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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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July 9, 2018

Got “it”?

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the bright blue skied, sunny, breezy, warm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this balmy, bouncy, beautiful summer “High Noon” Monday, The Ninth Day of July, 2019.  We are broadcasting LIVE from Crosby Yacht Yard in little Palm Beach, I mean Osterville. Just checking on “Astro”, by Baia Yachts, sipping some coffee before the rest of the crew arrives…


Per the captioned, “it’s everywhere!”

As popular YouTube on the world wide web (666), continues it’s purge of channels, via instructions from the deep state, i.e. blatant First Amendment violations regarding free speech and all), lo, as censorship and bullying attempt to keep that dark veil over the TRUTH of what the corporate cancer is doing of late, it’s refreshing to listen to the few remaining voices out there bringing some interesting ‘coincidences’ to light.  Such as the creator of “A Call for an Uprising” on said YouTube, well done sir, well done!

Worth a look SEA!

Take the word ‘it‘.  As already stated, “it’s” everywhere!

McDonald’s “i’m lovin’ ‘it‘”, Gatorade’s “Is ‘it‘ in you?”, Nike’s “Just do ‘it‘”, Michael Jackson’s “This is ‘it‘, Stephen King’s movie “IT“, Visa’s “Don’t leave home without ‘it‘”, The Beatles song “Let ‘it‘ be”, the movie “‘It’s’ alive!”, the list goes ad nauseam…

Sigmund Freud, famous for creating modern day psychoanalysis, father of 20th/21st Century psychology/psychiatry, spoke and wrote at length on the human ‘ego’.  That being our alert ‘consciousness’ (if you can call it that, especially in America), the ’super ego’, perhaps akin to Hitler of Hillary, and the ‘ID’, which refers to what lies beneath our conscious thoughts and feelings (emotions).  Our untapped subconscious.

Perhaps this is where they’re going with ‘it‘?

For the amount of repetition this word is incorporated, if you will excuse the pun, on purpose, by the ‘powers that be presently’ , one would assume they must have an EVIL end goal in mind.

Mass mind control is that goal!

As these monsters push humanity towards trans-humanism (please ‘Google’, if you dare), injecting an RFID chip into your hand or forehead as the Bible predicted, lo, as man melds with machine, ‘it’ will become YOU!

That is the plan; to kill Man.

Say hi to AI!

Or, “IT”.

Same bloody thing.

It’s all subliminal marketing these days and really always has been, AD’s targeted towards one’s ID subconscious that drives most of our decisions and actions.  These cunning AD’s  speaking about ‘it’ as if it were a living, breathing third person.  Repetition, repetition, repetition!

So as you ponder their offer of moving into one of them new stack and packs in cities from coast to coast,  seeing that single family homes in suburbia or now considered ‘racist’, yes, when you consider moving into the grimy new ’smart city’, into a prison cell with 500-800 square foot dimensions, prisons called ’smart apartments’, don’t say Sea Cape Cod didn’t warn YA!

You and your family will live in ‘peace and safety’, whole and complete with Amazon and Samsung’s (quasi governmental agencies), watchful EYE on you and your loved ones 24/7/365, paying 2000 bucks a month to live with thousands of other radiated rats like you.  Don’t you just love progress?  Regression rather back into the U.S.S.R.. Communism baby, communism!   I was there in 1984 believe it or not, on a school trip my freshman year of college in England, and believe you me,

it’s no joke!

So please for the love of God, remember these wise words by American Express;

“…don’t leave home without “it!”

Happy Trails!


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