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December 12, 2014

Good Boy!

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the sunny, cold and very happy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this 12th day of Christmas, I mean December, 2014, a beautiful day here at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s), taking in what nature is giving by golly, for the sun has made an appearance, at least for a little while this early Friday morning, with most of this little sand bar and the region not seen much in the way of that big, fiery ball in the sky for quite some time, as we brace for more unsettling weather to come…

But who cares right?  Wall Street and the big banks won the day yesterday and proved that this ’system’ is rigged, democracy with a little letter ‘d’ dying a slow, painful death?  And favors, lo, cows to the wealthy and their desires, to the tune of a 1.1 Trillion dollar (spending) “Cromnibus” bill that will fund the government through September of next year.  The President lobbied for it’s passage, as they know the new U.S. Congress, “the fightin’ 114th!” (credit Stephen Colbert–bon chance sir!), will be even more ‘conservative’, thereby more apt to want to ’shrink that government down to the size where they could drown it in a bathtub’ (credit GOP tax henchman Grover, “fuck the poor”, Norquist), thus, will not likely help President Barack Obama do much of anything unless it helps out the overlords that are driving that fancy King Lear Jet GOP bus these days…

You see, it seems hostage taking has taken on a whole new level (the “American people” seemingly caught up in a modern day, Orwellian like Stockholm Syndrome, where it’s victims feel sorry for their abusers, captors, ‘friends’ in Washington…, ever voting against their own best interests, please Google), a new look as it were, changing into the wolves they already are, seductively exposing themselves by placing a ‘rider’ in an appropriations bill (spending bill), such as the little provision that will effectively insure them again if they gamble with ‘them credit default swaps’, all by way of gutting the financial reform law put in place (Dodd-Frank) to stop what happened in 2008, namely the giant U.S. stock crash, credit freeze world wide and the overall meltdown of  big. bad investment banks who bet the farm on the whole ‘concept’ of sub-prime mortgages, what could go wrong there?, all bundled up crap that they told their ‘investors’ was ‘really good stuff’ AAA!, all while betting against the hor$e$hit, along with the infinite number of fancy ‘derivatives’ or ‘credit default swaps’, effectively turning Wall Street into Vegas.  A meltdown that drained trillions out of everyday American’s 401(k)’s, robbed pension funds and almost destroyed the U.S. and world economies.  The escalation of deregulation, coming on the heals of the elimination (by then President Bill Clinton), of the Glass-Steagall Act (credit our late, great U.S. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, circa 1933), which before it’s repeal in 1999, kept banks and investment banks separate, thus keeping the public safe from risky and unorthodox banking practices.  Not to mention giant tax payer bailouts!  Bailouts that make the problem worse, not better!

Keeping all that in mind, the lack of regulation on the stock market during the Bush years was evident for all to see.  So it came as no surprise when investment firms came to the Federal government for help in Autumn of 2008.  WE, the American tax payer, bailed those greedy bastards out, to the tune of 800 billion dollars.  Money that was paid back, big deal, anyone could pay back money if you can get a loan for .001 percent interest, turn around and lend it at 20!  Genius, where do I sign up?  But Wall Street and it’s class have made out like bandits in the past 40 years, with incomes going up by at least 278 percent.  The little man on Main Street however, has seen his or her wages go up by maybe a one, two, maybe three percent, while the ratio between CEO pay and the little man is only growing wider.  The microcosm of the macro-cosmic GRAND CANYON GAP between the haves and the have nots.  Unsustainable for a democracy in the long term baby!

The reason our great Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren was so upset yesterday (and still is I imagine)–almost pulling it off, screaming at her colleagues to stop that horrible spending bill from passing into law, a bill that was held hostage once again by the plutocrats who are clearly running the show…(chalk full of other giveaways to the GOP, such as increasing the donation maximum one can give to well over 300,000 dollars, ten times what it is now, leaving those not considered part of ‘the donor class’ SOL.  Their voices not really all that relevant now are they?  Kinda like the Israeli Army versus Gaza peasants fighting with rocks and sticks, no?)–is simple.  ‘Tis a bill that will keep the American tax payer on the hook for any and all risky behavior going on in and around the dark and shadow filled corners of Wall Street, for many, many years to come…

Bail outs for Wall Street good, bailouts for Main Street bad. Speaker only pawn in game of life…

In other words this move–a bill WRITTEN by CITI, via A.L.E.C.–will make bank, if you will pardon the pun. For those big banks will begin betting against it’s own clients, just like Goldman Sachs famously did back in well, most of their investment banking career?, most notably getting busted for it in 2008, and when another man made crisis happens, and it most certainly will, when something blows up because of these little men and their never ending greed, never ending LUST for money, the REAL root of all evil, yes, when all that crap goes down, the poor man and woman, slaving away for $7.25 an hour, will be working off the next bail out say two bucks out of that seven.  What say you senior analyst at the corporate McDonald’s in New Jersey?  Do you think that is a TRUE Republican position?  An insurance policy; a set up for another tax payer bailout?  Good boy!

Have a nice week end folks and “be safe out there amongst the English!” (credit the film “Witness”, starring Harrison Ford and Kelly McGillis, circa 1985).


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