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August 7, 2016

Going Home…

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the delightfully sun breezed, cloudless, intellectual and intrepid island of Nantucket! Wonderful to be with you on this most glorious of Sunday mornings, The Seventh Day of August, 2016, a great day here on this little sand bar that ‘time’ truly forgot.  Isn’t that right late night comic Irish stand up/part time actor Liam Neeson?  Who famously stated in his many fine Hollywood blockbuster ‘reality’ TV shows, “….there’s no time!” For ’tis true, when visiting these shores of say Hyannis Port or Chilmark, Provincetown or Edgartown, one is overwhelmed with the lack of that invisible trace that marks all things; great and small.  What those men and women did with said ‘time’ is what really counts in the end.  And the leaders, writers, poets, musicians, artists, heroes and warriors, their lives will be mostly be summed up by the wit and whims of said writers of the real history books to come…


“…too early for flapjacks?”

(credit: the film “Groundhog Day”, starring the beautiful Andie MacDowell and awesome Bill Murray, directed by the late, great Harold Ramis, circa 1993)…

Welcome to the Cape U.S. President Barack Obama! and his wonderful wife Michelle and their beautiful girls who recently flew into Joint Air Base Cape Cod, as they will be spending the remainder of this month on that fabled island of Martha’s Vineyard.  An isle discovered way, way back in 1602, by one Captain Gosnold, of Great Britain, who named the incredible land after his daughter Martha.

Have a grand time Mr. President, hopefully ignoring all of the political nonsense for just a spell… Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will also be making an appearance ‘at some juncture’, but the black helicopter at the Stop & Shop in Hyannis did not give Sea Cape Cod that information, so I suppose you will have to get it from more reputable sources, such as CNN or FOX, who will spin the laundry any which way you like it, akin to an order at a 1970’s Burger King as it were…

Yesterday, sitting in one of my parking spots, on Pleasant Street, watching the passing parade go by at HIGH NOON, I was struck by the steady, sad and solemn stream of vehicles from every state passing by, mostly with vacant, longing looks in their headlight eyes, a tear or two was witnessed as well.  Cars from Tennessee, Kentucky, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, California, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, South Carolina, Kansas, Missouri, Alabama, Alaska, Wyoming, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska, Arizona, and Arkansas…., all departing off of the Steamship Authority’s “Eagle” or “Nantucket”. The really big ships, or the fast ferry “Iyannough”, all moving at a snails’ pace north up Pleasant, past South, and on up to Main Street to take them to the high ways and by ways that will eventually lead them back to whence they came…


Safe trip ALL!

The cars and trucks, boats and planes, bikes and kayaks, all bidding their summer vacation adieu for this season, as they sadly take their place on the back of their owner’s minds somewhere in a garage, barn or storage unit…  All with the same sentiment in “their” collective inanimate minds,

“…I wished it would have lasted a little longer.”

Take heart though; this hamlet by the SEA will be going no where an time soon, God Willing, and with any LUCK, you and yours will be back in a ‘Jiffy’.

Or is it “JIF”?

Have a splendid Sunday folks!

Welcome again Mr. President!


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