracks in the DAMN.

In fact, most, if not all I thought was true was false.

AS that real eyes, realization sank in, I was even more devastated, knowing that the WHORE CCP/CIA controlled media is not real journalism, no sir! It is a bought a sold commodity to push brainwashing MK ULTRA 76.-0 to fuck the masses into believing any hor$e$shit they wish to peddle upon YOU and YOURS…



Mass Murderer.

WE will SEA you hang.

When you all wake up and witness your loved one’s dying from stupidity, ignorance and blind faith in faux ‘SCIENCE”, you will want blood and revenge!

TRUTH hurts.

But, are not your children and future grandchildren worth this EFFORT!

“I put it to you GUTFELD!”

The anniversary, and so called ‘end’ to this horror of a 20 year war by some puppet with a mask pretending to be ‘the president’ of “the United States of Exxon Mobile, Pfizer, Astra-Zeneca, J&J, and Moderna, ‘the four horseman of the Apocalypse’ is not by accident, it was ALL planned well in advance, so after 2.3 TRILLION, many American soldiers lives lost, we pull out and the ‘Taliban’, now calls the shots….

Our ‘enemy’, what a fucking joke, that war was all about keeping the poppies alive and well so we could make even more money on destroying an entire YOUTH in this great country of OURS…



The CCP:!

Fuck this TYRANNY! upon HUMANITY!

I love you all, and to that girl, in Denver, Colorado, I hope you did not fall for this RUSE.

I still love you!

Always have, and always will…

Have a great Wednesday afternoon folks, keeping in mind, that WAR is a RACKET!

The BANK always, like the house in Vegas, is the ultimate winner….

“ORE: is it?


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