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February 23, 2022

Hans Solo!

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(click ‘above deck’ to listen!)

Greetings serfs, slaves, pawns, dupes, dopes, sheep, cattle, cowards, ’tis “I”, William Montague III, country gentleman, chiming in from 35,000 feet in my private CIA equipped jet somewhere high above the Alps of Switzerland, above the underwater ‘homes’ you think you own, sending out this memo to those W.H.O. still believe there is hope for humanity, when after all, the plan has already been set into motion and the end is NIGH!

So, “come fly with me come fly let’s fly away…”

After all, I am no spy.

I represent the ultimate LIE!

Hans Solo cannot save you now!

You were all too blind, deaf and dumb, too stupid to SEA this was all scripted, controlled puppetry from powers beyond your simple comprehensions. After all, most still believe there is a “United States of America”, when after all it has been a CORPORATION since 1871, ratified in 1913 on Jeckel Island by Elite bankers such to create the ‘Federal Reserve”, as Federal as ‘Federal Express”!  All done in secret while myself and my pals like Herr Klaus Schwab of zee ‘Vorld Economic Forum’, have been meeting in secret to plan you and yours’ demise….

Just ask Bojo the Clown, puppet prime minister of ‘Great Britain’, or rather ‘The City of London’, much like Washington D.C., or the satanic Vatican in Rome.

Ah yes, a real, reviled Deep STATE unto itself.

Our killer mRNA pathogen delivery systems, AI software injectables, are working swimmingly as you continue to wear our Illuminate ritual ‘masks’ designed to keep you all in FEAR and submission, not to mention destroying what is left of your immune system God granted you all.

What we won’t tell you is that socialization boosts your immunity. We won’t tell you that the human heart’s electrical field reaches out 6 feet. We won’t tell you bacteria ARE your immune system, that viruses are part of the natural detoxing method. Moreover, we will not disclose that NO ONE can ‘infect’ you unless it is via your blood, we taint, wherein we seek to recreate the Third Reich, I mean temple, replacing God with the Devil himself.

Watch as we create another false flag such as 9/11 with the truckers on their way to DC, just like something out of a Netflix horror movie.

A twisted, depraved streaming system WE OWN!

And you feed upon like pigs in a troth.

We will ramp up 5G to 60-90 gigahertz and fry your sorry asses while the graphene oxide/Hydrogel and all kinds of nasty Frankenstein bits are now in your body, mind and soul;

designed to do their dirty work for us!


So, on this Wednesday, The Twenty-Third Day of February 2022, keep in mind that we are in charge and resistance is futile! For we did not erect those Georgia Guidestones, the new ten commandments, by accident back in 1980, no sir!  Keeping in mind the first reading, “Maintain Humanity Under 500,000,000, in Perpetual Balance with Nature”,

i.e. a culling of 95 percent of you and the one’s you love.

Protests are the Hegelian Dialect we strive to perfect, you know, mass reactions to the problems we create and thus, offer the final solution coming in the form of either a deadly needle, a bullet or the guillotine!

Have a splendid day folks, enjoy your so called ‘freedoms ‘we’ grant you until we don’t any longer.

Ta Ta!

Love and Kisses!


William Montague III
(Country gentleman)

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