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Sea Cape Cod by Michael Mosier

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June 16, 2015

Golden Fish

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the still raw, misty, cool and cloudy island of Nantucket! Great to be with you on this Tuesday morning–the 16th day of June, 2015–another ‘good day for ducks’ at the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfront(s).  Looking above one can make out the early morning golden fish above famous “Baxter’s Fish and Chips”–at the end of Pleasant Street on Hyannis Harbor. So come on down and visit US!  We will, as always, leave that Light on for “ya”!

Progress; what does that word mean to you?

For the past 200 years or so–on this little blue rock we all call Earth and ‘home’ for the moment–mankind, in the name of that word, has mindlessly ripped her apart like a bag of GMO filled Lay’s Potato chips.  Now that Monsanto Corporation (the same company that produced the deadly nerve chemical “agent orange” in another illegal war named “Vietnam”…), has literally patented ‘life’ with their genetically manufactured (”Round-Up” corn and soy seeds), organisms, it seems that the end is nigh.  Especially when one takes a hard look at the world wide obesity epidemic with reason being unknown?  Really?  How much more progress can man take?

This is just one aspect of the problem of “progress”.  With over 7 billion people now living on this resource limited celestial body–9 billion in the not to distant future–it is hard to see how the current ‘way of doing business’ can be sustained.  Coupled with the fact we now live in a ‘free market’, monetary/market system, a dog eat dog driven global corporatocracy‘, run by wealthy bankers , oil/gas men and other various wicked industrialists, who rape and pillage our earth at will for their benefit only, sending the planet into an economic and environmental tailspin, perhaps spelling the end of this experiment called man.  Take for example what these multinationals have been doing to countless third world countries via debt. And when the deal and corporation is all done and the damage done, the poorest of the poor pick up the tab at the “Four Seasons” for said executives, as they leave the country(s) barren and burnt, devoid of it’s once rich natural resources, decimated forever via poisonous fracking fluid, spilled oil, leaving no clean water, air or soil in that cursed wake these multinationals left for the ‘least of us’... Multinationals’ to “progress” with this “economic” insanity until this beautiful world is burnt to the crisp, leaving no “economy” to speak of.  You know, say it with me, “…at the end of the day”.

A day that may be coming sooner than you ‘think’.

Make no mistake about it folks, multinational Oligarchs are running the show now.  But that is always subject to change.  Akin to ancient Rome around 476 A.D.–an empire much like the one we have today in the United States–the income inequality became too top heavy, not strong enough at the core to carry it’s own weight, thus collapsing like the house of cards it has truly become. With all breaks going to that top .001; perhaps a little ‘trickling down’ to the lowly top 10 percent, ever struggling to ‘make it’ to the 740 Park Avenue level someday, fingers crossed!  Done in so many ways, but mostly via the outrageous deferred compensation packages that allow CEO’s to pay only 15 percent in taxes while the person typing their “Heartland Institute” memo is paying double that.  And the many, many other monetary policies over the past (almost) four decades.  We subsidize the “new farmer”–e.g. slave driver Monsanto–to the tune of billions a year, ironically while the cowardly puppet GOP representatives take food out the mouths of poor American babes.  All done under the umbrella of an insane philosophy, Ayn Rand’s playbook; laughingly entitled, a “Pathway to Prosperity”.

Has Hollywood called for the movie rights yet Congressman Ryan (R–WI)?  It would dovetail nicely with the horror movies the industry is putting out these days!

The big picture is this:  the earth cannot sustain this “progress” for very much longer.  In fact, with the emergence of China on to the world stage in 1978, now the world’s largest economy, with roughly 200 million people of ‘affluent’ consumer status growing to 1 billion soon, the race for the world’s last remaining resources is on in full throttle mode, with no end in sight.  Is this progress or a suicide mission?

Oh, and the weather… Have you been watching the weather?

“Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life son” (credit ‘Dean Wormer’ from the classic 1978 film “Animal House”, starring the late, great John Belushi and Karen Allen).

That is precisely what we as a nation (and now world), have become.  Consuming too much because we have been brainwashed into thinking that will fulfill us somehow and ‘make us’ into ‘the person we want to be, and ‘deserve’ to be.  This constant barrage of Madison Avenue wizard Ads coupled with policy mandates via sophisticated think tanks like “Americans for Prosperity” are killing the very soul of this country, turning it’s unaware victims into Facebook junkies who are only on this planet to serve the stockholder needs of Apple or IBM, Monsanto or Koch Industries.

Wake up America!


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