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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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May 12, 2011

Howdy Pilgrim!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this windy, yet dry and cool Thursday, a very windy day indeed with quite a lot in the way of overcast skies, giving it that real energy feeling of the ocean, as I just returned from a walk on the kettle ponds in the woods of Joshua’s and Mike’s…ah, Cape Cod, anytime, anyplace.  Well, I have to admit I am in a better mood than I was in yesterday, perhaps it had something to do with quitting smoking, a filthy habit I picked up after my marriage fell apart in my latish 20’s and I moved from Newburyport, Massachusetts to Boston proper, where I lived for several years on Beacon Hill.  I was 28 at the time.  Over a decade or so of smoking those horrible filthy energy takers.  I was shocked at the amount of energy I have once again.  Sorry about that, I felt as though you needed some explanation as to my grumpy outlook yesterday.  Catholic guilt, perhaps above all, makes for great writers.  So, looking back at yesterday’s work, I noticed I inflated the Exxon Mobile profit number a little bit, mostly on purpose, and for that, I am deeply sorry, and lack of taxes, in fact a purported refund from our Internal REVENUE service of several hundred million dollars that can now be added to that 19 plus BILLION dollars that Exxon reported on their 2009 Annual Report, giving them the number one slot in “The Biggest A$$hole Corporation of Year Award” that will be given out at the end of this year.  This will be the first of many, hopefully, awards of this nature given out by seacapecod.net, as I, and the dedicated staff here, made up mostly of my Black Lab, the many dogs that come by for a walk, and a small herd of Maine Coon cats, feel the public should be aware of the nature of the beast, this out-of-line and inhuman corporate takeover of not only people’s lives, financially, but their bodies as well, as Newt, “she turned me into one”, Gingrich gets back on his morally corrupt high horse and speaks loudly and carries no stick, rather a large gut with no guts inside of it, as the right goes on a witch hunt regarding abortion, and anyone who has anything to do with it…  So, REPUBLICORP of America, the filthy bastards, as filthy as a cigarette habit, plan to not only continue to widen the GRAND CANYON gap between the haves and the the have nots, a gap that only continues to grow, while they play around with the thought of not raising the debt ceiling on OUR 14.2 trillion dollar debt, mostly to China and other foreign countries who have continued to invest in the most stable and somewhat profitable (a good ratio-safety vs. rate of return) investment in the world, U.S. Treasury Bonds, considered to be among the safest bets on not only Wall Street, but every market in the modern world today.  Should, for the first time in our history as a nation, should we default on that commitment to a now very global economy, and thus, the countries therein, and all of their citizens–that default would send shock waves out that would be, according to one Ezra Klein of the Washington Post, a very wise journalist and all round good guy, “one thousand times worse than the meltdown in 2008,” where in that crisis, the markets simply froze when Lehman Brothers went down, for no one really knew who had money and who did not, and no one wanted to be the one without a seat when the music stopped.  So, in this scenario, the world at large would be looking at, as another real pundit put it, “it would be like cutting off your own head to lose some weight…”  No thanks.  The debt ceiling has nothing to do with the current debt, it has nothing to do with legislation and the like that can either increase or decrease the current debt level in this country.  However, if those commitments are not met, especially when the world counts on the U.S. to lead the way in the form of those treasury bonds, AAA rated, like many, if not all of those bundled mortgages that went belly up, with a good chunk of this country taking a bath in their 401(k) and pension plans, as the hedge fund managers and a few others made out big in the crisis’ after math, yes, if those commitments are not met, the world is going to see a calamity that can all be blamed on Republicorp and their insistence that we continue to play their wicked end game of world domination via the “Stockholm Syndrome”, where the captors, the corporations, hold the world hostage, and make dummies in this country feel sorry for them–in other words, pure unadulterated horse$hit at it’s state-of-the-art level. Add to this the continued culture wars being waged against the middle class and it is really no wonder why a pale white republican is afraid to throw his hat in the ring with a winner and a class act such as our current and 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama, who just concluded the ninth annual Hispanic prayer breakfast a few moments ago, stating to all that the “country cannot get amnesia when we remember how many of our forefathers got here, the strength of our country is in our diversity.” I paraphrased a little bit there, but I believe I captured what he was trying to impart to the heavily republican audience, who have had some kind of epiphany, and joined forces, sold all of their belongings and now are committed to sane, progressive ideas that move this country forward, not backwards into the dark ages of racism, homophobia, sexism, fear mongering, and just regular old bullying, that, in the end, gets a nation NO WHERE!  Look no further than Afghanistan and you will see what I mean, and with rampant corruption in that country’s “leadership”, mirroring the equally disturbing corruption in neighboring Pakistan, I believe this may be a good time to start slimming down our budget, starting, for the first time, with the military, and with our complete withdrawal from that 4th century nation, we will be saving 2 billion dollars a week, money that could go to rebuilding our own country, or is that too off the table Mr. Speaker?  Rebuilding THIS COUNTRY?!!  God’s continued speed to the people affected by the rising water along the Mississippi River and may you and yours receive GOD’S LOVEfor who we LOVE defines who we are, not who loves us back.  Have a wonderful day. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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