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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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September 30, 2010

Green Dock

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the great Island of Nantucket!  So good, as always, to be with you on a rainy, muggy day here in Osterville.  Much is going on around the country, as the 24 hour news cycle never sleeps, and, as such, the pundits are busy falling all over themselves to get the word out to the voting public, in light of the upcoming November 2, 2010 mid-term elections, be it from the far right wing (nut) position, screamed at us by FOX NEWS (pac) and the lunatics that work for them like Glenn Beck, or the far left, the ‘progressive socialist’ side of the equation, a group that is filled with reason, equality, equity, and a real sense of purpose to tackle some HUGE problems not only facing this country, but the world at large–such as GLOBAL WARMING, famine, refugees, natural disasters, real threats from extremists of any kind, and the general black mood of the world, where there seems to be no good news anywhere.  In these PIVOTAL elections a little over a month from today, we will as a nation, literally VOTE for continuing on the course we are taking right NOW, a rather conservative counter approach, and sometimes needed knee jerk reactions, to the devastating policies of George W. Bush, who, if we can break away from the blackberry for a moment and reflect on history made only a few years ago, almost took us over the edge of a cliff, along with the rest of the world, into the abyss, who continued with the “military industrial complex” ideology by engaging in two unfunded wars, one illegal, who continued dismantling the “good parts of government”, such as regulations on energy policy, banking and insurance policy, and environmental/educational policy that protect “the American People”, etcetera so on and so forth.  So much so that, with the “Citizens United” case (a recent Supreme Court ruling, allowing corporations to donate unlimited amounts of monies towards candidates that they hand pick in order to change policy and continue with the rape and pillage of the United States of America) in hand, the new puppets that will be in place if the democrats don’t win, will take us back to the days of Donald Regan, the “man behind the curtain” at the “time”… Therefore, make no mistake about it, we can again, go backwards, backwards I say, to the days of, well, there have yet to be days like the ones that may be coming, for if you listen to the rhetoric on the far right, the tea party nuts who are literally puppets of the Koch brothers, David and Charles and some of their golf buddies from the club (”I’ll guarantee you’ll never be a member here!” credit the cult film classic, Caddyshack, and the late, great Ted Knight) (the billionaire architects of the “tea party movement”, a fake grass roots organization that started 20 months ago, and, because of the brilliant work by misguided strategists working for the republican party and more to the point the corporations, the RTP, or republican tea party, for lack of a better name, have been able to tap into the anger, fear, hate and rage that is a direct result of the economy and the economy is a direct result of the policies of George W. Bush, and that is what these politicians and corporate puppet masters have manipulated the “American People” into voting FOR, the same policies that made you feel all of this PAIN!  Hello, McFly is this thing ON? “So, I put it to you Greg, you can do what you want with us, but we are not going to sit here and listen to you bad mouth real Constitution of the United States of America, Gentlemen!”  (credit the classic film, circa 1978, Animal House, starring the late, great John Belushi, we miss you man!)   Have a great day folks!    PRESERVE THE WILDERNESS! Peace~M

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