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February 8, 2016

Holy Smokes!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the blizzard bound, batten down the hatches, bold chilling cold island of Nantucket! AHOY! “Heck of a Day at SEA sir!” (credit the classic film “Overboard”, starring Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, circa 1987), is an understatement, for this little sand bar is experiencing quite a wild snow driven Eighth Day of February, 2016 at this present moment in ‘time’.  A Monday morning for the books, with many a Super Bowl hangover adding to the fun of another blizzard, the tough New England fans of fabled ‘far away island’ most likely not too keen on the old Denver Broncos winning their third Super Bowl, not wishing to ‘recall’ 2006 in the slightest.  Congratulations indeed to the Denver Broncos!  World Champions!  Having a special place in this reporter’s heart, as that is, after all, where I really hail from…

The political fun fact “reality” TV show, posing as a United States presidential election cycle–containing O iron in the shallow hot aired words, let alone merit, integrity, honor, truth, spirit of brotherly love, you know, ‘the real American way’–yes, as this side show continues to hijack public energy, attention, adoration and affection this whole year ahead, yeah, one glaring reality becomes so clear, even a five year old might point it out to ya! “It” (the show!) is all a big Madison Avenue design!

“Smile, now!  I’m just kidding.  Welcome!  You are all standing on the Today Show set!  Congratulations!  TV is a wondeful thing isn’t it?  This is where all the magic happens folks!  Hi, I’m Candy, and I will be your guide today, first time to New York?  Now you might see ‘dat Savannah or ‘dat Matt,  or ‘dat funny Al Roker!  But make sure ya don’t say Holy Ghost now! OK, I guess I can tell you this story before we get going on the tour of NBC, are ya excited?  I know I am!  Yeah, so here’s what happened, we got in big trouble for sayin’ ‘it’, you know, the “HG” word!  Dats a big no no round here! See it was the ‘odder day, yeah, some Executive came down from ‘da Top of the Rock, you know, one of the big guys, yeah, I know!  Yeah, we was really all scared, Nancy started crying, and he gave us a talkin’ to, boy did he ever!  You should have heard the mouth on that fella!  He ‘ought to have his mouth washed out with a bar of Life Boy!”  Anyway, all of us hourly employees are forbidden from saying Holy or Ghost, or any combination therein.  We had to sign a piece of paper and everything!’  Shhhh, I can’t really talk any more about it…, OK, are we ready to SEA how we pull the wool over all of your eyes!  All while duping you to pay outrageous prices for horrible, horrible programming, all designed precisely for that reason;  keeping most in a state of fear, desperation, confusion and all the rest of what we like to call ‘family, again, programming’, in other words, broadcasting, loudly, displeasure monthly.  We like to call it the 21st Century version of the tried and true Stockholm Syndrome, where we make you feel sorry for us, your captors, like, all the time.  But only when you are not looking, listening, critically thinking, feeling or living on and all about a precious life we all share for only a moment on a magnificent planet (which is all the ‘time’ ha!) we humans call EARTH, one you have forgotten about due to the illusions WE put out daily, keeping in mind that we do it for your viewing and ‘entertainment’ pleasure!  We’re walking, we’re walking…”

Anchored by core essence, rooted in none of your business.  Public need not know of the said definition of the word design itself, created in the dark to keep the masses fooled and distracted of things yet to come…  Ever deluded into believing that their collective “your voice your vote” actually counts ‘at the end of the day’..  Moreover, that they currently reside in a democracy.  “Give them some more them high tech shiny objects Hal!  Because of this damn Internet, and all that Seventh Dimension stuff, too many people are waking up, by gosh by golly!  More Zombies!”

The ‘curtain’ is slowly beginning to fall and the show, as they say, must go on!

It is a poor man who cannot give a blessing.

Hope it all works out well for them politicians who are not in the Light.  It must be awfully dark in there.

Have a nice week ahead folks!


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