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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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November 10, 2013

Holy Light ‘ore Hyannis Port

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the partly cloudy, mild and calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Sunday afternoon, Veteran’s Day weekend, the tenth day of November, 2013.  What a week it’s been eh?  Chris Christie winning his second term as governor of the great state of New Jersey, Bill de Blasio becoming the first democrat elected mayor of New York in twenty years–both winning by landslides–and the tea party candidates taking it on the chin in Virginia with Terry McAuliffe, a democrat, taking the mantle of Governor in that vital swing state, arguably the “new Ohio”… pundits already addicted to 2014 and 2016 with the obvious fact being the very conservative Christie will still come up well short in the crazy department that defines the corporate tea party followers and so called ‘leaders, reserved for the likes of Ted Cruz and plagiarist, fellow Senator Rand Paul who see that “elephant in the room” as a viable threat to their own presidential aspirations…it should be fun to watch the slaughter.  The world is going quite crazy I tell ya, with a crack smokin’ mayor up in Toronto actually gaining popularity, this whole game of geopolitics is becoming better television than even the great Jon Stewart of “The Daily Show” or the genius of Stephen Colbert of “The Colbert Report” could have ever imagined or written themselves (with the help of a whole lot of other writers), comic giants benefiting from art imitating life, basically turning material that virtually writes itself–proving that FACT is stranger than fiction, and a whole lot more entertaining.  To bad it’s so damn tragic.  Twitter, the micro blog of our time, went public on Thursday and looks as if it will eventually follow the success of Facebook.  For what could possibly be better than following other people, learning all about their lunch and keeping up to date with their kids most recent play at school, although if I had kids, I probably would do the same.  I just don’t get Twitter, even though I have an account and all.  How does someone get hundreds of thousands of ‘followers’?, moreover, why would anyone want them?  I can see how ‘Tweeting’ can help with bringing instant news to the world at large and how it can help in war torn countries, such as Syria, when dictators poison their own people.  However, it, ‘the Tweet’ illuminates the typical American’s general problem in it’s eternal struggle with ADD, ‘attention deficit disorder’, a true DIS-order that is coupled with an instant satisfaction mantra that needs to be constantly fed, ‘knowing’ lots of stuff but not really being able to put it into a chronological, intelligent and valuable viewpoint that was not born from the brainwashing of say a FOX NEWS or a hater-hack like right wing(nut) radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh, the defacto ’spiritual’, mean spirited, leader of the republican party, a party on it’s way out if it does not change it’s tune soon.  With a day set aside for our great men and women in uniform tomorrow–Happy Veterans Day!!, by the way, and may God Bless you all, especially those who are still suffering needlessly with untreated PTSD, or ‘post traumatic stress disorder’– why not take that day to pick up a BOOK on our thirty-fifth President, Jack Kennedy, who showed in only a few short years what courage looked like when staring nuclear war and the end of the world in the face, not being taken hostage by fear or bullying, never yielding to popular notions of the day, but holding fast to principals I pray we all hold dear.  None of those could be more apparent in our 2013 than health care, affordable health care, especially for the poor, the folks the right kick under the bus at any opportunity, with 26 governors in 26 states not taking the Medicaid money the rest of the nation took advantage of so as to take care of those medically, the MORAL thing to do!, who can’t afford a pot to piss in.  Take Texas for example, with millions being needlessly left out in the cold because Governor Rick Perry has a big stick up his a$$.  God have mercy on his cold soul.  The website will be fixed, but will those who die in vain because of some sick ideology, and those who are survived by them, ever be whole, in this life or the next?  If I were Rick, a good ‘ole boy Christian in name only, or CINO, I might think about changing religions, because when Jesus does return, it won’t be in a lamb form, and I can imagine he will not take kindly to those who have everything kicking sand in the face of those who have nothing.  Food for thought all you tea party hypocrites!  Have a nice day and rest of the week end and may the force of LOVE, that IS God, be with the veterans of all wars from these shores and ‘those’ shores, healing them ALL and imparting Wisdom to the rest of US–the notion that war is no longer an option–for when that is your attitude, peace takes on a whole new power. PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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