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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 17, 2014

Holy Thursday! Good Evening…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the crisp, clean, clear and cool, star filled skied island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Thursday evening, the sun just beginning to set, the 17th day of April, 2014, a rather chilly evening out there tonight and thus, I pray you and yours are warm and cozy watching the telly.  However, I also hope that it is not some mind numbing “news” (propaganda for the 1 percent) outlet such as our old pals at FOX, for if you are, I can imagine some of those side effects I have been warning you about–dizziness, nausea, vomiting, delusions of grandeur, cramps, bursts of anger, followed by even more violent outbursts combined with a goofy and sudden lust for gun ownership, complete with lots of them assault rifles/rocket launchers/grenades/long guns/Glocks with high capacity clips and a membership to the Bundy cow farm out in Vegas, yee haw mo fo!–may have already eased on into fruition.  Bummer, but don’t say we didn’t warn ya!  Far be it from me, hear at little old seacapecod.net, emphasis on the word and little compared to the watts over at Rupert Murdoch/Roger Ailes hog wash factory of yapping idiots, to lecture ‘ya’ll’ on the errors of your ways…  See for yourself! You know what dummies?  You can GOOGLE FACTS!

I have compiled an interview with one of the hosts over at that wonderful station that I taped just a few minutes ago.  SEA-ing that we are LIVE, I thought I would just go ahead and type in the actual audio.  Please note viewer discretion advised, as some of the words are rather racy and mean spirited.  And, at one juncture, I kind of go off on the “tiny minded wiper of other people’s bottom’s…” (credit Monty Python’s Flying Circus classic film, circa 1975 “…and The Holy Grail”); so here goes nothin’… please, have a wonderful evening ‘and a pleasant tomorrow’ (credit SNL’s great Jane Curtain).


“Good Evening ‘Jack’, it is so good of you to come on to seacapecod.net“.

“No problem, I have heard really great things” …  “Really?”… “No, not really, hey, are we going to talk about the fact we should be giving a parade for the real tax payers in this country?  ‘Dats right, ‘da one percent, God dammit, they are the ones’ paying the bills, capiche?”

“Capiche?  Your name is Sean Hannity!  You’re a mick just like me!   Listen, I know you are all ‘tied’ up, you like that?  Cowboy horse humor at it’s best, hey now! Anyway, I know your boys want a fight down at the OK Coral, but first, riddle me this Batman (Hannity is more like a Robin don’t ya think?), how are your tea party puppets posing as politicians gonna run on the ‘failure’ of Obamacare when it was just announced that 8.1 million Americans have signed up for coverage?  Moreover, the percentage of young folks (balancing the whole thing, keeping premiums down as designed, thus, most major insurance carriers are predicting that premiums will go up only by, at the most, 7 percent, much lower than it’s detractors have predicted) is just under the goal of 38 percent, standing at 35 now and only going UP. Just like the number of people that will be enrolled by 2017, over 24 million!  How are those numbers going to help out your cause in the Senate come November?  Come on Sean, what’s with the long face!  I did it again, another horse joke!  You know this is the year of the horse and you guys bet on the wrong one, for history will prove that so plainly that even you will not be able to deny it.  Sean, you guys made your bed and now you are going to have to sleep in it, bud bugs and all.  At least you will be covered when you lose your “job” for telling so many Pinocchio sized whoppers!  (of course you won’t lose your job, your ignorance peddling is the best on television, top notch Kool Aid, top notch!)  I know it is not your fault that your IQ is low and that you were dropped on your head as a young child.  But Google some facts man and get a grip!  This planet is melting right under your feet and before you (fingers crossed) leave New York as you promised to do, by golly, you have to stop by my place and have a few laughs.  You are so out there it makes the sad little hater Beck look kind of pitiful–that’s how far down the scale I think you are.  I am ashamed to call you an Irishman.  I truly believe you missed your calling (selling women’s shoes more your style), because ‘journalist’ is not really your bag, all those pesky FACTS constantly getting way…really sir, how you landed on TV is a mystery, for God knows you really are quite dim.  You are wrong about climate change or GLOBAL WARMING, you are deadly wrong about your stance on anything moral or right (”right” as once again opposed to WRONG) regarding the way we treat one another in a world we are all share for only a blip of ‘time’.  And the worst part about this whole thing is that you use the Stockholm syndrome (please Google, yes, even you Hannity!) to blatantly hurt people with your poisonous talking points that are handed to you from some power hungry billionaires whose only goal is to ’shrink the U.S. government down to the size where one could drown it in a bathtub’ (credit right wing tax cut henchman Grover Norquist) so that this ‘land of the free and home of the brave’ bullshit can FINALLY become what “the free market” wants it to be–a bloody Oligarchy, run by those plutocrats (like the KOCH BROTHERS spending 500 million in the past decade, along with ExxonMobil, to deceive the American public as to their polluting ways, i.e., FRACKING the deadly 596  chemicals seeping into drinking water from sea to shining sea, while polluting the air, around the fracking wells, looking like cancer cells sprawled out endlessly, degrading and destroying this beautiful land we all love so…) who WILL finally destroy that water, that air and our way of life, you know our one man, or one woman equaling one vote.  Democracy with that small case letter d (definition?  Everyone has an equal voice in how WE run the country), full of common sense and love.  This democracy will be fatally altered forever, yes this experiment, divinely inspired–namely “The United States of America”, created by great men steeped in a common sense democratic vision,  ironically fighting a tyrannical King George in England, almost 240 years ago, will bend to the Almighty dollar and be destroyed if we don’t wake soon.  It will vanish into the digital memory of our history, like the American Indian, a history that many will not read about because those books, like in China, will be banned.”


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