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December 16, 2009

Grinch’s revenge

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Perhaps the question that has been asked was not the right one…why would the insurance cartel give up in their hour of need?  “Your a mean one, Mr. Grinch!” So says your dog.  Lieberman and the rest of the sell outs in the Senate of the United States of America have sealed their fate in history and for that we should take a moment of silence.  Yesterday, marked the end of any real health care reform in the United States of America– right in time for Christmas!  The good Senator from the state I grew up in, Connecticut, who has pushed everything from the Bush “doctrine” in Iraq, to the flip flop of his words regarding expanding medicare, a true government program for THE PEOPLE, to the TRUE TRANSPERENCY of Joe Lieberman, Inc., i.e. his shameful and abhorrent acceptance of monies from the insurance mob, while 80% of the citizens of Connecticut demanded some kind of reform to an obviously corrupt system–wolves in sheep’s clothing.  I say that, tongue in cheek, for wolves are a much nobler creature than Mr. Joe, “I wish I had a dime for every lie I told”, Lieberman…they don’t eat their young. Today is a sad day for men, I mean real men, like Keith Olberman of MSNBC’s “Countdown, with Keith Olberman”, who tirelessly worked on three free health clinics for the working poor in this nation (New Orleans, Little Rock, and Kansas City)…all done while his own father was sick in hospital.  God Bless the real SOULS of men like Keith, and the activists around this beautiful country of ours attempting the impossible, asking the GRINCH to give back “Cindy Loo Who’s” Christmas Tree!!!  Carma is a funny thing, almost as funny as Joe LIeberman’s jowles and jingles that fall like lies the Grinch told to that very representative, albeit animated metaphor, for what is really going on the America today.  The “liberal media” is anything but, as it is owned by corporations who can bend information at will, blinding good, hard working people who, and I will say it once again  in the immortal words of Jimmy Stewart in the classic truth called, “It’s a wonderful Life”, do most of the living and dying in this country.  Dr. Suess might ask Joe the questions, “are your shoes too tight, is your heart too small, or are you just another example of what greed and corruption can do to a small man like you…?”  I wish you all a blessed Wednesday!    Peace~ M

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