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May 2, 2011

Harbor Patrol

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great island of Nantucket!  Great to be with you on this spectacular day, the second day of May, 2011, here on Cape and I pray that you and yours, especially those in the states of Alabama, Kentucky, Mississippi, and Virginia are recovering from 288 tornadoes, leaving 344 people dead and millions without power, are safe and warm wherever you may be this beautiful Spring morning.  In the early morning hours, “all that believe in peace and human dignity”, (President Obama), the United States and the rest of the free civilized world got a big shot in the arm.  Navy Seals helicoptered in to a large compound where Osama Bin Laden was hiding, a compound about an hour north of the Pakistani capital of Islamabad.  There was a fierce fire fight where one of Bin Laden’s sons was killed, along with two couriers, and then, after resistance from Bin Laden himself, he too, was killed at short range.  His remains were buried at sea, so that any burial sight would not become a symbol or shrine to hate and violence against the west, the western culture, that although disagrees vehemently at times, does believe in peace, harmony, human dignity and above all LOVE.  Love for our fellow man and our innate ability to adopt “his” plight, as “they’re” plight, the “world’s plight”, for is this not a plight, after all, that is all of OURS collectively?  The beauty of this operation, as the initial helicopter ran into some mechanical difficulties and actually had to “bail” and land in the compound, plan “b” arrived as if right on cue, supporting those extremely brave Navy Seals who carried out their mission with precision and professionalism, igniting celebrations all over this country, from West Point to the cities that were hit the hardest, namely, New York and Washington D.C., who, and who can forget, were attacked via commercial airliners on that fateful day of what is now known as “9/11″.  Ten long years of cloudy, dark skies, that seemed to hover over this country, is now over, and today, this morning, I am proud that this was NOT a democratic or republican talking point, it was not politicized, it was not about scoring political points that mean nothing in the end, no, this was a joint effort by the former Bush administration who worked in conjunction with the Obama administration, with the aid of our very fine intelligence community, to take out a man who represented the “war” on other people’s values and Life itself.  These agencies have kept this world safe from the radical and insane tactics, not to mention that philosophy, of Al Qaida itself, and should be commended.  I remember that day of September the eleventh, 2001, when my girlfriend woke me up and I sat up in my bed on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington Park, Denver, Colorado, and watched Tom Brokaw speak for 18 hours straight, as we all did, as a nation, stunned in disbelief this could happen “here”.  That, of course, led to revenge and the drum beat of war, a war in Afghanistan and then the unfortunate war in Iraq, wars that have lasted for that entire ten year period–a nightmare that is now OVER!  We feel as though a page has been turned and we should salute President Barack Obama for his leadership and patience in this matter, putting to rest any doubts as to his capabilities as OUR Commander in Chief of the military.  This is a day that proves there is still JUSTICE in the world and even though it came through a long and winding road, it came nonetheless.  May this nightmare of global terror or even the “thought” of it, also come to an end soon, so that the little boys and little girls who were too young to remember that horrible day, can breathe a little easier and SEE the folly of war in any shape, way or form, transforming the world and concentrating on what really matters–LOVE, LIGHT and FROGS. Have a wonderful day folks and May GOD continue to be with the people of the south in this nation and continue to bless this great nation of very good, honest, hard working people.  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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