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November 15, 2011

Hobbit House

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the again, rather warm and windy island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you and yours on this Tuesday morning, the fifteenth day of November, 2011, another mild one on Cape, as we look forward to yet another dose of ‘Indian Summer’, a term I always use with great affection and respect for the original inhabitants of this great land WE are all stewards of today, lest WE forget. Of course, that sentiment, philosophy, TRUISM is lost on the ‘powers that be’, with “Occupy Wall Street” going up in smoke very early this morning, around 1 a.m., as police began moving in on about 200 or so protesters who had gathered in Zuccotti Park overnight.  A hard core group of about 100 barricaded themselves in ‘the kitchen’, the ‘nerve center’ of the “Occupy” concept started well over two months ago in this very same park, sparking a protest that has spread to the far reaches of the globe, crying out for economic equality and social Justice, or at least the opportunity to have an opportunity, only now to be reduced to a park with more cops than protesters, a park that needs to be, in the immortal words of Ted Knight from the classic film ‘Caddyshack’, circa 1978, “scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected!” Apparently the ‘doodie’ in the country club pool was free speech and the RIGHT to peaceably assemble–protesting the FACT that the top tenth of the top one percent will not be cold this winter, but that, because of a crooked system, many millions will be, that the one percenters will have plenty to eat and drink, that they will be well cared for medically, that they will continue making money on the money they already have in a system that is so corrupt, (Wall Street, along with the banking, insurance, oil and gas, you get the picture) a system so corrupt that even members of congress are getting in on the insider trading grift where congressman actually BET on the economy going south (2008 dive), making profit on others pain.  My, my, my, how far has this flock flown from it’s original mantle of honest Abe, who was, after all, a republican!  Zuccotti park may be shut down to overnight guests, however, OCCUPY is not, nor can it be, shut out of the minds of the true AMERICAN PEOPLE, who are beginning, many kicking and screaming, to WAKE UP to reality on the ground, as the dirty water fills our collective sinks, oozing from the KOCH BROTHERS 596 deadly chemicals used in the fracking process (coming soon to the Delaware River Gap, a precious aquifer that is the source of over 15 million New York City resident’s tap water~), of attaining ‘natural gas’ (don’t believe the Madison Avenue wizard’s or their Ads saturating the airwaves, they are lying to you and your family about safety!), making money hand over fist as the environment is left to twist in the wind.  One note of optimism however, the Keystone XL pipeline, the ‘tar sands’ pipeline from Alberta, Canada to Texas, or ‘if this project goes through, it’s light’s out for the environment’ (according to any climatologist worth his or her salt–please Google Al Gore/climate change for more information), has been put on hold until this horrible election is finally over with. Hallelujah! Yes, this wicked election is a year away and yet we will have to endure 14 more of these ludicrous republican debates, mindlessly going over the same corporate handed down talking points (akin to ‘commandments handed down from the Almighty to Moses himself, except the GOP cannot find Moses, as he skipped town and is playing with some band in the great state of Vermont), while bringing up new, old ones, like Michelle Bachmann and Herman Cain’s stand on water boarding…,”how it’s not torture and all“, while we all know, especially the betting line in Dublin, KNOWS that Mitt’, ‘corporations are people too’, Romney will get the nod from the republican electorate and thus, will mount a campaign of monumental monetary proportions against a man who has done a pretty good job of digging US out of the hole that ‘W‘ built, as he sits back and spends his remaining days on planet earth convincing himself he and his administration did a good job in ‘dealing’ with a ‘goof ball like you’, i.e., ‘the American people’, the ‘little people’, the people he never did, nor ever will, have ANYTHING in common, nor any real connection with.  The rise of the corporate oligarchical system, a real plutocratic vision coming true right before OUR collective eyes, and the PROTECTION of said system, and thus, the corruption and criminality therein, could not be analogized any better than what took place on the campus of Penn State University over the past three decades.  That microcosm of the macrocosm, the ‘tip of the iceberg’ of a society that may need an enema soon, could not be more perfectly humanized than by the ‘coach’ Mr. Joe Paterno himself, who was more powerful than the ‘police’, and ran that institution as if it were his own private fiefdom, and, in light of the new Bob Costas interview with Sandusky, it would seem that this ‘institution’ should itself, be ’scrubbed, sterilized and disinfected’, shut down for an indefinite amount of time.  For these are not merely ‘player violations’, which are a joke considering the NCAA has a goldmine of free labor to exploit every year, these are little souls who have been permanently scarred by a sexual predator whose superiors just looked the other way, as it might not have been good for ‘their brand’… Is that what WE have become as a nation folks?  A group of people too afraid to stand up to these bullies, some dangerous, and say–”cut that $hit out!!! or WE will take you down, down town to CHINA TOWN!  I don’t think so, I know this nation is better than that, it is just that the vast majority in this country have had their voices muzzled for so long, they don’t ‘think’ they have one any longer, and thus, have seemingly lost hope when it is right in front of their noses!  To help kids who have been hurt by monsters like Sandusky, Google, ‘darknesstolight.org‘, providing much more useful information than this humble reporter could possibly offer, as it is just too foul to consider at this early morning hour.  May you have a good day and be at peace with yourself, for it is in being at peace with oneself, even in a world of chaos and insanity, that paradoxically, you, yes, you, bring peace into the world, bringing that ‘balance’ back into the equation that our ‘dear leader’, Mayor Bloomberg of New York City, speaks of…he is such as bright sage is he not? PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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