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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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January 17, 2012

Happy Cape Barn

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the windy, rainy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning, the seventeenth day of January, 2012, a Cape that looks, as I take a gander out of my office window, as if the rains have finally subsided, much of the fog and wind on Cotuit Bay remains, seeming to indicate the weather system that just passed us by will not bring any significant snow fall ‘atol, of which, the Cape has only seen at Christmas… Well folks, we had another wonderful republican debate on national television last night, I forgot, no, strike that, I could not care less who hosted it, but I learned all about the fun on ‘Morning Joe”, the best morning news show out there, even with co-host Joe Scarborough’s obvious disdain for left wing, progressive, hippy, tree huggin’ bastards like myself, who see this rigged (from the inside and from outside of D.C., hence the stench!) ‘free market’ nation of ours as a BIG JOKE!  This REAL life, voodoo, corrupt, capitalistic (on steroids) system, ‘gone wild, abandoning reason for madness’ we current(v)ly have right NOW in a so called ‘democracy’ of 311 million people is floundering and in need of some good captain-ship…yeah, I sea it being exposed for what it IS real soon, with ALL coming to their senses about just how many REAL people are hurting and hungry out there…“Bueller, Bueller, anyone? anyone?”–credit Ben Stein and the classic film,“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, picking up on the fact that the ‘American people’ have ‘left’ the building as it were and are no longer interested in your thoughts on Bush Seniors’ ‘voodoo’ economic arguments, for as the people of this country WAKE UP, even if they were drooling on table moments ago and coming out of their illusions, they will see with ‘real eyes’ for the first time in their collective lives that this whole thing is nothing more than high tech gambling with no morals AT ALL, brought to you by the wizards over on Madison Avenue.  It is HIGHWAY ROBBERY, buoyed by a well placed and nurtured Stockholm Syndrome, propaganda news stations, and then, manufactured shocks after manufactured crisis, that only reinforce the LIES they have been telling ‘the American people’ all along, i.e. ‘leave it all up to us sharks, nothing to see hear folks!’, (duping them into voting for people who do NOT have their best interests in mind), just so they could keep them in LINE and get their MONEY! Remember all of those manufactured ‘terror threats’, with the oranges, yellows and reds!  Pure chance, or real threats?  Hell no!  Pure manipulation, fear mongering with the drum beats of war for a WHOLE decade so as to MAKE a population bend to one’s WILL.  World domination of the where all that OIL is, namely, in and around Iran.  Be that as it may, on that fine show, airing every weekday morning, starting at 5:30 a.m., with ‘way too early’, hosted by Willie Geist, then going on with the whole crew until 9 a.m., only on MSNBC, today we all discovered what we already knew…Mitt Romney will be, 80 percent chance, the next republican nominee for the highest position on planet earth, as social conservatives throw up their hands and get on board with a man (Mitt Romney) who only a week ago said ‘I like firing people’, as in Jon Huntsman, who dropped out of the race only yesterday afternoon, quickly backpedaling and ‘getting on board’ with the ‘plutocratic program’…for that is what it truly IS folks, an all out fight to ‘take this country back from liberal do gooders who believe in a social, welfare state, a country truly of, by and for the PEOPLE, not the corporation.  A country of service to others, the greater good and harmony with all living things, as opposed to pure free market, sometimes predatory, vulture-like free for all’s, where vicious companies can destroy, or KILL, at will, with no one there to do anything about it, for if those corporations truly ARE people, people with no culpability or responsibility, then who is to say if John Lithgow and Stehpen Colbert were right about old Mitt, I mean, where does one draw the line with that kind of absolute power, for does not absolute power corrupt absolutely?  If a company like Koch Industries, or Dick Cheney’s Halliburton, ‘the bane of the Iraq War‘, in their never ending quest for $$$ coming from the fracking of shale rock in over 34 states now (hydraulically fracturing the rock deep below the earth’s surface to allow the natural gas they seek to escape and be captured, then sold on an international market, my friend, shot with high pressure water laced with 596 deadly chemicals, coming to New York City soon!, check it out if you are at least a little concerned Sean!), poisoning and blowing this whole nation’s ecosystem apart, leaving one big eye soar at a time, scattering thousands of abandoned, leaking, poison dumps all over this great land–virtually destroying our clean drinking water FOREVER!  ‘Natural gas’ IS the new energy boom for billionaires like David and Charles Koch, who live in my town right here in Osterville, Massachusetts.  Yes, and I can assure you that if these clowns believe that they will be placing 596 unregulated, deadly chemicals into the Delaware Water River Basin to begin fracking the whole of upstate New York and Pennsylvania, due to some large ‘find’, at OUR expense, for THEIR profit, they have another thing comin’… WE will NOT let this thing happen without a fight (as that poison DOES kill people, wildlife, and plant life, we have the proof!), for seacapecod.net and the rest of the WOKEN UP world will not only cry foul and call you out on being environmental monsters, you will eventually be stopped by a force much greater than myself, and certainly much stronger than you, for without your money, you would not last a day on the streets of Detroit, you CHUMP!… Yet, I can hear them now, echoing off of the cold Atlantic waters, ‘we’re doing it already, it is far too late!… Where the U.S. federal government has been gamed by the seemingly millions of special interest lobbying firms working for corporations that OWN them, and, therefore, as logic would dictate, DO their bidding.  If this is all true, and it IS, then logic would also dictate that a real democracy cannot thrive very much longer.  No politician, save Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont, Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts, and a handful of others, is interested AT ALL in doing ‘the American People’s’ bidding, a cliched talking point started in earnest by ‘our friend’, Mitch, ‘the mouse’, McConnell (R-KY), who cares as much for those 150 million Americans at or below the poverty line now in this late year of 2012, as he does for the science behind GLOBAL WARMING, telling US all how he, his new pal ‘Mitt’, the poster child for corporate America, and perfect puppet for the plutocratic ‘vision‘, if I do say so myself, and the rest of the loony tune crowd in the ‘not your grandfather’s GOP,’ is going to ‘get America back to work’, cut out all of this ‘wasteful, runaway, government spending’, etcetera, etectera, ad nauseum, continuous talking points that professional sharks (honest apologies to real sharks everywhere in the world, stop the slaughter) like Karl Rove, Frank Luntz, and others, you know, hired guns, republican strategists, that have clinically proven, via focus groups and other methods, spending millions on the research, proving that if you say something enough times, “the right KEY words, or phrases, or ‘talking points’, as they call them, over and over again, they own their subject matter’s overall psyche, and thus, their VOTE and loyalty… you will come to believe it to be true, especially when they got you, 99 percent of the true AMERICAN PEOPLE, out of work, under water, lacking health care, lacking food, lacking clean water, and living in FEAR!  Yes, my ‘friend’, that is where a Mitt Romney wants you…John Lithgow, you are a genius. Have a nice day folks and keep on dodgin’ those wooden nickles offered up by FOX “NEWS”, they are bogus and you will realize that when you try and redeem them for any goods or services that involve Knowledge, compassion, empathy, and anything that resembles a heart.  “To err is human, but to ”arrrrrrrrrrr” is pirate!” Isn’t that right Rupert?  PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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