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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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December 18, 2009

Hound Dog

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Merry Christmas from Cape Cod and the Islands!  The talks at the world conference on global warming are coming to a conclusion today.  Not to be out done by men of great stature and wealth coming forth to express their infinite wisdom as to the fact that “global warming is the greatest hoax ever played upon the American people”…  How does Senator, and I use that term in the loosest of definitions, James, “all I want for Christmas is the middle name of mountain”, Inhofe (R,OK), have enough time to express anything but the complete and absolute disregard for a gift given to us by the CREATOR who created him to begin with?  Senator Inhofe has redefined the definition of ARROGANCE and GREED!  He is a paid representative of not only the oil cartel, but the insurance, banking and idiot cartel as well…..not to worry Mr. James, “I once was a mountain, but am now a destroyed oil shale in the middle of a desert that used to be called Oklahoma–a sad, pathetic sell out of seeping poison into the drinking water”, Inhofe…   for men like Keith Olberman, Ted Kennedy and the great activists who really do care about this fragile blue rock I call earth will be watching you…not only from the vantage point of ground zero, our planet, but from above, as you use God’s name in vain and spit upon his creation.  You are an abhorrent example of what is wrong with the very fabric of a country that was born of men like Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, and Abraham Lincoln.  You are not fit to carry their jock strap, sir.  God Bless all of the good folks in the tiny hamlet of Denmark for making an effort.  I pray that the power that created this fiasco will come forward and make it right, recreating the MOUNTAINS and letting the faux molehills die in vain.  Have a nice week end!     Peace~ M

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