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February 10, 2015

Ghostly Dock

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Greetings and salutations from the sand, sun and surf of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard and the cloudy, frigid, calm island of Nantucket! Great to be with you and yours on this Tuesday, the tenth day of February, 2015, another chilly one out on the Hyannis/Hyannis Port Waterfronts(s), probably not a good day for boating, although if you are a ‘crazy, liberal, tree hugger’ like myself, any day out on the big, blue ocean is a good day!  The forecast, however, has something more than just another tranquil winter’s day in mind; by week end, we, Boston, the Cape & Islands, will most likely be hit with yet another (fifth major snow storm in a month), snow maker, perhaps even as big as the first one; we will just have to wait and SEA!

Until then, the media will just have to find something else to be alarmed/outraged about.  How about Israeli Prime Minister Bibi Netenyahu? And his planned ‘crashing’ of the U.S. Capitol Building to speak to the World, Israel (elections in Israel in two weeks time), and the American people? Assuming it will be regarding the dangers of diplomacy when it comes to the ‘evil’ and ‘deceit’ of Iran, regarding it’s nuclear goals, is both ludicrous and outdated.  This illogical resistance to sensitive nuclear negotiations with Iran regarding it’s nuclear ambitions (going on mostly behind closed doors, keeping politicians/pundits out of it for the most part until NOW), has prompted real/justified outrage (coupled with the impromptu visit from the Israeli Prime Minister), from U.S. Senators such as Independent Bernie Sanders of Vermont; who feel as though the Republicans are once again playing dirty pool, moreover, attempting to place a monkey wrench in talks that have been historic in nature, creating a dialogue between two nations (U.S./Iran), that has been absent for over thirty years, closing in on forty.  As big a deal to this country as former President Nixon’s trip to China in 1972, opening that country up to the West for the very first time.  To not allow this process to go forward–trust & verify all nuclear facilities in Iran; nukes for peaceful purposes ONLY–a process that prohibits Iran from building and possibly using it’s nuclear capabilities for nefarious reasons is simply short sighted and stupid.  And to have an embarrassment like this one go down, that did not need to occur, prompted in a shady back door invite via Speaker John Boehner, just goes to show said, ad naseum, ‘the American people’, just how many knuckle dragging buffoons we really have in Washington D.C., I mean come on!  Who in their RIGHT MIND does not want some kind of a nuclear deal with Iran?  Do we really want another round of bombing, creating havoc once again on a grand scale in the Middle East?  With more “boots” (200,000 plus thousand), on the ground?  Are we mentally challenged?  Do we have a learning disability? (no offense to anyone with those challenges! And please don’t forget Hyannis Port’s “Best Buddies” road race–Boston to the Cape charity bike ride, please Google!–in early May at Craigville Beach– SEA you there!).

With all that going on in the background at yesterday’s press conference, a stoic and stern President Obama met with German Chancellor Andrea Merkel at the White House yesterday, with said news conference naturally following a lunch of bratwurst, knockwurst, Black Forest ham, German potato salad, sauerkraut, lots and lots of Becks Beer, some more brats and a big, beautiful, delicious German chocolate cake for dessert, mmmm; yes, after all that was digested, the tough questions all said and done, Obama and Merkel quietly decided that diplomacy would win and live to see another day in this ongoing war of sanction being waged against the quasi-kleptocrat in charge of Moscow and ‘the Russian Empire’ these days.

That’s right ladies, give it up for one slick, shirtless, ex-KGB officer who kept former Russian President Boris Yeltsin out of jail, that’s right, the one, the only, the wry grinned “man about town” (your town, his town, her town, any town at this juncture really, a nice Ukrainian town say, do you have one in blue? You know, one that might look good with the Russian flag flying from the top of your new bank building for a change, YA?). Please, ladies and gentlemen, for your intellectual pleasure, please give it up for alligator wrestler, large cat whisperer, ever a friend to thugs/criminals the world over, Vladimir, “I don’t have to talk to other humans if I don’t want to, and I don’t”, Putin, who will be in your country all week, well, all year really, you see he is not going anywhere, and it is no longer your country now is it?  In fact, he will have to cut his visit short, as he may be on his way to Estonia, or Latvia or Lithuania by now, so you better keep a close eye on that one, he’s a fire cracker!  He is…  And he will annex your country, just as look at you!  It is hard to say if arming our Ukrainian friends is the answer, but at this juncture, if we are going to have a war, we might as well be fighting one that makes sense.  One where naked aggression really can be harmful to our allies in Europe, who have seen far too many men like Vlad run rough shod over their beautiful countrysides…

Hope you all have a wonderful day and and even more pleasant tomorrow!  Remembering that 2016 is only moments away!  Or is it?  Get out and enjoy the natural world!


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