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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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April 8, 2012

Happy Cape Cod Easter!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, cool island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Easter morning, hop, hop, hop, the 8th day of April, 2012, a raw day for Easter egg hunting here on Cape, however, the wind has let up a bit, so the bonnets and braces will be just fine for Easter services a little while from this moment in ‘time’… Happy Easter to all! The Sunday morning talk shows will bring the two visions for the two America’s into our collective living rooms this early a.m., speaking to the new race, the real race for the White House culminating with an epic ‘vote’ (good job on the voter oppression GOP, I mean David and Charles Koch! Happy Easter to you too!) on November 6th of this year, a vote that will determine which way this nation is truly going to go–backwards or forwards.  It is really that simple.  Think about it for a moment.  Over 90 bills have been introduced–since the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP’ took control of the House of Representatives in that body blow the democrats took in 2010–into the public sphere that severely restrict a woman’s right to her OWN body, exemplifying just one aspect of that vision the republican robot Mitt Romney has for this country going forward into this first stage of the 21st century.  Don’t be fooled by his attempts at folksy behavior, nor feel ’sorry for him’, as I have been tempted to do, his vision is to strip the government of any ‘discretionary spending’ (such as Medicaid, the EPA, the Department of Education, the Commerce Department, just ask Justice Kennedy!, he’ll tell YA all about it!, Dodd-Frank, “Obama-care”, Medicare, Social Security, the FDA, the National Endowment for the Arts, need I continue?), while beefing up BIG BROTHER, i.e., “Top Secret America” and the Defense budget, as he ‘bravely’ starts new wars, putting more 18 year old children in harms way, fighting in conflicts having nothing to do with OUR national defense, rather, having everything to do with “U.S. interests” abroad, such as fossil fuel deposits modern day Kings, i.e. CEO’s, dictate as such ‘national interests, land, sea and air an Exxon-Mobile or the like exploits via it’s powerful multinational ‘above any law’ status, REAL plutocrat power a ‘rep’ like “President Romney” would bow down to at the expense of most of the 311 million souls living on this blessed soil as we ’speak’.  Take a good hard look at our clean water supply today, for if ‘ole Mitt and ‘his’ policies get their dirty little fingers on the bully pulpit, kiss it goodbye forever, along with our environment as a whole…so much for all those trees and them being ‘the right height and all’. Corporations that care nothing for human or wildlife, per their OWN damned actions, such as Koch Industries or Exxon-Mobile, are fracking their way to destroying our water supply forever, all for a lie told by said corporate raiders.  The ‘natural gas’ that is trapped inside shale rock deep beneath large swaths of the beautiful American countryside, are being tapped, via this ‘fracking’ process of drilling down and breaking apart said rock for that commodity of gas via high pressure water laced with over 596 deadly UNREGULATED chemicals, secret chemicals, that, despite the horrible Ads put out there by Exxon-Mobile–you’ve seen them, disturbing Ads that really put a seed in people’s heads, saying to themselves, ‘this is a good thing, right?’, all happening thanks to ‘the Halliburton Loophole of 2005′, the opening up of public lands, starting in Dick Cheney’s home state of Wyoming, where they put up these horrific wells, that not only are destroying the water forever (all for only 20 years at best of natural gas, as opposed to the LIE told in said Ads, claiming 100 years of natural gas and ‘millions of jobs’, sacred jobs that kill people and wildlife?)–are NOT SAFE!!!, they are making people really, really, really sick due to the noxious fumes coming from the large containers attached to the well sights, containers that are leaking and creating an ever present fog of those deadly chemicals, as victim after victim comes forward complaining of symptoms ranging from odd aches and pains to early death.  This ‘legal’, for profit rape of our land is killing wildlife by the score, destroying pristine forests, and eventually creating a nation that is going to have to import water from our neighbors to the north, as our supply will have been tainted forever by greedy modern day Robber Barons, who are laughing at this bleeding heart liberal’s warning, as they get ready to take on New York City’s water supply–the Delaware River “Gap“, ready to frack away at what will go down as the biggest man made ‘natural disaster’ in our short history as a species, effectively shooting ourselves in the collective foot, just so that a few greedy plutocrats can see their stock price rise by a couple of percentage points, on any given day.  Mark Ruffalo, actor/director and activist appeared on “The ED SHOW”, weeknights at 8 p.m., eastern, only on MSNBC, recently, speaking to this very issue; sounding the ALARM over an insane move on behalf of these extremely aggressive oil and gas conglomerates, whose profits mankind has never seen before, nor is likely to SEA again!  For more on this most important issue next to climate change, please visit, waterdefense.org, and SEA what the heck is truly going on, activities that WE can stop, provided enough people WAKE UP to what these greedy bastards (credit Dylan Ratigan’s new book of the same name, host of “the DR show”, weekdays on that same great MSNBC channel, 4 p.m. sharp, following the great “Martin Bashir” at three, Happy Easter to ALL!) are really up to…and one of those ‘things’ they be up to has nothing to do with insuring your kids and grand kids have clean, GOD GIVEN drinking water!  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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