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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 17, 2010

Grey Lady II

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket!  I hope this message is finding you safe and warm wherever you may be finding yourself this morning.  Just returning home from Dowses Beach here in Osterville, looking out at Nantucket Sound’s fog filled presence…quite a sight to behold.  Yesterday, President Obama met with bp chairman Karl-henric Svansberg, a Swede who runs the show at the fourth largest corporate entity in the world.  The news was good for a change however, as 20 billion dollars was put into an escrow account for the victims of the Gulf disaster.  He held a brief press conference on the subject after meeting with Obama and stated that he WAS interested in the “small people”, which says nothing of course of the medium and large people to whom I’m not sure how he feels, and the fact that their lives have been shattered by this horrific environmental catastrophe.  Many questions remain, however, such as the dispersants that were laid down in the Gulf to make the oil “appear” as if it were not as bad as it really is.  The fact that this chemical, that bp claims is as safe as dish soap and is now banned in the country from which the chairman’s company hails from (U.K.), is suspect at best.  Independent scientists have confirmed that the mixture of the oil and dispersant is actually CAUSING more environmental problems than it is fixing– raising the red flags.  This leads us logically to the conclusion that bp does NOT care about the real little, or small, living sea creatures that call the Gulf their home–and have for EONS.  Ah, the arrogance of man. The “small” people will survive, albeit in an oil soaked coast with poisonous water.  But, the most innocent of victims will perish, along with the building blocks of our food chain, and then where will we be, bp?  Shakespeare once wrote, “The truth shall set you free”– Believe that. I remind my good friends in Nantucket of that FACT.  GOD’S SPEED TO THE GULF, and all of the good people, sea creatures and marsh lands therein…  Have a wonderful day folks.  Peace~ M

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