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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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October 5, 2016

Google “IT”=AI

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, sullen, softly misting island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this lonely Wednesday afternoon, The Fifth Day of October, 2016, broadcasting LIVE once again from ‘down on the docks’ of ye ‘ole Hyannis Harbor. Only the seagulls, fisherman and commuters boarding say, the new Grey Lady II; now finely equipped, via Hyline Ferries, to ferry over 450 souls to that fabled aforementioned isle whose zip code is now a platinum plated, RFID chipped, white gold address fit for a King…

Speaking of kings, a little over a month remains before the ‘big day’ arrives here in ‘the United States of America’, when all of the ‘little people’ line up to cast a vote for someone who will carry out their specific collective will, wish or whim…  Not likely. The charade goes on none the less however, with the “press-stitutes” (credit: ‘Trends’ Journal founder/writer Gerald Celente), busy as beavers. Salaciously, mindlessly scurrying about, chopping down trees with their sharp, cunning, crooked incisors, tearing away at the sanctity of a once proud, free, honest, wise, trustworthy press core, one not bought and sold to the highest bidder. For twenty years ago, this nation had thousands of independently owned TV and radio stations, that is, until ole’ “Slick Willey” (42nd U.S. President Bill Clinton), came in and deregulated the entire industry.   Gone were strict regulations in place designed to avoid a monopoly on common communication; creating a Joseph Goebbels like power play propaganda program. Gone was the barrier erected to keep those two mediums to be owned by the same person(s) or corporation, thereby creating a true ‘fair and balanced’ fact based news Universe that gave ‘WE the People’ all of the information we may need to make up OUR own mind, and thus wisely and confidently steering this Republic as such.  Stated as said such by the U.S. Constitution!  Or to put it another way, as Gerald Celente likes to say,

“…to think for themselves”.

Turn off the TV, ’smart phone’ and/or any other infinite assortment of electronic collars and go outside to be with nature; be ONE with it!  For the Love of God!  Look up! YOU are a part of everything and everything is a part of YOU! Take your POWER back people! Un plug yourself from the all consuming, soul sucking matrix of 21st Century must have, must wear, must inject ‘technology’;  powered up by a D-waved AI mind that is not of your making…

Above all, be kind to the little things of this world,

and one another…


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