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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 27, 2009

Happy Birthday!

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Marcus Cabot Mosier was born on this day in 1974 and he is my brother.  What was happening in 1974?  As I was only 9, and “growing up” in Simsbury, Connecticut, a town where my brother spent most of his youth, the world seemed a simpler place.  Marcus moved to Jackson, Wyoming recently to pursue his own dreams that will come to fruition in the great Rocky Mountains that stretch from the New Mexico border of Colorado upwards into Canada creating the Continental Divide– geologically separating the North American continent.  From those rocky peaks, most notably the mammoth boulders jetting into the sky like an ancient city whose only residence of the high tower condos to the sky are Eagles and Hawks, exists a serenity that is beyond the symbols of communication in its orthodox form.  It is the genesis where these lofty snow capped heights produce the water, snow melting in the June sun, creating a river that naturally flows in the path of least resistance, endlessly to the sea.  The power of that flow, the energy it exudes, is awesome and where my brother will navigate a different kind of boat, bringing people along this natural wonder, the mountain river, to a place where they have never been before–a place where the destination does not matter…where journey is king and the present moment is realized.  As Yellowstone National Park symbolizes what is still great about this country, where a President Theodore Roosevelt had the foresight to “zone” this portion of the United States off into it’s own protected sanctuary for wildlife ranging from Elk to Black Bear, I want to wish my brother a most happy birthday and know that he is never, ever alone and always loved unconditionally.  Happy Birthday Marcus!     Peace M

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