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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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March 20, 2021

Happy Spring!

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the soft sun risen, mild, calm, clear, wonderful island of Nantucket! Good to be with you once again, broadcasting LIVE from Bass River, this Twentieth Day of March, 2021. A quiet Saturday morning, after a tough storm just passed on by, upon these ancient glacial ponds, salty sands, timeless wonder in not only their beauty, natural adornments and hidden treasures, but it’s all ‘CON’VID-19(84) free!

Leaving one to rip off that bacteria/mold colony building/bacterial pneumonia promoting illuminate mask shaming muzzle, taking in a deep, unadulterated breath of clean, non-chem-trailed salty AIR, then wander about aimlessly, looking and feeling all the beauty that surrounds you and your God given ‘FIVE’ senses, wondering where all the people went…

Never daring to do some real research outside the box most have been relegated to, indeed turn on ‘zee ‘Black Mirror’ to wit one will discover one lie built upon a mountain of other lies, (”if you tell a life often enough it becomes ‘the truth’), some recent, some centuries/eons old, leaving one to conclude that WE, ‘THE PEOPLE’, have been abused, torn, poisoned, killed, led into bogus wars, lied to and the ‘powers that shouldn’t be, continue on unabated with a diabolical plan to rid the earth of all living things;

“All creatures, Great and Small”

(credit: James Alfred Wight, “James Herriot”, author/veterinarian/humanitarian)

The human race has been hijacked by dark forces and WE are just letting it happen as if in a collective COMA!

Under the influence of a wicked magic spell!


These monsters on ‘TV’ (save Greg Gutfeld of FOX’ “The FIVE”, and some other members of the corporate press), will tell you anything you want to hear, save the TRUTH that these experimental mRNA high tech, biological procedures are designed to turn your body into a virus manufacturing SITE, while your immune system discovers your cells are now the enemy;

and so my dear citizen,

‘you have to go’!

And if you choose not to take the first or second dose, your very interaction with the one’s you come in contact with or anyone whom you love W.H.O. did get any one of the mass genocidal shots from HELL, i.e. the Moderna, Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, or Astra-Zeneca lethal injections, may infect you, for they will become highly contagious carriers or all sorts of new ’strains’, thus they become ’super ‘vaccinated’ spreaders with some ‘variant’ of this Wuhan cooked up Chinese virtual crown special #666, wiping out upwards of 90 percent of Americans within the next year or two…

Pretty grim huh?

Just give all thanks to our Lord and Savior, “Kill” Gates and Anthony, ‘Fast Eddy” Father Fauci, and their bosses, the criminally insane inhuman/lizard led Cabal!

You ALL will be fondly remembered in HELL!

I bet you dollars to donuts ‘ole David Mule, of ABC’s rather off pudding “World” “News” Tonight, will speak to …oh, fuck it, just bring your barf and body bags yo!  I’ll bet embattled New York Governor Andrew, “‘W.H.O. cares where they died, they died!’, Cuomo’s gentlemanly manner of attempted rape will be forgiven. No one cares about those bimbos!, it’s all about the coof coof baby!!!

These monsters will blame the ‘uptick’ in ‘cases’ and ‘deaths’ on those W.H.O. CHOSE NOT to be subjected to a Nazi like human experimentation, instead of what it really was, the ‘vaccinated’ people themselves, whose bodies have been modified’ to be virus manufacturing SITES intended to kill.  They will become the zombies from the thousands of predictive programming movies we all have consumed over the years…

Complete with high tech nanobots indented to turn you into not only a walking dead man, or woman, or creepy trans children’s book ‘reader’, yuck!, but a patented, owned and Microsoft operating system, a bloody fucking GMO, connected to IBM’s (Nazis), ‘Cloud’ where they will not only track/trace your every move, but control your every thought, feeling, action, movement, emotion and overall LIFE!

“A life where you will own nothing and be happy about it?”

(credit: Davos, Switzerland’s “Man About Town”, give it up for mad man Nazi Herr Klaus Schwab, author of “COVID-19 & The Great Reset” und “The Fourth Industrial Revolution”. und zee leader of zee Mickey Mouse Club, I mean zee World Economic Forum, weeeeee!!!!!)

What life that will be will is not be up to you and it not up to me! It’s up to Herr Klaus Schwab and the bloody fucking CDC!

“So roll up them sleeves you selfish American pricks, take that ‘Fauci Ouchi! WE, the Illuminate, don’t give a rats’ a$$ about you or yours. Take the ‘jab’ for your country, your fellow Americans! Be ‘patriotic’ to a international cabal that stole ‘the United States of America’ in 1871 and turned it into the bankrupt/insolvent corrupt corporation it is today!  You stupid mother fuckers! Wear five masks you a$$holes, oh $hit, I just pooped me pants again, God Dammit!  Please, for the love of Lucifer, just listen to President Harris and me, your feeble hologram projection of some foreign, alien ‘commander-in-chief’ of me Depends on you you fucking thief! Projection is my middle name, not really, it’s plagiarism. Takes one to know one? That’s a good one Putin, I didn’t like your comment about me ’staying healthy’ though, it sounded like a veiled threat, and like you said, very ironic, and then saying, “I was not trying to be ironic”, hell man, that unsettled me.  Of course, what’s under this mask, a real mask, is none of your concern, just keep an EYE on that extra creepy shadow called Kamala ever at me side, I can’t get rid of her!  She stalks me and then stalks me again, she’s like the ‘coof coof’ but worse, she’s real!  I address her as ‘president’ all the time, but it still does not appease her, she’ll make a good CCP North American Territory representative soon;

because she is mad as a hatter and mean as a snake.

She’ll fit well into this New World Order, quite nicely, now, if you will excuse me, I need to get me bandage changed, ’cause me boo boo is still oozing, you know the one that I got when I tripped going up to my fake ‘Air Force One’ junk 747…I tripped on those damn stairs I did, ouchy! I got me a Tony Fauci Ouchy!

You know some have said I am a funny guy, that I should have gone for stand up comedy instead of politics…  I’m sure the world would have been worse off with me in either trade though, because I am such a sad, hijacked, lizard now with no soul. Look into me black eyes and say, “I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks, I do believe in spooks!!!”, (credit: “The Wizard of Oz” , the CIA and the cowardly Lion, circa 1938),

….there now doesn’t that feel better?

There are so many spooks out in DC now every day is Halloween!  God bless this thing, you know, the thing! You know what that General, I keep callin’ him the General, you know what that guy said, a shamma lamma ding dong!  Uh oh! Charlie Babbit said a bad word!  I keep calling him the General, he’s the guy in control of that outfit over there someplace, you know the thing;

Come on Man!”

Happy Spring!


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