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November 21, 2015

Great Scott!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, gorgeous, pleasantly cool and quite calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you from down at the docks’ here at the Hyannis Harbor, as you can most clearly SEA ‘above deck’.  Welcome to the Cape! on this Saturday morning, the 21st day of November, 2015.   A shining sun beaming down from on high, and spirits are up in this little historic hamlet made famous for all sorts of reasons, none so much as the spirit of our 35th President of the United States, John F. Kennedy, who made his mark on this world with a LIGHT that, dare I say, was brighter than the one shining down on “The Great Point” as we ’speak’…

His ideas and vision of a world without war was unparalleled in modern time, for he knew and heeded his predecessor’s words of wisdom, U.S. President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who famously said in 1960, “…but above all, we should be warned of the growing military industrial complex,,,”, for in the end, that is what this is really all about, you know, when you boil it all down for fun.  War is a big business and a big money maker.

Just ask any real historian, they’ll tell “ya!” (credit the comedic stylings of one half governor of the great state of Alaska and once a proud VP nominee, give it up for the hilarious Sarah Palin, who WE all miss a great deal, I’m sure…)

What are you gonna do?  Promoting peace does not sell Ad space on the old “TV machine” (credit Rachel Maddow, “TRMS”, only on MSNBC!), and of course, runs counter clock wise to what is really going on in the world today, you know, with the shadowy groups that remain ‘at bay’ or ‘at the Ritz’ rather, ‘the man (men) behind the curtain’, whom you and everyone you know, should pay no attention to, lo, pay attention instead to all of them loud noises, the crap we throw at you daily via your ’smart phones’, cable, radio and satellite!  Yep, you betcha!  Endless distractions, OCD like electronic leashes, and the current monetary-market system, via the fractional reserve banking system.  A system (unsustainable), that is slowly destroying planet EARTH.  All of the aforementioned subtle mind control designed to keep you in the dark. Yeah, so pay attention to those guys over on “FOX “news”.  For ‘at the end the day, you, your children, family, pets, everyone you LOVE, and planet will be so, so, so much better off!

“Yeah did you get that memo?”, oh, and by the way, we lost some people last week so we have to play some catch up…, so I’m gonna go ahead and ask you to come in on Saturday, and it’s not a half day, or anything like that… (the boss from the classic 1999 film, “Office Space”, speaking with the ‘wayward’ corporate ‘employee’; written, wincing real pain in face and body, seemingly with every word spoken in that lovely patronizing, degrading tone, going on to add..), oh yeah, I almost forgot (spinning around with his corporate coffee cup well in hand), I’m gonna go ahead and ask you to come in on Sunday too, yeah…, (then turning around he waves his hand at said employee stating), “OK, thanks a bunch Peter!” (leaving our hero full of self-pity, loathing, deep sadness, helplessness, with a touch of despair…).

If only a few corporations, whom this reporter once worked for, you know, some of the biggest cons out there, like the insurance industry, whoa Nelly! Smelly business that.  Especially whole concept of the American for profit model versus the European way, i.e., health care for ALL. “At the end of the day”, a saying I just love to mock, sorry, it would save this country a boat load of CASH, yes, if only few of these multinational corporations WOKE UP, the rest would follow, for ‘at the end of that DAY’, when the resources are gone, there won’t be an “the economy” to worry about, and them too big to fail banks, well, you get the picture.  Imagine companies actually caring more about people than this rabid ’share holder responsibility nonsense?  If WE realized that we are all ONE in the ‘grand scheme of things’, companies might become Enlightened and lead the way into this 21st Century.

And more people would enjoy this thing called LIFE!

The whole point of this silly dream, or illusion if you please…

Have a great day folks, hopefully stepping out to smell them roses!


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