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December 10, 2011

High Flag

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cold, misty island of Nantucket! Great to be with you once again on a Saturday morning, the tenth day of December, 2011, a wintry day on Cape, as we will all be busy once again putting up Christmas decorations, lights, trees, and bows, for Christmas on Cape Cod is something to behold.  I always look at it like Charlie Brown did in the great Charles Schultz classic television Christmas special called “A Charlie Brown Christmas”, where ‘Charlie Brown’ is fed up with all of the commercialization blinding people to the true meaning of Christmas, and thus, after Linus helps him out at the class play, speaking of an Angel appearing unto David, of a savior bringing ‘peace on earth, good will to men’–after listening to Linus’ words, he takes it upon himself to decorate his little rejectedCharlie Brown Christmas tree’, and, with the aid of his friends who may have seen the light, makes it beautiful as they all sing a song to the season, bringing harmony and that peace that IS the eternal central point of this sacred ‘time of year’… My first Christmas Stroll on the fair island of Nantucket many moons ago, was something right out of a Dickens novel, with trees lining the cobblestone streets of that ‘far away island’ out in the middle, seemingly (actually 30 miles nautically south/southeast of Hyannis Harbor, on the mainland of Cape Cod), of the Atlantic Ocean, decorated by the towns people, each dedicating a tree to say, the second grade class of Nantucket elementary, with those second graders doing the fine decorating.  The lights shimmering off of those trees, amidst the old gas lights that also adorn the Main street of Nantucket, is enough to take your breath away, with salty air bringing home the concept that this country was actually founded by a people that once lived like this, simply, down to earth, and although not like modern day Nantucket, the only zip code in America that still boasts of 1 million dollar plus homes, per average, the annual ‘Christmas Stroll’ on Nantucket is something everyone in this country should see at least once in their lives…  Christmas is about a feeling, not a present, thus, it transcends any silly notion that it must be attached somehow to one person or one ideology.  Can it not just be about LOVE?  Too much?  OK, your right, lets get right into it shall we, let’s talk about the people that do not seem to get that simple f#$cking concept, they being the reason, as Rachel Maddow puts it so eloquently, ‘we can’t have nice things’, such as the clown in chief of the great state of Michigan, Rick Snyder, who has put martial law into full realization in four, count them, four heavily black cities in that fair state, namely Inkster, Pontiac, Flint and Benton Harbor, where this whole “Emergency manager’ hor$hit began a few months ago.  You see, in the cash strapped state of Michigan, strapped not for Bloomfield Hills, but for towns like Inkster, named that in contrast to Dearborn, next door, heavily white, yes, strapped for the 90 percent black towns that are running out of money to simply feed themselves, let alone get jobs of any significance, and now, because the republicans want to take away the fundamental right to VOTE, away from the poor, you know, the minorities who are akin to Dickens “A Christmas Carol”, where “Scrooge”, sees all the ‘rabble’ as just that, garbage, not human, pond scum, need I continue, thus, by eliminating all elected officials from office by eliminating the town altogether, martial law is established, taking away the essence of what a democracy is all about–‘one man, or woman, equals one VOTE!’, something the scurvy little spiders who pose as ‘republican strategists’ realize.  They realize that if they destroy the African American vote, by declaring cities in rust belt swing states insolvent via this fresh new scary batch of corrupted republican governors, thus establishing a self described ‘tyrant’ in charge of a whole city (controlled by people like David and Charles Koch, whom “Occupy Wall Street” will be marching against in about an hour from now in New York City, GOD SPEED!), giving that man total power over all decisions, yes, by doing all of that you are, of course, effectively taking away perhaps upward of 5-7 percent of the overall U.S. vote, or at least making it more difficult as in the new tough voter ID laws passed in upwards of 20 states now, especially in those poor urban areas, such as Ohio, Florida, Wisconsin, already named Michigan, the list goes on, resulting in a much closer election come November, therefore ushering in the possibility of a President Romney, God Forbid, or worse, a Rush Limbaugh/Donald ‘dumped’ Trump/Koch brothers puppet who will carry out the will of the plutocratic vision to the end, creating, again, God forbid, an Orwellian scene much like the one seen in the grim film by that genius George Orwell, “1984″, where ‘big brother’, i.e. Homeland Security (perhaps reading this blog right now), watches your every move, making sure ‘you’ fall in line with the new world order view of things, ‘ya know, slavery, secret prisons, the works.  For if you don’t think these people are out to completely ruin the environment via the super safe ‘natural gas’ (safe? ’cause the ad said it were) little ‘fracking fluid’, 596 deadly chemicals killing people, plants and wildlife, while they make money hand over fist, think again.  The ‘vision’ is that of course, but much more, they will continue manipulating the world’s economies to suit their needs, i.e., PROFIT OVER PEOPLE, they wish to become the great destroyers of democracy by using the newly established highly immoral internal spying going on and of our own citizens, without them even knowing it!, and create vast slave labor pools, via this Paul Ryan legislation, ‘young gun stuff’, that will insure the continuation of this massive Grand Canyon gap between the haves and the have nots, a game that is rigged so that no one can destroy it, either externally or internally, a corporate mantra defended much like our Constitution once was, defended by the highest court in the land, i.e. Citizens United decision of 2010.  If you do not see that this as the plan, you are not alone, for it is much too Machiavellian, much too sinister to fathom, all of this information.  This is precisely what they want you to think and feel, thus never really changing anything, while they are changing everything, changing it not, again, ‘in your best interests’…sound good?  I did not think so.  How do WE stop that madness from occurring?  STAND UP and speak out!  ACT, ACT, ACT!  In the 1960’s, segregation was the topic of the day, as well as woman’s rights, however, as far as we think we have come, it pales in comparison with what this extreme faction of the republican party wishes for America, and that, right there, is the rub, that may hold a possible way out, a solution, as NOT all republicans want to be associated with this insanity.  This whole UN holy alliance between ’she turned me into a Newt’, Gingrinch and Donald ‘the dump’ Trump is something, as pointed out by Salon.com, that has been going on for quite some time (circa early 1990’s), before the NEWT was shown the door and fined 300,000. dollars by the ethics committee in congress, a congress, if one can believe it, that he was the Speaker of.  Disgraced?  Never!  I am the Almighty Newt!  I will not die, nor will my fat friend Rush Limbaugh, the evil speak of the out of control, manufactured, by the KOCH BROTHERS, ‘tea party’, the fake version of what “Occupy Wall Street” is all about, yes, neither one of us will die! by golly!, for we are hate, we are ego, we are the insane greedy bastards who wish to usher in this new world order that would make George Orwell blush.  If the likes of George Will, Peggy Noonan (“…ewwww!”, to quote my pal Rachel Maddow, “TRMS” airing every weeknight at 9 p.m. EDT, only on MSNBC), and Alan Simpson are ALL stating their disdain for this amphibian (again, my real apologies to the real newts, salamanders and mud puppies out there everywhere, god speed!), then by golly, I think middle of the road voters ‘ought to take a good hard gander/look at this one, for like the wooden nickles offered up by FOX NEWS, being worthless ‘an all, this scam artist formerly known as Newt Gingrich is NOT looking out for your best interests, and is, all boiled down politically, nothing more than a snake oil salesman that you may have seen on a Clint Eastwood movie, one of the old westerns, as he tries to sell this country down the river to the highest bidder on Wall Street or any other foreign interest, as they hedge their bets and take a big collective dump on ‘the American People’ one more time (credit Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell (R-KY).  Have a nice day folks, and rest of the week end, don’t work too hard and may the true spirit of this season, a true light bring you and yours peace, love and above all JOY!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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